My Truth Can Not Be Supressed By Femi Fani-Kayode

Earlier today I empathised with some of my igbo friends who were hurt by some of the things that I said and I expressed my regrets for hurting them.



However despite this they must understand that I meant no offence and I did not say anything out of malice. I simply spoke the bitter truth.

One of the reactions to that expression of truth was the rubbish that some faceless individual wrote about me and my family on some blog. Needless to say all that was written there was nothing but a tissue of lies concocted by a sick mind.

The man does not even exist. It was a scurillous and desperate attempt to smear me and to intimidate me into silence. They want to stop me from telling the truth about the history of our country.

I assure you that this will not work because I am not easily threatened or intimidated and I owe no-one an apology for narrating the facts of our history. My integrity and that of my family remains intact.

When those that wish to smear me have decided to stop being faceless cowards and to stop hiding behind fake names and identities then we can take up this matter properly.

When they are man enough to put a face to their fake identity then I shall take them to court. Until then they are just ghosts and a breath of foul air from the dungeons of hell.

They mean nothing to me. The truth can never be suppressed forever and at times like this it takes real warriors to reveal it. So the debate continues and I intend to be fully involved.


  1. To all those ignoramuses who call Fani-Kayode a Yoruba bastard: We Yorubas don’t have bastards in our place. All our children are accepted as part of our HERITAGE; once the patrilineage is determined and confirmed our children are admitted into our patrimony. So, calling Fani-Kayode a “Yoruba bastard” is heaping insults on the Yoruba Race. Can’t you see his surname? We can all trace his lineage; where does bastard come in here? If you delight in calling my Brother a bastard, you’re at liberty to do that; but we take offense at adjectively qualifying it with Yoruba. Thank you..

    • Dear Femi, It is not “YOUR TRUTH” but “OUR TRUTH.” Remove the letter ‘Y’ from YOUR and you are left with OUR, where ‘Y’ in this case stands for YORUBA. It is our truth, the Yoruba Truth and burden. We’ll bear it together. Ask them if any tribe, nationality or State in Nigeria has ever or will ever make one of another tribe a Commissioner, especially an Igbo, like we do in Lagos State.

      • Hey Ayo! Point of correctoin; FFK does not speak our truth please! I defer strongly with u on that. He has not the integrity of speaking for us. No sentimentality my brothers but FFK has lost that privilege when he stated talking like a kid or somebody who is drunk. He’s now talking about suing someone but he has not been sued for tarnishing the image of ibo women who did not involve themselves in the debate. Why not face the issues on ground, he keep digressing. Honestly Kayode is asking for more than saying the truth; he wants to incite deep rancour and malice between us and our Ibo brothers and remember he’s a politician who might also be out for some other personal interest and never Yoruba interest.
        I therefore beg us to stand for peace and unity coz there is no tribe without weaknesses and strength. I beg to stand a neutral person in support of justice whether for the Ibo or Yoruba.

    • Ayo,stop following this mans fallacy, i know as a Yoruba man you felt insulted by the word bastard,FEMI brought this to himself what history is he talking about that no Nigerian can write to sooth its ethnicity?Achebe wrote his side of the Nigerian politic and civil war its it explicit,if Femi knows the truth he should publish a book on it simple. Its very wrong of him to start it knowing the Igbos are major tribe like the Hausas and Yoruba if matter generates and gets to this peak somebody of is status is not suppose to say all what he has been fusing.The records and facts he claims are fable.WE are younger generation lets leave Femi with his Drug infested brain. do you think the Igbos will suffer if there is no more Nigeria? Think twice again ohh this are people that where brought down to ashes and look at what they are today most tribes cant survive the scorch they did.

  2. This man is really sick, or has he had some cocaine again? what history are you talking about? abeg go and find somewhere to hide your face shameless drug addict like you.It very wrong of you to say all you pronounced in your first to this last comment.You didn’t even think about the position your where in government before you started all this, are you better than the IGBO man? Please let Nigeria be, stop poisoning the heart of our fellow YORUBA brothers, some of them foolishly listen to you but they discovered that you are a MAD man and of no benefit to them.If you have dated several igbo ladies what’s special about it? This shows you are really a mad man because you don’t need to open your basket mouth on social network? we are Nigerians we can fuck ourselves no big deal about it, I have more Yoruba girls as intimate friends than other tribes but I wouldn’t do what you did.Please we have lots of problem to solve in Nigeria don’t distract us with your personal stupidity, if you are looking for an attention join the Nigerian music or movie industry >

    • Untill you come out to tell us that, Ibos didn’t kill, Ahmadu Bello, SL Akintola, Okotie Eboh and purposely left Zik out of it…FEMI FANI KAYODE’s story remains true

      • Shut up u murderers . Luk at u competing with igbos, Upon all ur efforts to bring them to nothing yet they are still waxing high. Problems is jealousy

  3. I dey laugh,i still dey laugh,shey you people dont believe with what yerima told you?o.k go ahead and continue fucking your wives and childrens ,i dey watch{ YORUBA VS IGBO PHONOGRAPHY,THIS ONE NA LATEST FILM,PLS CARRY DEY GO WE DEY SEE AND LISTEN INTERSTING}

  4. its really amazing watching you people (igbos and yorubas) scathing each other, calling each other names. As a spectator, am really enjoying the e-fighting between you people. However, what, s wrong with saying he’s fu*cked their cheap pus*ies. After all all most igbos are ashawos. You better learn to listen and forget igbos.

    • Aboki hahahahahahahhahhhaahahahhhahahah luk at ewu awusa talking. One day u shameless things will see igbo triumgh and u will all die FOOLS FOOLS FOOLS

  5. Dat femi had affairs with some igbo ladies does not mean he hasn’t had affairs with yoruba ladies.see what shama maliga wrot about him & his family. His wife has & still sleep with obj & all politicians in abuja,his daughters even are sleeping with security men to d extend of one security man dat was fucking d 1st daughter shoved his manhood to d younger daughter & fucked her den camera caught dem. Pls femi & his lazy kinsmen,go & put ur house in order b4 u come out to address people. Ur house is on fire & stop doing drugd bcos soon u will run mad! PLS,GO TO UR FB & ClICK SHARMA MALIGA & U SEE 4 URSELF!

  6. I want to commend Chief Femi Fani Kayode for showing in the first place that Yorubas are not coward as most of them use to say, We are not a tribe that talks and hide our identity. You are a true son of your father. He has challenge Shama Maliga now, I am expecting that bastard to come out and defend his allegation at least Fani talked and we can authoritatively see that most of those he mentioned can’t come out to deny his facts even though it is wrong when we look at it morally but in argument, Any available evidence is acceptable once it can be verify. He is a drug addict, Charge him to court if you are not cowards. I am so happy now and i want we Yorubas to know that they don’t appreciate us even though they might be laughing with us. It is the simple truth. Fani, Omo oko ni e , o ki n se omo ale bi baba won.

  7. Shut up your dirty Yoruba trap Fani Kayode! Hausa community are taking note of ur dirty vituperations. You are not sincere with yourself and your integrity and character is criminal and questionable. You cannot give what you don’t have! Just be wise and quietly back out. This is a prophetic advice from a good hausa friend. Alla hu akbar!


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