Is Cossy Orjiakor really just 29?

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Controversial entertainer, Cossy Orjiakor has been around for a while but nobody really knows how old the singer/actress/model is.

To answer that question, Cossy uploaded a photo of herself with a friend and commented on it.

She says she is just 29!!!

What do you think???


  1. As if, some body is interested in her stupid age or what ever! Cossy is a disgrace to her family period. She can be half year, who cares? Rubbish!

  2. it’s very posible i.e i’m in my late 30’s yet many of my colleages/friends finds its had to believe i’m upto 28,may be she bigger than her age….Ughulu jr.

  3. Cossy is fooling herself. 29 my foot. If only I could get dat punch newspaper interview she did like 10-11yrs back. 10yrs ago, I saw her In company of Ernest Azuzu & co. When their r ladies out there who have massive breast and being modest abt it, she’s there exposing hers and saying she’s 29. Hahahaha, Cossy Orjiakor, ur tym is almost up. U r just trying 2 be relevant.

  4. na wa oh,this woman did not know the effect of media,he she an illitrate?that she doen’t recognise the effect of media in ones image in the future,this nonsense she is doing will affect not only her both her childrens,children.


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