Five Senior Level Civil Servants In Kano Axed For Fraud

Rabiu KwankwasoThe involvement of five senior cadre officials of the Kano State Civil Service in fraudulent activities, has earned them a sack by Governor Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso.

Disclosing this to newsmen, Commissioner for Land and Physical Planning, Nadu Yahaya, said that two of the affected officials were directors in his ministry while the remaining three were surveyors from the state’s Urban Renewal Agency.

Mr. Yahaya, who declined giving the names of the affected officers, said they were found guilty of over inflating compensation entitlements whenever they were assigned to undertake such assignments in the state.

He said it has been the habit of the officers to inflate compensation since the tenure of the previous administration and as an experienced person in land administration, “I have to verify every submission related to such claims by visiting the site physically to ascertain the authenticity of the claims.”

It was while carrying out one of such verifications the commissioner said he discovered gross inflation of compensation at a particular site.

“We found out that where it is N5 million for example they made it N50 million or if it is N6 million they round it up to N60 million.”

Subsequently, a panel was set up to investigate them and they were found wanting. The matter was reported to the state’s Civil Service Commission which established the case against them before they were finally dismissed to serve as deterrent to others, the commissioner said.