Jonathan Promotes Ethnic And Religious Divisions, He’s The Godfather Of Oil Thieves – el-Rufai


Former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and interim Deputy National Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mallam Nasir el-Rufai, Wednesday upbraided the presidency over its recent attack on him.

El-Rufai said President Goodluck Jonathan’s response to an interview he granted over the weekend showed that he is “the promoter and apostle of ethnic and religious divisions of Nigeria, purely for political gains”.

The former minister had while featuring on Liberty Radio’s Guest of the Week programme alleged that it was unfortunate that Jonathan’s political handlers thought that if they introduced religion, they would be able to divide the north and garner Christians’ votes from the region for the president.


El-Rufai also alleged that the proceeds from crude oil theft were being used by Niger Deltans to amass arms to prepare for war should Jonathan lose in 2015.

However, in a statement on Sunday by presidential spokesman, Dr. Reuben Abati, el-Rufai’s allegations were dismissed and he was described as a “serial liar”, who should not be taken seriously.

But el-Rufai insisted in a statement yesterday that the president had resorted to ethno-religious politics to divide the country in order to promote his political ambition.

He also accused President Jonathan of giving more federal appointments to his kinsmen from Bayelsa State since he came to power.

“According to a report issued by Governance and Sustainable Initiatives Ltd., entitled Analysis and Lessons of the Current Geopolitical Distribution of Federal Appointments, the Jonathan administration is said to have favoured his home state of Bayelsa 200 per cent times more than the next states with the highest federal representation – Delta, Edo and Anambra.

“If Jonathan is not playing the ethnic card, can he possibly explain to Nigerians why Bayelsa, which has the smallest population in Nigeria and the fewest number of local government areas, has more than double the number of federal appointees measured by population and weight of responsibility than that of the next state, whilst the most populous states of Lagos and Kano were at the bottom of the representation ladder? What is the president’s response to that?

“If President Jonathan is not playing ethnic politics, why was he quick to exonerate those he called ‘my people’ in the aftermath of the October 1, 2010 bombings in Abuja?

“Did Henry Okah, who was eventually convicted of the offence in South Africa, not reveal in court that he was contacted by a high-ranking official from the presidency who told him to implicate some northerners in the bombing?

“A year later, after his highly divisive election, he told a delegation of the Ohanaeze that he believed that the only votes he got from the north were from Igbo residents in the north. Are those the words of a patriot or an ethnic bigot? This was after an election where he received nearly 100 per cent of all votes cast in the South-south and South-east states, in some cases, getting more votes than there were registered voters or even residents.

“The presidency did not respond to these facts, but chose to distort the matter in order to sweep the issues under the carpet. It may interest the president to know that Nigerians are much wiser now and will not be deceived by the antics of a drowning president and his desperate aides,” el-Rufai said.

He expressed indignation at Jonathan’s response saying, instead of responding to his allegations, Jonathan was using divisive strategies for electoral gains. The presidency announced that Jonathan fasted along with Muslims during Ramadan to show that he identified with Muslims.

“It may interest him to know that former President Olusegun Obasanjo also fasted while in office, but did not broadcast it for political gains. Incidentally, fasting goes beyond abstaining from food and drink during daylight hours; it is an intrinsic spiritual contact between man and his creator to strive for higher ideals including truthfulness, honesty and keeping promises.

“Which promise has Jonathan kept? Where is the integrity in this government? Where is the genuine fear of God when looting is the order of the day?

“Nigeria, by the will of the people, is a secular state. But of all Nigerian leaders, no one except Jonathan makes policy proclamations from his place of worship.

“Perhaps, the irony is lost on the president, but not only is it religious politics to make policy statements before only a section of the populace, the implications of making those promises in the house of God, then refusing to fulfil them are serious,” he added.

El-Rufai who had alleged that Jonathan was the godfather of the oil thieves challenged him to respond, rather than distorting the comments he made during the radio programme.

“If that is not the case, how come oil theft jumped from about 100,000 barrels per day before his election to a staggering 400,000 per day now?

“Can Jonathan explain why he ordered the removal of recognised maritime security officials from the creeks and handed over pipelines and oil installations security to militants? In what country does a bank employ a former bank robber to guard its vaults? Is there not a grand strategy to ease oil. theft and procure arms for the militants to use against their fatherland? Why is there no response to this issue?” el-Rufai asked.


  1. I am not suprise by El Rufai comments on the president. But let me also remind you that even the ‘accidental Pulblic Servant’ can not be trusted with Power judginging by his excessive arrogance and show of power during his tenure as former Min. Of FCT. He allocates plots of lands to his wife and friends and queries whether his wife wasnt a citizen of Nigeria when d anti-graft agency beam their search light on him. Wud he be a better president?

