Ese Walter Deletes Facebook, Twitter Accounts After Revealing Affair With Her Pastor


Following comments on her blog post which has gone viral, Ese Walter has deleted her Facebook profile. Her twitter account has also been closed, and sources close to her say she has “broken her public sim”.

Ese Walter has come out to confess an ‘abuse’ by a man of God whom she said payed the “touch not my anointed card” on her why she indulged in the illicit affair they had.

As much as efforts are on to hear the pastor’s side of the story, the lady’s story has been followed by many comments mostly criticising the pastor for his alleged actions.

Although no comments yet from the church of the accused man of God, several other commenters, while condemning the pastor’s actions if it were true, blamed the girl for the role she played.

A commenter on INFORMATION NIGERIA with the name George said “I’ve seen and heard Pastors who do worse than this. But personally, I don’t believe her. To me her story sounds lame and fictitious. If she made it all up, she should fabricate and come up with something much more interesting.”

To Gail, “She’s rebellious!” Gail continued, “Why did you allow him to have fun with you and after feel guilty as if he defiled you? You sound as if he dumped u! I’m not siding him but your story is not the real content of the drama! You need to be psychoanalised!”

While some commended her for her bravery at coming out to speak about her experience, others condemned her, saying she was looking for cheap publicity.

Harsh words might have reopened her wounds, if there were any, and the backlash on social media may be too much for her to bear, prompting her to delete her Facebook and Twitter accounts.

As the truth unfolds, fingers are crossed and people are earnestly waiting to hear the pastor’s side of the story.

Update: Ese Walter has now reactivated her social media accounts

Read Ese’s confession here


  1. Ese, thanks for being brave enough to publicize the pastor’s escapades. At least this is going to serve as a lesson to other ladies who so much believe in these, so called, “men of God” rather than God Himself.
    Whether the story is real or fabricated is for another day but let him that think he standeth, take heed. I want to believe things like these could happen especially in this country.
    But Ese, you don’t need to remove your facebook profile as people may want to get in touch with you to get more facts.
    If all these are true, …..hmmn, d so called pastor is already cursed as God’s anointing is not for sinners, and fake pastors. Instead of him to ask for God’s forgiveness he is saying touch not my anointed.
    Once again Ese, I salute your courage!

  2. My own is,why not resist him?Ese, You have a loose conduct too. It means you have no self control! Why telling the whole world in order to have pity on what you did without been drugged? Tell that bullshit to your hairdresser. A philosopher will not believe you because your story lack substance! Ese,you are out on a rampage! Thanks N N D for quoting me, i am GAIL IJ {i like your page on fb}

  3. Ese, I and majority of those who have read your story believe you wholeheartedly, because your story contains all the elements of non-fiction.

    Besides your confession, the confessions of abuse by the so-called men of God by so many other young ladies like your are rife in most Nigerian churches. Just recently, President Paul Biya of Cameroun shut down over 50 of such churches operating in his country because of acts worse than what you have experienced. It’s high time the Nigerian government took the same step.

    It beats me hollow how some people still can’t see beyond their nose when it comes to the escapades and mischief of these men who use the name of God to commit all types of sin against Him. Truly, they care not for the salvation of men, but for their own selfish ends and give no damn about the end times.

    I’ll forever remain a Christian, but will not remain a slave to these bunch of hypocrites who use the bible to amass wealth, deceive young girls and do the exact opposite of what they preach all the time.

    Unfortunately, controversy like the one created by your confessions seems to help water the growth of such churches like COZA. Don’t be amazed if your story increases his flock rather than diminish it. The pastor will always find verses in the bible to justify his actions, give examples of men of God in the bible who have committed worse sins and have been pardoned and justify why the congregation should follow his preachings and not necessarily his actions.

    It’s only the undiscerning Christians that suffer the brunt of the smooth-talking ‘men of God’ and they are the ones who always come to their defense in issues like yours.

    Leave your Facebook nd tweeter account open. Don’t shut them down. You’ll definitely get both criticisms and praises from them; but I reckon God has given you the wisdom to separate the wheat from the chaff. I personally will continue to exhort you in my prayers.

  4. If your story is true, i want to salute your braveity. I see you as the victim here, because you dealt with a power far greater than urs. I dont Judge you for accepting cos i understand perfectly how it could go down for someone you restpect trust perfectly to lead your way to salvation. What you went through makes u a life saver and not the devil. The bible says in Jude 1:22-23 “And of some have compassion, making a difference: And others save with fear, pulling them out of the fire; hating even the garment spotted by the flesh.” Many may not agree with ur idea but then it will help stop others from beign victims.

