El-Rufai Is Stupid, He Says Whatever He Likes – Presidency


Following recent allegation by former FCT Minister, Malam Nasir El-Rufai that President Jonathan knows oil thieves, the Presidency has taken a swipe at the interim Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), calling him a liar.

The Presidency said it was stupid of El-Rufai to condemn the President’s call on the American and British governments to help Nigeria stop oil theft, adding that “what government had done was to check oil thieves at our end and if they escape cautionary measures in the country and if the US and Britain don’t buy from them, they will stop.”

The Presidency also described the new alliance of the opposition political parties under the aegis of the APC as “mega nonsense, which cannot go anywhere”.

Reacting on behalf of President Jonathan on Liberty Radio, Kaduna Guest of the Week programme yesterday, the Special Assistant to the President on Public Affairs, Dr. Doyin Okupe said, “the President did not just wake up one day and say Britain and America should help us. It was just one of the various internal steps that were taken. There were funds given to the Navy to acquire boats, and they are already producing results. It is just like smuggling, you make a law, you empower the Customs to impound goods at the point of entry, and also ban sale of such products in the stores.

“So, what government has done is it to stop this oil theft at our end and if they escape checks and balances that we put in place, if those people don’t buy from them, then, they will stop. So, why is El-Rufai pretending to be stupid?

“I just told you, it is right that you guys gave a platform to El-Rufai, he is a free man, he is a citizen of Nigeria, but he is not a man that is worthy of any serious comment. He just says whatever he likes.

“It is a pity that you have chosen me to respond to Malam El-Rufai’s statements. El-Rufai is a name that is disgraceful in my mouth, but I will try to respond. El-Rufai is a liar, who went to the extent of writing a book that is full of lies, similes, things that are untrue, half truth, he will now quote three pages of discussions with people when he did not record them, and these are things that happened six to seven years ago, so, when I say he is a liar, I mean it,” Okupe stressed.

On the emergence of the new opposition party, the Presidential Spokesman said All Progressive Congress (APC) was not a mega party, but a ‘mega nonsense’, which would collapse very soon.

Okupe said, “Members of APC are united and have been brought together not because they want to help Nigeria in any form. They have come together because they just want power for personal aggrandizement.”


  1. Dr Doyin Okupe or wat dey call u.u hv even made urself 2 look more stupid dan El Rufai.How can u tell nigerians dat ur Govt only ask d British n American 2 check their own end whereby u know d oil theft n as u hv said,u hv empowered d navy wit boats n materials n still u can’t make any arrest?? Vry stupid of u as a Dr or an PA to d president.u ar jst talkin like a clown.Dr.why is d presidency so defensive.U left Abuja bcoz EL Rufai was invited to d radio station.u jst make a fool of ursef n d presidency.u dnt hv much work 2 do in dat ur office.wen d 2014 compaign start u will knw ur fate.dat y governor Nyako said ur PAs ar jst bunch of opportunists no where wen GEJ mandate was agreed but u jst talk nonsense any hw.we ar prayinh 2 God 2 c 2015.u will knw ur fate.polical bigot n useless Dr of disgrace

    • Hamisu Ado u hav said it all may Allah bless u 4 ur wisdom amin,is lik dis useless doyin okupe or wot eva he calls himself is an intercontinetal idiot on his own I dnt blame him he is also a scumbag like his illfated bos.

  2. Please mr Doyin Okupe wat ar u sayin or telling nigeria.How can u b saying diz stupid statement.U mean d presidency or diz government can not arrest any of these oil bunkers or oil theft.why ar u making d presidency 2 look like a big fool n washing ur dirty linear outside.Each u speak,u talk nonsese n can’t explain wat u ar making point out.sorry 4 u Mr Okupe.

  3. Does this man ever consider his age before responding to comments? If tis man is a reflection of the presidency then we have only tauts at the helms of affairs in Nigeria.

  4. Everybody thinks he’s always d Mr right when it comes 2 making comments.Nigeria is in need of a radical President to carryout partial revolution on some citizens dat thinks d are above the law.The president is trying his best & u can’t b perfect in all ramifications.Lets stop 2 b complaining but we should try 2 find solutions 2 our country’s problems.

  5. Pls,pls we ned 2 understnd sum point here.wen we nigerians ar tryin 2 let elders knw dat we ar watchin wat dey ar doing.densum useless ones wud b sayin d president is learning,learning wat evryday.a former governor,vp n nw a president for 4yrs,wat ar we being tribalist n hidding d dirt understnd d carpet.wher is all his xperience 4 d past 4yrs gon 2.dat means we dnt ned such a dull leader,he shud leave 4 leaders wit wisdom n willing mind 2 move dis country 4wrd.A president wit bunck of greedy n theft opprtunitist PAs n Ministers


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