Manufacturers Lament Over Epileptic Power Supply In Kano


The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria, MAN has decried epileptic power supply in Kano, which the association said is hampering the growth of the manufacturing industry in the North West zone, and has led to the closure of many industries.

According to statistics made available by the manufacturers, the Ministry of Power was supposed to supply Kano zone that comprises Katsina, Jigawa, Kano and Niger Republic with 8 percent of the total power generation based on distribution formula, but what was being handed to the zone was just 3 percent.

Speaking to reporters in Kano, National Vice President of the Association, North West zone, Alhaji Ali Safiyanu Madugu, said “discriminatory sharing of power to the state has led to the closure of 400 industries over the last 20 years with its attendant social consequence.”

Alhaji Ali Safiyanu Madugu stated that “this culture of discrimination has robbed Kano its status as the hub of industrialists”, stressing that “property owning class no longer consider it worthy to invest here because of the rising cost of energy”.

Madugu stressed that “this flagrant violation of power sharing policy to a city next to Lagos in terms of industrial development tend to expose a hidden agenda by those on the position of power to weaken the economic base of the commercial nerve centre of the north.”

He maintained that the likely implication of this unpopular policy would breed social unrest among army of unemployed youth, calling on respective State governors in the zone to adopt a common stand to resolve the energy crisis.

He also noted that Kano would have done great if the 8 percent of the total allocation due to the state was properly made as it was stipulated in the power sharing policy, adding that the Ministry of Power is yet to resolve the impasse hovering around the distribution system as applicable to other zones across the country.

The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria therefore called on Kano State government to expedite activities on 35 megawatt Tiga/Challawa Gorge dam hydro power as alternative and checks to the current “discriminatory practices” before the situation leads to social unrest.

There has been a mass rejection of PHCN bills in recent times due to power shortage, as most respondents queried why they should pay for power that they can’t access.

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