Father Molests 5 Daughters, Mother Says It’s Family Tradition

A 62-year-old retired Rajasthan state government employee was arrested Wednesday after his five daughters, all married now, levelled several serious charges of séxual exploitation, moléstation and rapé against him.

In a joint 11-page complaint to the police, two of the five daughters have stated that their father Babu Lal Dhakar, former supervisor with the state agriculture department, molésted them several times prior to their marriages.

The raps took place as soon as the daughters entered Class eight, and continued till they lived in his house at Bayana village, some 150 km from the capital Jaipur.

Not just this, Dhakar used to first show badographic material to his daughters and then rape them.

He even took them to various places in India, booking them into cheap hotels and then molesting them, at the same time threatening to do the same to their younger siblings, if they resisted.

The daughters are believed to have tolerated these acts out of fear of infamy, but decided to teach their father a lesson once they realised that he was repeating the same with his granddaughters.

Mother Shakuntala Dhakar, a co-conspirator in the heinous crime, has also been arrested.

“The man has five daughters, all of whom are now married. The crime committed by him came to the fore when his daughters approached us on Tuesday and lodged a complaint alleging rapé, moléstation and various kinds of séxual exploitation.

One daughter alleged that she was séxually exploited between 1999 to 2003 while she was studying in college. When she got pregnant, her father forced her to abort the child.

The victim told her mother about the séxual exploitation, but she ignored her complaint saying that her elder sisters were also similarly molestéd by their father and it was a family tradition. The mother advised her not to mention it to others and simply forget it,”