Beverly Osu Is The Worst Dressed Celebrity- Timaya’s Video Girl

Venita Akpofure is a video vixen who appeared in Timaya’s shake ur bum bum video, yea she’s got the bum and also appeared in P-Squares Alingo video.

vennitia_and_beverlyShe was asked on camera who her worst dressed celebrity was and this is what she said;

Well she wasn’t really a celebrity until recently, do not know if I should call her name but Beverly Osu that just got evicted from Big Brother House is my worst dressed celebrity.


  1. This is a case of bad belle, what has she done? Everyone do whatever they have to do to get fame so whatever she did in big brother’s house to become popular is not anyone’s business. Venita ur case is that of a kettle calling pot black or the flame that licks the bottom of the pot that talks about the iron that balances the pot..

  2. Beverly is a stupid girl, after all the nonsense she did hoping to become the BBA winner, yet nothing. She is the most stupid and foolish girl on earth, I hate her.

  3. OK what dose she dress like that to achieve P: all I kn that I we kn her for dirty nude dressing! If she’s celeb then she is a porn star

  4. Beverly Osu is a model and celebrity, if not mago-mago she is the winner of just concluded BBAchace, she was pure’ straight and real. she was not acting nor pretending like other’s. I’ll love her for what ever she represent, if any one have problem with that should go and hug electric transformer.


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