Jonathan/Sambo Billboards Spring Up In Kaduna As Opposition Kicks

goodluck_samboBillboards of President Goodluck Jonathan and Vice President Namadi Sambo have sprung up at strategic locations in Kaduna State.

The billboards with inscription, “together we keep Nigeria safe, Support Goodluck/Sambo,” bore the logo of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) and images of President Jonathan and Vice President Sambo from the 2011 campaigns.

The billboards, boldly indicating that it was sponsored by one of VP Sambo’s aides, Senator Isaiah Balat, has been described as illegal by members of the opposition in Kaduna.

“The PDP has started campaigning against what is obtainable in the Electoral Act. If you go round Kaduna on the major highways you will see the billboards of Goodluck Namadi sponsored by the adviser to the President on special duties,” former vice chairman of Kaduna South
Local government and a member of the All Progressive Change (APC), Ezekiel Baba-Karick said.

Baba-Karick added that “If you go to Kagarko Local government and Jere, you will see campaign billboards of the state governor also sponsored by the ALGON chairman in Kaduna State. All these are clear to everyone to see that the illegal 2015 campaigns have started.”

However, in defence of his action, Sen. Balat said the new billboards were unrelated to the 2015 campaigns.

He said, “There is no 2015 written on the billboards. If I want to kick-start the campaign, I will come out and do it publicly. What is on the billboard is a call for support and not 2015 campaign.”


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