    • For me, she could have gotten out of that trap if she was sensitive enough. The bible says “flee fornication” from wherever its coming from, pastor, rev or bishop. Everyone shld know Gods standard for themselves and not depend on pple to relate doctrines and deception to us

  5. When I read Ese Walter’s so called confession alleging Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of COZA, of sexual immorality, I asked myself this question, what is she trying to do? Yes it could be true and it could also be false. In the first place, when the going was good, nobody heard anything, now that it didn’t turn out “the way she wants it”, the whole world has to hear! And she claims some kinda guilt put her up to d confession? As a matter of fact, she has dented her own image if she doesn’t know. With this singular act, it shows Ese is loose! She wasn’t drugged, neither was she rapped! She enjoyed every bit of it and she claims it was an act of being lured, in what way? Ese you can tell this to the marine because this has proven the kind of stuff u are made of. To all you sisters in this kind of situation, making it public does not justify ur being forgiven by God, rather u are denting ur image. Check out Monica Lewinsky, nobody wants to hire her bcos of that singular act! Ese could have simply informed elders that the pastor answers to and the issue will be resolved amicably. Was she expecting the pastor to divorce his wife and marry her or what? And to the pastors generally, judgment day has arrived for all you pastors that will not put yourselves in spirit and face what God has called you to do, rather u’ll be thinking of how to sample the fine sisters in church, and u wish the brothers to get married after you must have finished sampling them, God is watching you! I rest my case!

  6. it’s interesting to observe how she,with her style of prose, has been able to invoke public sympathy to her plight as the victim in this sordid affair.
    ironic that the majority who have responded have done so in empathy while she, herself, admits she enjoyed the affair while it lasted and has portrayed herself only as a woman scorned in love seeking some sort of closure.
    that pastor-dude must rue the day he decided to ‘do’ such thoroughly obsessed chick, such a dope-head himself!
    ese is one gal that’s gonna be in need of some serious therapy when the group support she’s currently getting from this media hype eventually becomes debacle.

  7. She should have known “touch not my anointed” also meant not having sex with him. Both literally and otherwise. She chose to see it only in the way she wanted.

  8. To start with, I don’t think there is any reason to debate this confession, why? It is not impossible that it happened!. Especially following the trend of things in the society and the church. She needed to set herself free and that she has done. The bible says ” he that covers his sin shall not prosper……” By this confession I believe Ese’s peace is restored
    However, Ese, this isn’t a good one for either of you. I consider that you could have easily escaped this abuse if at the point he started all of his gimics, u excused urself and didn’t return. You are loose!!
    For the man of God in question, it is obious he has issues with women and lacks control. he is got a lot of querry to answer before God. I know this isn’t possibly the first time he is doing this. It was actually planned out. All the same God is merciful “He that confesses his sin and forske them shall obtain mercy”however he shld not cont to trample grace on the floor as he is only crucifying our Lord everytime he does that.
    As Christians I think he needs our prayers so as not to end his journey in the otherside of heaven or even make many to fall by this act, apparently the devil’s target isn’t him and Ese alone but also many that’ll here and move away from the church.
    He shld also be reported to his spiritual father, who I am sure will pray for him and rebuke him sharply for what he has done.
    Let us all Christian fear least we fall thru this same act. Let us always flee from immorality. Stay pure in Gods sight.
    Don’t forget that our adversery, the devil is working around seeking who he may devour. May we never fall into his hands in Jesus name.

  9. “Ese Walter Deletes Facebook, Twitter Accounts After Revealing Affair With Her Pastor”.

    That’s the latest story on this. I can’t just stop laughing as I type this. “Ese Walter” now will seriously think she has caused chaos and that people will believe her story abi? The most annoying thing is so many Nigerians will still believe this dumb story despite this development.

    This is like the most stupid allegation I’ve come across in my entire life ooo. Why did she delete her accounts now? Oh! So people may think that her life is at risk abi? Oh! Poor Ese Walter (cries)

    I just keep laughing (farting as well) as I type this. Pastor Biodun is already vindicated abeg! Or can’t someone sense what’s happening here? Naija sha!

    Ese Walter ko, Apa Walter ni!

    Nigerians, please let’s begin to think well before we talk! That’s the only way this nation can move forward.
    This is what I keep preaching to Nigerians, let’s not get too emotionally attached to sensitive stories like this, emotions will no doubt shield us from the truth. I won’t be suprised if so many people that will leave their comments on this will not sniff something foul. Infact, I’m sure to be criticised. Criticisms are welcomed ooo.

    So many Nigerians are so backward in their thinking. Choi!


  10. But niyi, why r u lying and carrying rumour? Why don’t u do ur research before you crucify the lady. Her post was a confession n not an accusation. She never said she was innocent, infact she expressd d details in such way dat thers enuff room for her to b criticized. She put herself out there. That’s repentance. If she posted it online,its to help others. As for ur publication, the poor girl hasn’t deleted her accounts, I saw them this morning, do have a heart. If u want screenshots of her social media accounts, mail me, I’ll snd dem to you. This nation is so hypocritical. Keep judging someone who has confessed and expect the almighty Father to help you when you fall. Wicked generation!

  11. Hmmm! Ese and Biodun. (David and Goliath, we know wat happened here.)Wether the truth comes out or not, I believe Ese. she never said she is innocent of wat happened, she never claimed rape. Of course she did not foresee d repercussions of her expose, with the threat to her life and sanity I see nothing wrong with deleting Facebook etc. She just didn’t know what she was getting into by blabbering I guess. chei! This girl try sha!!!


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