Fani-kayode “Expresses Deep Regrets” For Talking About Bianca & Others (LOOK)

Nigeria’s former minister of aviation under the President Obasanjo democratic government, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has expressed his regrets for mentioning the names of some Nigerians – of Igbo lineage – in his article that sought to present himself as not being a “tribalist.” The part of the article where he mentioned his “intimacy” with the women did not go unnoticed to the general public. This statement sent by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode seeks to express the former minister’s regret.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode hereby expresses his deepest regrets for mentioning the names of three distinguished Nigerian ladies that he was once associated with in his last article titled ”A Word For Those Who Say I am A Tribalist”. He meant no harm by doing so and neither did he at any point make references to having had any intimate relations with any of these ladies when they were associated with him as is being suggested by some members of the public. He was simply trying to emphasise the fact that he has nothing against the igbo people and that his friendship with these three ladies in particular over the years provided some evidence of that.

For the record he has not seen Madame Chioma Anasoh, Chief Adaobi Kate Uchegbu and Ambassador Bianca Onoh in many years and he admits that it was inappropiate for him to have mentioned their names in the essay, to use them as a point of reference in a public discussion or to make any references whatsoever to the nature of their past association. All references to them have been erased from the updated version of the essay.

Chief Fani-Kayode has reached two of the ladies concerned and he has personally conveyed his unreserved apology to them both and to their families for his indiscretion. He shall endeavour to reach the third lady to do the same in the next few days. Chief Fani-Kayode has nothing more to say on this matter and would prefer to remain focused on issues of national importance and not of a personal nature –


  1. U bloody lying idiot, u scandalised those responsibly married women in public. God will punish u. U want to potray d Ibo women as pple with loose morals. U vindictive tribalistic animal, go rot in hell. I cannot blieve the women u mentioned condescended to having intimate relationship with ur Amala and agbo ridden self. Idiotic no-body.

  2. Pls am not supporting him in any where, my appology 2 d igbos & face d fact somebody should go 2 d different organisations n dis country & see 2 urself what d so called igbo married & single women or ladies are doing in d name of office favour u’ll weep. No single moral life or self conduct, God help dem.

  3. He is only showing remorse cos his family has been exposed. so i see no genuine remorse in this tribalistic silly man. but i still have a question…………….


  4. Its so funny dat dis Fani Kayode guy did not remember any of his Igbo Male classmates, Igbo Male Co-Politicians, or even Igbo Co-Businessmen, but only Igbo Ladies as friends and associates. To me dis is a signal dat d next move in Lagos State may be to send any Igbo girl dat is suspected to be a Prostitute parking to her state for rehabilitation.

  5. Where the hell did this ffk spring from?? Y in God’s name re pple granting him his aim of gaining cheap popularity? Its so unfortunate that the great Ojukwu’s image has been stained by this good 4 nothing, childish Idiot, for having Bianca Ojukwu’s name in his list of Igbo women he has had sexual knowledge of. “I wish those small boys that’s warming T-N-B- and ffk’s wife’s bed can come up and tell how lovely their wives taste….if @ll they re still women with standing attributes as regards endowment. “Stupid ffk”!!!

  6. FFk why cry over a spilt milk.U have told the World the magnitude of hatred you have for an Igbo Man.Fani no amount of apology can exonerate FFK .You have told us that you have laid three prominent Igbo women with your position which should not be if you were not a minister. Well this is a big lesson to Igbo women if they will ever stop looking for places the will acquire power that will expose them to small rats like kayode. A man that is no figure in Yoruba line up of respected personalities.That a sparrow flys out of approaching rain fall do not bride the bird as king of the birds. And FFK should know that a small monkey can jump from a branch of a tree to another branch do not brand the monkey a baboon.
    My concern is not whether God is on our side, my greatest concern is to be on Gods side,for God is always right. When you are scared of the monster under your Bed you turn on the light.

  7. Dear sir,i ve been following this development as it unfolds,and i v decided not to keep quiet anylonger,i ve knwn you for long and i knw that Demetia as an illnes is often related to age but in your own case am stll wondering how an iroko tree like you fell,and now women are fetching firewood from you,pls sir posterity will neva forgive you for these things you are saying,dnt forget that the wold is reading all your innermost and genocidal thoughts,be warned,dnt 4get you are a career politician,it mite hunt you 2moro

  8. Pls Mr fani, Did you marry your wife a virgin. This is one question you must answer public. U have ruined your family cos no responsible lady will ever think of having intimate relationship with any youngman from your lineage. Of course, they will definitely act like “You” (their father or grand/great-grand father). You are a disgrace to the Yourbas, if at your age, level of education and position held in this nation, you still eat your vomit. Why regreting. You are a fool cos it is only fools who regret just as you are doing now. If i were you, i will go for suicide, though i will never be.

  9. Going by some of the comments I’ve read so far. I am saddened by the fact that Nigeria is still an entity divided amongst itself. How can we develop as a nation if we continue to see ourselves as being from a section of the country or the other. Our strength as a nation is in our unity. Let us not make the same mistake as FFK and so many of our so-call political leaders who through their antics want to keep us apart to satisfy their selfish ends. Also I see a lot of cursing and verbal abuses in some people’s comments. Please, lets exercise caution and maturity in our utterances as I will like to believe we are all mature and responsible people. Thanks.

  10. Femi Fani- koyede s write up…your stand to rubbish Ibos nation would not pay you any good rather it showed that you are really Ibos hater which you have been struggling to defend yourself. Your arguments on the deportation show how naive you are. You called Ibos race all sorts of name and as foreigners in their land. You claimed to favoured Ibos more in your ministry when you were a federal minister of Aviation and thishas portrays your falsehood. When you could not comfortably work with Obasanjo, your kinsman who appointed you as a minster.

    Let call a spade a spade. I have respect for him as a former minister but his reactions on Ibos deportation showed us his person. How can government in a democratic settings bundle a particular people of ethnic origin and dump them at the head of bridge and abandoned them there to their fate. Femi fanikoyode is blinded with tribalism, and sectionalism that Ibos people should clap for Fashola for carrying out that dastardly act. He accused the Ibos of having short memories and the Ibos are supposed to learn from history. For the fact that Ibos fought civil war with Nigeria doesn’t mean that Ibos are no longer Nigeria. Femi fani koyede stated that any appointment of Ibos to federal level is seen as favour to Ibo nation as if they are not part of Nigeria,and this again showed how selfish he is.

  11. hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa!my joy s dat d foolish idiot called femi fani-kayode has surrinderd,his long boasted cross sword of war shartterd in shame b/4 his bending knees,begging ibos he boasted have no one to matct his cross sword.EWU MMEEEEE!

  12. Femi Fani wateva u call ur self, you are a disgrace to your lineage, your fathers and your family. Sure you do not behave like a Yoruba and I think you are a bastard. Your father must be a foreigner who f..ked ur mother on a toilet. How can you, a former Minister, descend so low? I am a Yoruba and you do not represent us. When a man talk too much like you idiot, that is what happens. Nigerians, you can imagine the kind of leaders that have ruled this nation. This is the time for a change.