LOVE IN THE AIR: Olamide Shows Off His Girlfriend


Rapper, Olamide posted a photo of him and his girlfriend on his Instagram page.

Even though he rarely talks about his girlfriend, Olamide isn’t shy to put her out there.

Baddo and his girlfriend attended Dotun & D’banj sister, Taiwo’s wedding in Ikeja, Lagos.




  1. Listen to me sister you are only 25, don’t ever, i repeat dont ever marry the Guy, spiritually a covenant as formed between the two, ( your mum and the guy) just stay away from it . Beside how bad do u think it will feel if both of you cant go and visit your parents on xmas day or take your kids to visit their parents . Just stay away , however forgive the guy but dont marry him. FORGIVE your mum , and honor her so that you can live long , but dont let such mistake occur again . Is your life not your best friend life or best man life, take it very serious .


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