For Ladies – 4 Beauty Tips To Make You Look Less Tired Instantly!!

Lack of sleep, allergies, and basic genetics can leave you with dark circles under your eyes, use her makeup tips and learn how to hide the drama.

Step 1
Always put on concealer before foundation. It may be all the coverage you need. No matter what your skin color, choose a creamy concealer with a yellow undertone: It’ll counteract undereye darkness. Apply with a brush for extra precision

Step 2
The skin around your eyes is delicate, so don’t rub it! Instead, blend concealer by pressing it in with your ring finger—it’s the weakest one, so it has the softest, gentlest touch

Step 3
Set your concealer with a dusting of powder that matches your skin tone (bonus if it has a little radiance to brighten the area). Use a light hand with powder. Too much will look cakey.

Step 4
Gorgeous. And remember: If the concealer settles into your lines by midday, just smooth your ring finger over it—the warmth will melt it back into your skin