Funke Akindele: “I Will End Up Getting Depressed, If I Listen To What People Say”

Depression is a very common trait among celebrities, you see them on TV each day with a smile and you think everything is just rosy.

This is a disease common in both Hollywood and Nollywood!!

Our own Funke Akindele, the talented actress and the face of several international brands has revealed that she is not going to be subjected to ridicule due to her recent divorce.

She said: –

“I’m happy with my life, I am living my life for myself, not for anybody, I am not going to live my life based on what people say; if I do that, I am going to end up being the loser. We all are fallible, we are human, forget the fact that we are celebrities. Being a TV person doesn’t make me a super human being! If I listen to what people are saying, I will end up getting depressed and that’s one thing I won’t allow to happen to me.”


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