More Women Now Doing Feet Plastic Surgery So It Can Fit Into More Shoes


Women love shoes, especially high heel shoes and stilettos. Men also like to see women in high heels. 

These types of shoes are nice but extremely uncomfortable and many women cannot wear heel shoes for too long because it hurts. Some women cannot wear heels due to oddly shaped feet, long toes, uneven toes or simply find it too uncomfortable.

Apparently, a growing number of women are having their toes shortened and fillers added to the heels in order to make wearing high heels and stilettos a more comfortable experience.

According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, eighty-seven percent of women have had foot problems from wearing uncomfortable or ill-fitting shoes. While some women give up wearing heels after experiencing foot problems, others love them so much that they have surgery to correct their feet.

“Unless you’ve been there, you can’t find shoes and you’re in pain, don’t judge,” Susan Deming, who has underwent a toe-shortening procedure, said.

Dr. Nathan Lucas, who is a podiatrist in Memphis, Tennessee, has done these procedures for 15 years and has seen a steady growth of women looking for surgery to help them wearing high heels without pain. Dr. Lucas had as many as 30 patients a month in the last year.

“These women thank me and their husband’s thank me as well,” Dr Lucas said with a smile.