Ikimi: Buhari’s The Leader Nigerians Have Been Waiting For

muhammadu-buhariFormer Minister of Foreign Affairs and chairman of the opposition Merger Committee (now defunct), Chief Tom Ikimi, has paid glowing tribute to General Muhammadu Buhari’s leadership qualities, especially his integrity and anti-corruption stance, saying that he is the one Nigerians have been waiting for.

Ikimi, who spoke yesterday during a meeting of leaders and elders of All Progressives Congress (APC) at the Ladi Kwali Hall, Sheraton Hotel and Towers, Abuja, recalled how Buhari restored discipline in the citizenry when he ruled as a military head of state.

“This time round, he would declare war against corruption. With his integrity and disciplinarian attitude, General Buhari is the leader Nigerians have been waiting for,” said Ikimi.

While enjoining party loyalists to forget about their old parties and work hard to ensure the success of APC, Ikimi maintained that “There is no going back to ACN, CPC or ANPP. We can’t go back anymore; we should forget our former parties; we can’t go back anymore; this is a merger, not an alliance.”



    • From ur write up one can easily know who u are, u must be a fool been tip arroud to do what will hurt u are the end,,is this religious? If it is, then let’s say (The whole Christians has failed again) since goodluck is a christian leader that fails to look for the lasting solution to the problem we are still facing in nigeria(we still v Asuu,ASup ansd so on aside)…to my believe, I think u people shld think b4 coming up here to type,,and by the way, were u told boko haram are muslims or were they figthing for muslims and if they are and are been supported by muslims and islam,,pls bring forward ur proof….use ur instinct and reason normal on how ur country will move forward and get this ur tribalistic jagorns u just wrote up there and stop being foolish……I think u need to go and read on those who even started the boko haram thing…was it not ur peeps? Learn man and don’t be silly on hw to move ur country

      • @ Bunmi, if anyone is a fool here it is you and your entire houshold. Wheather you agree to it or not Islam is a violent religion in short is a name synonymous to terrorism. Virtually all the countries with terrorist are muslim countries. With my knees on the ground, as thy LORD liveth in whom I believe and I serve this Arewa Peoples congress APC can never win in any state. I refer to them as islamic gathering, blood suckers and any posslble name associated with evil.

        • @ehis u ave been fooled l dont blame u but as God almighty the omnipotent lived this corupt and wicked PDP govt will loose in 2015, ua manupulated and fooled by religion and ethnic sentiment am sorry 4u. may be ua not born in 1983 wen buhari ruled ask ur father if he will tell u the truth.

  2. Useless religious n tribalist bigot.I will vote 4 a gud corruption free leader not base tribal or any rteligious ground.Buhari can change 4 d betta.we in d USA hv aleady orgainsing n forming a gud solid forum 2 support Buhari cum 2015 wit u bigot ur vote is useless against 2 millions of nigerians younth.am 100% sure u guys ar among those dat ar staying things ar vry hard in diz country.Big .fools

  3. Chief Tom ikimi is back in politics now seeking recognition after serving with the military! Na wao! Nigerian youths are there watching all this old heartless and wicked wizards that doesn’t have the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians at heart doing their thing! When will there be REVOLUTION in Nigeria. When will we stand for our rights? Patience Jonathan and her toy(goodluck) are trying to robb gov. Amaechi of his rights and Nigerians are quite. Politicians are stealling and no one speaks! Civil societies are not doing their job today! I believe persons like Gbenga aruleba of AIT will stand firm and speak out like he did during OBJ! The Tunisians, Egyptians and lybians are not different from us! We know what is happening, the poorest Nigerians should be kings in other african countries but imagine south africans lynching Nigerians, lybians asking Nigerians to go, many countries in Europe now tends to say to Nigerians seeking for jobs. Soon I bet we will start seeking asylum in cameroun and Niger republic. Why should the poor yahoo boy working on the laptop making a few hundreds of dollars be blamed when few persons sit on a round table for few hours and make millions of dollars out of our sweats after all is crime. The great kung fu master Bruce Lee says ‘knowing is not enough! We must apply and willingness is not enough! We must do’. We know our problems(the politicians) and we are willing to deal with them so why no apply and do. Why wait? Nigerian youths, civil societies, human right activists let’s do something ooooooo…….

  4. I am a true Nigerian, I have never been waiting for Buhari or any of his likes to be my leader . there are many other Nigerians like me who don’t wish that. in clear terms Buhari has never been and will never be the leader Nigerians are waiting for.
    when all presidential candidates emerge for 2015 election, concerned, responsible and rational citizens will come out and chose their leader in 2015 through voting system.- the winner becomes our leader.
    Buhari will not win like wise most power- desperate politicians; behind every desperation lies a questionable agendum. let us be wise …… so help us God.

    • uve been fooled wat a pity PDP CORRUPTION WILL NOT ALLOW BUHARI bcos they know him well. so they brain wash u on boko haram go and read wat Gen azazi said b4 his tragic death if he mention buhari all he mentioned are PDP members and the set him up ua fooled am sorry 4u.