It Is Sad That Muslims Are Being Tagged As Terrorists In The Media – Sultan Of Sokoto

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Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa'ad Abubakar III
Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III

Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar III has frowned on the way Muslims were being tagged as fundamentalists in the country, saying suicide bombers were not representing Islam but were mere criminals, who should be dealt with according to the laws of the land.

Speaking during a dinner with journalists in his palace in Sokoto on Sunday night, the monarch stated that Islam abhorred terrorism and the taking of life of innocent people without due process, adding that there was no plan whatsoever to emasculate any religion in the North.

The Sultan maintained that there was no compulsion in religion, and as such, no true Muslim would use force to compel others to convert to Islam.

“So, if anybody wants to wage a war to compel others to convert to Islam whereas Almighty Allah said in the Holy Quran that there is no compulsion in religion, then that person is not a true Muslim and not acting for Islam.

“Therefore, I want to call on all those who think that what is happening in the North in particular is a plan to exterminate other religions, to have a rethink because there is no plan to emasculate any religion.

“It is indeed sad that Muslims are being tagged as terrorists in the media in this country. I have never heard of Christian terrorists but all we hear in the media is Muslim terrorists, when it happens to be a Muslim. This issue is everywhere in the world where people are tagged Islamic fundamentalists.

“As long as we continue to label other people negatively because of the religion they belong to or certain activities being done by a particular religion, then we will continue to have a problem. Why not treat such terrorists as common criminals and deal with them according to the laws of the land?” the monarch asked.

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  1. Please the sultan of sokoto if muslim is not a symbol of terrorist as you say, thank god for your comment, that says. “you have not hard of christan terrorist” yet you say muslim are not terrorist. Tell us whot are they? .a child that goes to seveen market an course war on seveen of the markets, is it only him that goes to the market? Any where in the whole word you hear about sucide bomber it is a muslim why? Nigeria,aflganistan, iran. Iraq,labanon,damasicous,syria,egypt.even in any where you hear of sucide bomber he or she most be a muslim why!

  2. You have said Islam should not be associated with terrorism, why are all the notorious terrorist in the world use Islam as a way of passing their information. Until this is idea is eradicated, most people will see Islam as a terrorist religion.
    I do not share this belief but people act according to what is at hand.

  3. Victor and geoge no body want u 2 buy any idea sultan have say d fact is it only all doz country u list dat do bomb wat of oda country dat use 2 do bombin.note all diz bombing is all set up by d enemies of islam.but Allah(GOD)have promise 2 protect islam no mater how d enemies try 2 spoil d name islam mean peace nd is peace 4 ever

  4. It is rather unfortunate dat muslims are engaged in terrorism, but dat dos not mean Islam encourages d act. Islam is a true religion of peace!

  5. if you want learn about ISLAM, go study islam, dont study MUSLIMS. ISLAM is perfect. MUSLIMS are not. I am a muslim, Islam is perfect but I am not, if I make a mistakes, blame it on me, not on my religion

  6. As a matter of fact, the royal father has says his own opinion and view concerning problems facing Nigeria as a Nation in term of terriorist. But, it ought to be noted that ignorance is the only problem facing most Islamic followers. And that is why they were causing trouble throughout the world. Most of them beliefs one can fight for God. But, how can a human being fight for God? I’m of opinion that those Islamic Leaders has a very paramount role to play so as to enlightning their followers back from evil perspective of destroying and disorganising everywhere for the sake of their religion. I think God know the best and serving God needs to come from our innermost and our mental commitments. Not that we should use every power in our vicinity so as to justified our religion. God Bless Nigeria!!!

  7. D northerns claim islamic name as their tribal name. Take 4 instance, i’m funsho and u wil identify my tribe frm my name. Dis is not so in hausa tribe. Our former head of state ‘Gen. Yakubu Gowon’ is not a muslim but takes dat name as an hausa name wch is not. Not every northerns are muslims and not everyone bearing muslim names are muslims. Saying Islamic terrorists or muslims are terrorist is just a way of staining others religion. Muslims are those who follow d teaches of Islam and Islam has never and wil never teach immoral act. Therefore anyone who act immorally irrespective of their religion shld be named terrorist not any aspect of their culture.

  8. Muslims are always very angry when you say anything negative about their faith, they can even put up a fight if you don’t stop what you are saying.
    Now we have a group called Boko Haran.. They claim to be fighting for their religion( Islam), they make use of mosques as their arsenal, they engage in terrorist activities, destroying lives and properties all in the name of their religion..
    Most of these activities are being carried out in the north where more than 65% of the population are muslims..
    Now some wil say; Islam is a perfect religion of peace, and that BKH are not real muslims. Then, what are the real muslims doing about these people tarnishing the image of islam ( Absolutely NOTHING)..
    I expect all muslims around the world to be mad about these groups; BKH, Al queda etc. Using their most precious faith (Islam) to do evil..
    But the ‘real’ muslim only complain in words and watch the image of their religion go down the drain..
    This is a hard fact ; Only Muslims can put an end to terrorism. Because all the terrorist groups worldwide Operate under the guise of Islam..
    Until all the muslims in the world will stand up and say No to terrorism, the people of the world have no choice but to believe that Islam somehow teaches its faithfuls to be terrorist.


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