Man Fined £300 After Swallowing Human Toe In Whisky Cocktail



A man has been fined more than £300 after swallowing a HUMAN TOE at a Canadian bar.

The Sourtoe Cocktail is a tradition in Dawson City, where a shot of whisky is served with a human toe in the bottom of the glass.

The toe must touch the punter’s lips as they drink, but they are not supposed to swallow it.

If you accidentally down the human body part, you face a fine – as happened to a customer at the Downtown Hotel on Saturday night.

Terry Lee – the bar’s “toe captain” – said the brave customer swallowed his drink including the toe, before putting $500 dollars on the table.

It’s not the first time the toe has been swallowed, but it is thought to be the first time someone has ingested it deliberately.

The bar apparently has a “back up toe” so the tradition can continue, but Lee says he is hoping another will be donated.