FG Offers ASUU N30bn, Asks Lecturers To Make Sacrifices And Resume Work


An end may be in sight for the lingering strike of the Academic Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, as the Federal Government is said to be offering N30 billion as earned allowances to the striking university lecturers.

According to a top official of the Federal Ministry of Education, due to the dwindling revenue base of the government, it was ready to offer N30 billion to the striking lecturers to end the strike.

The official believes government’s position is a sincere approach in ending the strike amid dwindling revenue profile occasioned by oil theft and macro-economic measures aimed at diversifying the economy.

All the demands of the striking lecturers had been resolved except one, the issue of ‘earned allowances’, which they have put at N87 billion.

The N30 billion, which the federal government was offering, according to the source, was in the conviction that considering the nation’s current revenue base, ASUU would make some sacrifices and go back to work in the interest of the students and the country at large.

The source added that the government was desirous of a holistic and sustainable solution to the problems bedeviling the entire education sector, with a focus on infrastructure development, which the federal government had set up the Governor Gabriel Suswam-led University Needs Implementation Committee to handle.

The NEEDS Implementation Committee had announced on Tuesday, that N100 billion would be made available to universities for infrastructure development.


  1. Enough of these tricks on civil servants.The government is asking for sacrifice on the part of ASUU while their own officials in power are not willing to sacrifice their own comfort.The government cited dwindling revenue due to oil theft and diversfication of the economy as the reason they can not honor their full obligations to the lecturers.Good.The same economic indices that they capitalise on to deny ASUU their right why is it not affecting the salaries and allowances of Senators and Reps,Ministers and other political appointees.The government has no moral justification to preach sacrifice to these lecturers untill they start with themselves.After all a serving Senator from Sokoto Ahmed Maccido has just said that Nigeria is still reach and never broke.I think our problem is managing what we have coupled with corruption.Government need to crackdown on corruption,curb their finacial excesses and recklessness so that there will be enough money to attend other pressing issues.Political office holders and their elected counterpart should also make concessions not just the lecturers and other civil servants.What is good for the goose is also good for the gander.

  2. Asuu don’t make any sacrifice,there are saveral sectors who are in the best position and ready for that…what does Nigerian educational system achieved talkless of sacrifising? ASUU, we sacrifice our patience to you untill you feel okay with what the FG offers you..letz get over this striking matters once and for all..

  3. Everybody knows our government is corrupt, but ask yourself… Who and who makes up the government?. FG says there isn’t adequate resources to pay their earned allowances(N87BN) alongside providing infrastructure accumulating to over N100Bn… Might be a lie, no doubt! But are ASUU’s intentions completely genuine? Lecturers are pointing accusing fingers at the government over corruption; yet these same lecturers copy materials online and sell to students @ ridiculous prices, these same lecturers barely meet up with their regulated teaching credit hours and still accept money to pass students. Who’s guilty? Once ASUU gets this N87BN, splits it to over N2M to various lecturers in the nation and their wives… The Education system will remain as it was. Trust me!

  4. this is a typical example of two fighting elephants……guess its no news that the grass better moves on cause it is definitely its time to suffer.asuu,federal government are all thieves.one is stealing as an illiterate while the other is using literacy.earned allowance 87b, infrastructure 100b, if truly this fight is majorly about the standard of education in this lame country(no offenses) why are we not seeing light at the end of the tunnel despite the said release of 100b and 30b…they are just including the infrastructure to make it look like its a fight for all…..we all aint fools anyway.to be frank, what we need is flood.let God wipe us all because we are all are deceiving ourselves…father to child,husband to wife,chairman to Councillor and so on and so on.

  5. It is a fight. We cannot cotinue to pretend all is well when even the half is not well. They may all be thieves: asuu, FG, but we will keep on fighting until the best is achieved in this nation. God bless Nigeria.

  6. If u carefully look @asuu history, ders almost no year dat ders no strike & if u carefully look @d demands, its 4 moni; tel me, since dey don dey strike & fg dey give dem moni small small, education standard is stil droppin, if anyone follows d asuu presidents speeches, una go see say d tin dey pain am as dem dey hear abt “millions missin”, “probe on embezzlement” & tins lik dat…dey too wan chop outa d money dat dey r hearin abt. Shikena. &d sad tin is dat, na our v.c.s & some top officials dat wud take d bulk of d money & mismanage d tin…abegi, everyone shd stop blamin Fg, u knw abt dier corruption cos dem dey 4 spotlight; tink abt ur individual schs & d financial games goin on intra-schs & u’ll knw dat even 100000bn cannot solve d prob, it wud only silence dem for 2/3yrs. Awon oniranu ole, alatenuje…tifs

  7. Honestly,we are fighting a lost battle..i know the issue we are presently discussing is the lingering strike…but the major thing is the fact that the quote “we are the leaders of tomorrow” will never happen…imagine a social value system where a youth is actually the youth leader…jobs are created for the youth in important positions such as assistants to ministers..while the youth will be a junior minister.This will give us a new orientation..so they will not give us the story that we lack of opportunity..we should be considered second in comand…and am notsaying goverment should become family business..if this done the youth that are in authority will speak where our voices can’t be heard..this will change the view that you can only be rich by becoming a political tout if this is done issues (strike and it likes) like this will not happen because we will become a senitive part of the society……CARRY YOUR YOUTH ALONG!


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