For Ladies – 7 Tricks to Make Your Husband Fall in Love with You Again

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After a few years of marriage, you might feel that your husband is not taking interest in you as before. He does not even spend that much time with you like he used to do earlier. Well, there can be varied reasons for it, but there is no need to get disheartened. You can always woo your husband and reignite the lost romance once again. After all, love and romance are the main ingredients for ‘a happily–ever-after’ life! So, ladies let us tell you about some tips which will help you to win your partner back and rekindle your lost romance.

1.Dress up for him
Surprise your husband by donning a beautiful dress. Wear his favourite fragrance and greet him with a smile, when he comes home. Even on a regular basis, you should dress up nicely and maintain yourself well. This way your man will never be able to take his eyes off you, and would look forward to come home.

2.Join him in his game
Take up an exercise or an activity which your husband loves. You can enrol yourself in his sports club so that you can give him company in his game. So, go for a jog, do some cycling or workout in a gym together. A sports activity or exercise boosts dopamine levels in the brain, thereby increasing your sexual urges.

3.Spend quality time together
Go out on a romantic vacation with your beloved. Walk hand in hand on the beach or just lie down next to each other watching stars. And if you cannot go on a trip, then cook together at home, have a candle light dinner, watch TV shows. You can also tease him, pamper him and talk about the things you love about each other. This will definitely add a new charm to your married life.

4. Surprise him with a gift
There might be a few things which your husband is thinking to buy for quite some time. So, why not surprise him by completing his wish list? Be it buying a concert ticket of his favourite singer, getting him a PlayStation, or anything else, just surprise him with a gift that he had desired for a long time. He will surely love you for this!

5. Do not whine, instead find a solution
Every problem has a solution. So, instead of complaining every time and having arguments on every small issue, just sit together, discuss and find out a solution to your problem. This will also help in reviving the lost positivity in your home. Seeing how you handle every situation, your husband will definitely have all praises for you

6. Ask for his opinion
While buying a dress or selecting one to wear at a party, managing finances or making the smallest of household decisions, ask for his opinion. Make him feel that his opinion really matters to you. This will make him feel an important part of your life.

7. Show you care
Men love when their women care for them. Take care of him like a baby when he is ill. Tell him what he means to you and how much you love him. You can also pack his lunch box with a little note saying that you are lucky to have him as your husband. Hug and kiss him when he is back in the evening. These small gestures will surely make a big difference in your relationship.

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