Faith! Pastor Loses Wife, 3 Kids To Auto Crash On Saturday, Preaches In Church On Sunday

accident vehicle on fire

At least eight persons including a Pastor’s wife, Pastor (Mrs) Hellen Samuel, her three children, Saviour, Ensigne and Purity, were reportedly killed in an auto crash that happened Saturday night, in Katagbegi village of Niger State when a bus owned by the Niger State Transport Authority they were travelling in ran into an articulated truck at a bad spot along Bida-Minna road.

The family of Pastor Abraham Samuel of the Potter’s Porch Church, Minna and the other passengers in the bus were said to be travelling from Lagos to Minna when the crash occurred at about 8 p.m. on Saturday.

Eyewitnesses said the bus caught fire shortly after the accident, making rescue efforts extremely difficult. One passenger was however rescued, but not without serious burns.


Confirming the accident, Special Adviser to the Niger State Government on Emergency and Disaster Management, Mohammed Shaba, said eight bodies had been recovered from the scene of the accident, even though the bus was believed to be carrying 18 passengers at the time of the accident, adding that the corpses of the deceased had been deposited at the Minna General Hospital.

In a great show of faith, the Pastor who lost his family was seen preaching during yesterday’s church service after which he announced the demise of his wife and three children.

Members of the church were said to have screamed at the news, with tears rolling down many cheeks uncontrollably, but the Pastor remained calm with elders of the church around him.

The calm but sober Pastor Samuel said of his dead family; “My wife and the kids are resting.”


  1. Pastor Samuel is in God. What would a mortal man do in this situation ? It is true that death is but another experience of God’s kindness.
    At death, a great wave of peace takes over and all human suffering ends.

    • I wish tp sincerely sympatise with you for the demise of your dear ones. God knows why it has to happen. May God give you the fortitude to bear the loss.

  2. May God grant him the heart to bear this great lost, oh death why? devil u re a liar, u will never stop him from doing d work of God, man of God, take heart, God will see u tru

  3. So sorry pastor. my sinsie apology to u and family members. May God grant u his grace and sthrenght to move on in life. Don’t forget job story. May all ur lost be granted u in jesus name. From Apostle peter.

  4. Its was so painful wen i heard abt d death of my neighbours. Ensign, purity and saviour were a type of children dat u must always pray for. Wat a destiny cut down. Purity……….. Well, i will miss u all. May their gentle souls rest in perfect peace.

  5. It is so sad to lose dear ones at just one time.. pls take heart. God knows why it hàs to happen. May the good Lord give you the fortitude to bear the loss.

  6. It is so painful but we cannot question God for allowing this my dear pastor!! My Gos give you more strength to bear this and to move on in the service of the Lord!!! Fellow believers, we must all pray for people like this in times like these!!!! IT SHALL BE WELL!!!!

  7. sir its sad bt paul said we should nt sorrow over dose who sleep in d lord as dose who dont av hope bcos we av hope dat 1day we shall see our loved oner again,. It s well wit u pastor, u are indeed a chosen of God. God bless u sir.

  8. i am literarilly crying… if i feel dis much pain, how much more the father and husband of the faithfully departed… how much more others who have lost dear ones… May their gentle soul forever rest in perfect peace…

    …but then again, how long shall we continue to live in a country like this, this might not have happened if our roads were good or we have appropreiate parking avenues for trucks … i have lost my father and dear ones via this same terible scenario and we need to do something as a people and as a country… my heart bleeds….

  9. Dear Pastor,You have clearly demonstrated practical Christianity emulatable by the seriously minded and heavenly focused pilgrims. God will comfort you on every side Sir.

  10. May their soul rest in peace. This bida minna road need serious attention from the govement and our spiritual leaders. It has claim so many lives including a friend of mine. May Jesus continue to protect us in Jesus name


  12. Let not be distrated.focus in dey lord God ur creator he has payed d price.move on deep&deeper in d 4 d family dey are acceptable in d right hand of God bcos right hand of God is power.God bless u amen

  13. Compltely short of words! Shld we say God or d devil?Wht abt d govt dat set d death trap? MoG!Ur lata end shl b gr8ta!

  14. Leave d man alone n away with ur emotional outpour . Hs faith is enuf for hs consoles. D pst s predcamnt nd steadfastnes is msg for all dat no mata who u r psition God can tak us anywy n dnt fool urself wit common praya lik ‘its not my portion ‘ or ‘i decree i wil nt die’ . Dnt4get Christ ws an enbdimnt of power . He culd av wav off hs painful cruxfxion . W r hypocritcal xtians nd still dnt get it wen try2undstnd Hs teachings . 40) faith is d overall nd it comforts u n tym of serious trial . There r countles precedence n d bible . There verses dat supports dat . He is God n He does wateva He liks even He gv to an atheist . Lets just say thank u4every event of our short livs

  15. This is also a lesson for all of us, Not bcos u ‘re perfect that u ‘re still Alive to day in anyway, So I laughed when I see pple talking abt 2015 as if it’s the next 24 hours, & also in that 24 hours any thing can still happen. But it’s so painful, May there soul rest in peace.


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