For Ladies – 4 Signs He May Be “The One”

After dating so many losers and ‘nobodies’, when a decent guy appears, you either jump on him like he’s the last crumb during a famine or you brush him off like he is just an optical illusion. While, there isn’t a standard formula for the perfect guy, there are some sure fire signs you just may have found that special someone.

1. Communication is On Point
Men and women may live on two different planets, but can always meet eye to eye as long as they can communicate, effectively. I personally don’t need a man to hang on my every word and listen to my rambling, but when I have an issue, then that’s when I need to be heard.

2. You Guys Plan Your Future Together
Whether he is making plans for your date next week or making plans to be rocking in the chair next to you when you grow old, if he puts you, him, and tomorrow in the same sentence, well that says a lot. As women, we jump life years ahead when including our mates in our futures, so its nice to know he is right behind you.

3. Friends Stamp of Approval
Sure, having your parents approval is important, but who knows you better than your friends? They know what would be good for you, and more importantly what’s bad for you. Therefore, when you bring your friends around your man and they actually get along, it solidifies your relationship a bit more.

4. Trust
Gosh, you really trust this guy. For all the women who are bitter towards men and think all men cheat, when you actually date a guy and don’t think twice about what he be doing when he isn’t around you, then you know it’s real. Trust is so important because that helps bring you to a higher, more secure part of your relationship. While, you can’t put too much trust in anyone, when you give him the benefit of the doubt, it’s a great sign that you are trying and he may be the one for you.


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