Fashola Should Apologize For ‘Deporting’ Igbo People From Lagos – NGO


Citizens Network for Peace and Development, CNPD, has condemned the ‘deportation’ of some indigenes of Anambra State by the Lagos State Government and asked Governor Babatunde Fashola, SAN, to apologise for the action.

In a courtesy visit to Vanguard Regional Office, Abuja, Director-General of the non-governmental organisation, Comrade Preye Dressman, said that the action of the governor was capable of causing ethnic crisis in the country and that if not tackled immediately it could have ripple effects.

“The action of Lagos State Government is capable of attracting ethnic reprisals which in turn may generate into a crisis that might not easily be contained by government.

“We believe that every citizen of Nigeria as provided by the constitution has the right to live freely in any part of the country irrespective of his/her status, tribe, or religion. We therefore advise that the authorities concerned to show maturity in resolving the issue.

“If Lagos governor claimed he had written to the Anambra State government, does it justify him to dump the people at the time and place they were dumped?” Dressman asked.


  1. Its high time we Lagosians Stood for what belongs to us. Its rather ridiculous and laughable for any sane human being to refer to Lagos State as a no man land. I read in d paper dat d Ohaneze Ndigbo Youths have requested for an apology from D Governor of Lagos State. I see such request as baseless and lacking in substance. Futhermore it was said that if the Gov doent apologies within 3 days they(d Ohaneze youths) would stage a Protest,I dare to say dat any protest staged by d aforementioned wld be met with strict resistance. Any attempt or attempted attempt by any individual or group of individuals to disturb d relative peace enjoyed in Lagos State wld not be tolerated by d National Union of Lagos State Students. We totally align wit d position of our amiable Governor,no apology should b made. Signed MEDEMAKU ABAYOMI-NATIONAL PRESIDENT OF LAGOS STATE STUDENTS(NULASS).

    • @ MEDEMAKU ABAYOMI, I can see that you’re not only mad but a living lunatic. How dare you make such an inciting statement. I’ve said it $ will say it over $ over again with no apology to anyone. Islam is a violent, heartless religion, in short every name associated with evil of which Fashola in inclusion. Poverty is not a curse, my father in the Lord $ my mentor Bishop Oyedepo, once told us that “where you’re is what you knw, but only God …” Natural disaster can wipe Fashola’s stolen money in just one day, if God says so. I think it is about time we started making the right choice of our leader, someone who have tasted both side of life. There are 2nd degree holders in Lag begging to feed but believing God 4 a job some day. Let me bear it down by adding this, all countries with high rate of terrorism are Islam dominated countries so logically muslims are devils with no human feelings

      • @ goddy ehis, I can see you went to School to become an illiterate. Where d heck in my write up did i say anytin about religion. You ar just tryin to play to d gallery. Religious fanatic and hypocrite. Olodo. Again listen well and listen good, Lagos State is our heritage and we as Indigenous student body wil do everytin to protect it from people like u.

  2. Igbo are the worst tribe I’ve ever seen in my life, my question now is ” is it only igbo that were deported from lagos, hausa where deported from lagos to sokoto irrespective of were they live in the north, even the yorubas were deported to their respective places now that is your turn, u people want to pull down the sky on us… Fashola is doing what he’s doing for national reconciliation(((apology my foot))) mtswwwwwwr

    • God will pay all of you including our heartless gov for the pain you are inflicting on Lagosians. Fashola never did any of these during tenure but now that he’s going, he feels he can cut pound of flesh from any part irrespective of the damage all in the of mega city. Fashola ban okada in Lag, now wife his is into the importation of motor bike $ selling it @ a very exorbitant price. What’s the diff btw Baja $ hers. God is watching

  3. @SANUSI YAHAYA TAKUTI that is why you are A fool why must any one even 4rm housa or oyo or even 4rm any part of the contry be deported to who? that means there is no govement every body should go to his state shame to nigeria

  4. We called ourselves one country which means one Nigeria but Tribalism is the other of the day but i don’t blame Fashola,but my blames goes to the Igbos because they are all fools by building the best market in Lagos and most of the part of the country.Am an Igbo man but lets justice prevail and am standing by my words that Igbos are big fools,now we are one Nigeria they are deporting us in our country and said that we are one,what a shameful country,It is better to divide Nigeria and Biafra because i know that most of us will like to join Hausa and Yoruba and others will join Biafra.This is a warning to the Igbos to know where they stand before it will be too late because they are cheating us and even treating us as slaves in Nigeria.