Man Kills Girlfriend, Sends The Picture Of Her Corpse To Her Sister On Whatsapp

Less than two weeks after a man posted a photo of his dead wife to Facebook and confessed online to killing her, a similar case emerges in Costa Rica.


Police there say a 29-year-old man strangled his girlfriend and sent a photo of her body via What’sApp to her sister, apologizing for what he had done.

He also informed the family of his whereabouts, and police soon arrived, found the body, and arrested him. The IBT quotes local media as saying that the man, identified only by his surname of Macotelo, had copied the earlier incident from Florida.

In that case, newly released police documents reveal that Derek Medina admitted to detectives that he repeatedly shot his wife when she threatened to leave him, then posted the Facebook confession, reports the Miami Herald. The 31-year-old faces first-degree murder charges and will be arraigned later this month.

Source: Newser