FIFA Rankings: the Eagles Hover on 35th

The regular FIFA global ranking of men’s football teams brought no changes for Nigeria, as the Super Eagles remain on 35th position in the world.

fifa-logo_1Ivory Coast is on 18th, dropping five positions in one month. Ghana (24), Mali (32) and Algeria (34) are three more African squads which remain in front of the Eagles.

The small African state of Cape Verde is ranked 36th, just behind Nigeria. It gained incredible +13 in the rakings! Cameroon is number 51, Tunisia 53 and Egypt 61.

No team is able to doubt the leadership of Spain.

Indeed there was no change in the line up, of the first leading 12 nations. Germany is second, Colombia, Argentina, occupy the third and fourth places. Netherlands, Italy, Portugal, Croatia, Brazil, Belgium,

Top 20 FIFA ranking:

Rankings on August 8, 2013:

1. Spain

2. Germany

3. Colombia

4. Argentina

5. Netherlands

6. Italy

7. Portugal

8. Croatia

9. Brazil

10. Belgium

11. Greece

12. Uruguay

13. Bosnia (+1)

14. England (+1)

15. Switzerland (+1)

16. Russia (+1)

17. Ecuador (+1)

18. Ivory Coast (-5)

19. United States (+3)

20. Mexico

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