    He suddenly found solace with CPC or APC now bcos he has realise PDP that brought him to limelight no longer care for the people he too once destroyed their homes.
    We are no fool El Rufai abi wetin b ur name. We are watching with kin interest and very soon God’s Hurricane will destroy all you bad leaders. Pls let El Rufai read this!

  2. Hello Mallam, months after the release of your book, I am still struggling to understand what you want to tell Nigerians about yourself and your political ideology, as FCT minister, we saw how much you tried to ethnically cleansed Abuja for the utmost benefits of your fellow mallams who in turn sold their land allocation to the igbos, we saw what you did out these frustration by destroying properties belonging to the igbo underthe gguise of illegal structure.
    That was then, now is our turn, yes our turn to ruke Nigeria. I advice you and your fellow mallams to leave Mr President alone to conclude his second term come 2015 or there won’t be anynigeria.

  3. Since I knw this man has a brain touch was the day ï stop interfering on his comment but one advice for local party like apc is that if they choose thief like El rufi, Akande as party chieftance they re failing woeful

  4. Dey are jus trying to tarnish d guy image. Come rain come shine. Jonathan must spend 8years in power. Jona baba. But jona mak u reduce women representation in gov’t oooo

  5. El -Rufai has always made uncomplimentary remarks about mr president. one wonders if this is strategy APC is employing to woo Nigerians for their votes. This attacks on GEJ will certainly undo the dreams of the newly registered party. Akande and Elrufai are religious bigots that are already playing ethnic politics.

  6. Lol!!! Mallam el rufai… I dey laugh you… I just wish GEJ go dey laugh you too… You are just too lucky that its GEJ that we produced as leader if not people like you would hav been visited by unknown soldiers… Idiot… U will stay along time bfor u will smell power again… If atall u will still smell federal power

  7. El-Rufai does not ever see anything good in President GEJ, please leave the President alone and face your new party APC and let’s see how high you can fly that party.
    Long Live GEJ
    Long Live FRN

  8. If as the FCT minister then, you did not see anything wrong in allocating choice plots to your wife and family members, why do see something wrong when President GEJ appoints Bayelsans into Federal government offices?
    Are those he appoints not delivering?

    • We havnt really been truthful to ourselfves in the running of the affairs of this country. Nasir elrufai is the wrongest of persons to complain. He should use his survey group to tell Nigerians how many of his northern kinsmen who are senior civil servants that do not know how to read and write, yet sign signatures of approval on Memos in the service. He should also tell Nigerians through his survey group how the northern muslim elites have taken over the slots of (para)military/police recruitment in the northern region to favour the muslims over the christians in the christian dominated states of the region before the coming of Goodluck Jonathan.

  9. He was the master the Ethnic ruler. He prove it while in office as a minister of FCT allocating plots of land to his wives and his copper girlfriend in dollers. Shot upp el rufai

  10. Eh! one wonders if Rufai’s claim is not being established by all the response-comments so far. Let a plain minded Niger analyse the sections that rain those comments so far and say to Nigerians whether the divisibility is succeeding or not.

  11. I wonder why this man is still left free inspite of this character fefamation on the person and office of the president of the federal republic of nigeria. The president should realy be commended for his ability to tolerate such insolence frm those seeking political relevance. El-rufai or what ever u call your self,”walk down the road and go hug transformer”. “Go boil stone,it will cure your sickness or may be u should just focus on your business” and leave our amiable,indefatigable president for us. We love him. We can see his good works because we are not blinded by religious or tribal sentiments. Nigerians love him. Nigerians made him president and he owe his allegiance to nigerians and not el-rufai or those power hungry,greedy,self centred northern and south western political prostitutes

  12. Malam El Rufai, you practice the flip-side of political activism. When you were a Minister you subjected your office to horrendous abuse. I really sympathize with your followers because you have not demonstrated an ounce of leadership by consistently casting aspersion on the highest office of the land. Your allegations about oil theft are untrue because government at all levels is fighting the menace. For too many times you have displayed this unbridled arrogance, which is often confused with forthrightness. We are watching your dance steps.

  13. Bunch of fools,ethno n tribalist respondant. mallam El Rufai has said d truth n nothin but d truth.Guys ar jst been stupid n brain washes.El Rufai has always prove his stand on GEJ to investigate his office.All those who’s stay in Abuja during OBJ tenure n GEJ tenure,u will know dat every gud thinz has change frm bad to worse.when d truth is said then it begins a ethno n tribal nonsense.I blef many of u the respondant most often cry out that thinz in thiz country in hard n bad but u instead decided to keep mute n praise ur pretends.many of u the respondant will continue to suffer hardship until u repent to God for been hypocrits.Fools n Useless ethno tribal bigots.may we see 2015 n we will know welda GEJ go win the election.


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