MY STORY: I Slept With A Strange Woman And I Nearly Died

I am a womaniser or should I say, I love women a lot and I could do anything to sleep with any beautiful girl.


I was always after all the girls in my class when I was in school; and you know, I always attracted them by the way I moved stylishly and lavishly spent money on them.

Girls were all around me and I could choose whoever I wanted at anytime. On a fateful day, one of my friends came to invite me to a birthday party, I dressed gorgeously and followed him knowing that I was going to make a ‘new catch, if not catches’ so to say.

When we got to the party, I made myself so conspicuous that it didn’t take time before girls started milling around me. I forgot to tell you that I am quite lanky and attractive.
After partying for some time, I retired with one of my new girls to a nearby hotel which we hired for the night.

As usual, we slept together but that was all I could remember. What do you expect of someone like me? I was so drunk and tired and the way I even managed to sleep with her that night was a mystery. I guess when you are used to something; you can even do it in the grave.

The following day when I woke up, the lady of the night before was nowhere to be found. I dismissed the thought of her as I used to do about other girls and went ahead to get myself prepared to go home not knowing something had gone wrong.

It was when I was about leaving the hotel that I discovered I was not feeling well; I could barely walk and my limbs were shaking. I called my friends and they immediately came to my rescue and rushed me to the hospital for treatment.

I could not explain what happened to me; but all I knew was that I felt empty within me and I knew I was dying gradually.

What could be the cause of my illness as it was not the first time I would go to a hotel with a lady? The doctors could not find anything wrong with me; all they said was that I needed some rest when right within me, I knew I was dying.

I tried to explain to one of the doctors and he later sent me for a blood test which revealed virtually nothing and it was after  that I became  scared because of the way I was feeling, I didn’t know how a doctor could say I was okay.

After two weeks in the hospital, without any improvement, the doctors invited my parents and advised them to take me home to find solution to my illness as it was beyond orthodox medicine.

Hence, my father asked me series of questions which I didn’t answer candidly. I knew I was dying, but at least, there are some things you dare not tell your parents.

My parents spent so much money on this illness, after I was discharged from the hospital; they took me to a traditional medical practitioner.

The man told my parents to leave while he asked me certain questions which I decided to answer, when it was obvious that I was dying. He asked if I knew the girl I slept with at the hotel that night and I said I didn’t.

That was when he told me I had slept with a ritualist who had probably taken something out of my system to use for her ritual purposes.

I was shocked and I couldn’t speak but when I did, I asked the herbalist if there was any remedy for my problem. He said he would try his best, he also asked if I didn’t mind if he consulted his oracle on my behalf because my parents are Christians who would not allow such things.

Since they were not there, I asked him to do anything to make me get better. Well, to cut a long story short, he tried his best with herbs, but he would not tell me what my illness was. I am alive today to tell the story and I have mended my ways. Since I got well, I never went after any lady. This story is not a fiction; it happened to me in reality and it was God that saved me.


Source: Nigerian Tribune


  • Oga thank god 4 u.wat happened 2 u was just a simple way 4 god 2 tell u he is still in charge.if u tell youths of 2day 2 flee such way of life,they take u as fool and dats why we av many living corpse 2dy.thank god 4 ur life and I hope u av accepted jesus fully.

  • Ok o! Food for thought to all u womanizers and ashawo pple, this dude must have been lucky, u out there living the same life might not be as lucky as he is o! Amend ur ways and embrace God.

  • Thr ar alot of men like u who feel sleep’g nd dump’g ladies is d oda of life if nt 4 God who wan 2 use u 4 His purposes wil u b tell’g dis story in a grave? Men who stil indulge in dis type of act suld learn 4rm ur story nd desist 4rm such acts nt al d tym u can get lucky

  • I wonder what guys see in sex that they can’t wait till they get married to have their fill in it….well thank God for his grace upon your life, i hope others out there will learn from you…..the bible says FLEE from anything that stimulates youthful lust….it said flee not run or walk away.

  • God healed u whn u were taken to a medical practitioner who consulted his oracle. Well, we tnk God u r alive. God be praise

  • Lesson to all d young man playing hide n seeK, repent for d kingdom of God is @hand…its more closer than ever.. believe me…

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