Most APC Members Are Former PDP, Says Kaduna State PDP Chairman

APC-PDPThe Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) would still remain a force to reckon with in Kaduna State despite the birth of All Progressive Congress (APC) because members of the opposition party are familiar faces that pose no threat to the ruling PDP, the state PDP chairman, Abubakar Gaiya Haruna said yesterday.

Haruna stated this in Kachia at an event organized by the member representing Kagarko/ Kachia Federal Constituency, Jagaba Adams Jagaba.

“Who are those in the APC? Where did they come from?” Haruna asked rhetorically just as he added, “How can your own son runaway and become a threat to you?”

According to him, “Everywhere in Kaduna and Nigeria is PDP. In Kaduna state and Southern Kaduna, our own people who ran away to form the APC must return assets they acquired while in the PDP.”

The PDP chairman faulted the situation where politicians decamped to another party because they lost out in their own party but cited few examples that did not join the bandwagon.

“Jagaba did not leave the party when he lost a second ticket. The same goes to Sen. Isaiah Balat and Senator Aziz who both lost the ticket to return to the Senate,” he noted.

Haruna said others however moved to APC when they lost election because “Only them want to rule. They can’t claim injustice. I was not the party chairman yesterday. I was a commissioner and tomorrow somebody will take over from me. That should not make me to leave the party”.

On the stand by Southern Kaduna Peoples Union (SOKAPU) that politics in Southern Kaduna would no longer be a party affair but based on individual candidates, the PDP chairman said, “I agree with them.”



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