Kidnappers Of Edo Primary School Teachers Demand N50m Ransom

Adams-OshiomholeInformation Nigeria has just learnt that the kidnappers of three primary school teachers at Orhogbua Primary School at Ekenwan village, Edo State, have demanded the sum of N50 million as ransom.

The teachers – Patience Osadolor, Momodu Aisha and Patience Oroghene – were forcefully abducted at gun point on July 30, 2013, during school hours.

Since the incident happened, academic activities have been grinded to a halt at the school colleagues of the kidnapped teachers have reportedly refused to report for duty until they are released.


  1. Effect of okada ban. young men in their hundreds walk helplessly, joblessly on the streets of benin and oda parts of egor, ikpoba okha and so. Oshiomole no try at all. Infact in my compound two family men and one bachelor stay at home morning til nite.

  2. i call on gov oshimole to tell the human right organisation to appeal to the kidnappers to release them because now the human rights of the victims are being abused /breached, but if the law caught them, the law of the land would execute them, and by that time do not come to us to preach human rights….they have enough time now to reason with us because law wont reason with them later