J Martins Lied!!!!! – Hot FM 98.3 Abuja Releases J Martins Interview (Download Audio)


J Martins, in a recent interview with Amaka Fresh on Hot Fm 98.3 Abuja, reacted to Wizkid’s outburst after he was told by a fan he needed to go back to school for his poor use of tenses.

Wizkid wasn’t happy about what Uncle J Martins said:


J Martins denied blasting Wizkid.

See  J Martins tweets below:


But contrary to reports making rounds that J Martins never had an interview with Hot FM, this is part of the interview which he had with Hot FM presenter Amaka on Saturday 24th august 2013.

Download Here: hangover1


  1. Now this is what I called evidence.
    You put a report and he comes out to deny it, then the proof comes out. That is how stories should go.
    Can j martins deny it now.
    NB: I totally support his stance but why deny it or is he afraid of wizkid.

  2. I don’t believe J Martins denied anything. He simply said he did not blast Wizkid and I agree with him. He never even mentioned his name, he made a general statement which I believe was an expression of his opinion notwithstanding whoever is concerned. He did not also deny having an interview with the said radio station as he neve made mention of any interview. I think those that are castigating him should read between the lines and listen very carefully to that interview before making any comments. It is unnecessary creating beef when there’s none, we are all brothers, kapish!!!

  3. J.martins is just a big fowl who cannot accept resposibilities so imagine if he was in wizkid’s shoes,wat wuld his reactn be?if u ve 2 correct sum1,den u apply sense.y do u ve 2 insult d person?I m in support of wizkid&i must d guy is a big fool 4 such statement,he deserves 2 b slapped,big idiot.when d truth needs 2 b said,let’s say it cos it is 1 of dose tings killing us in dis country.so many of u blabbing,ll not find it funny if sum1 insults u in such manner so let’s call a spade a spade