New Jersey Man Writes Letter To President Obama Every Day Since November 18, 2012

Barack Obama

Francis M. Del Vecchio of Jackson Township, New Jersey, has written a letter to President Obama nearly every day since November 18, 2012. As reported by the Asbury Park Press, the Marine Corps Vietnam veteran compiled his nearly 300 letters and the responses he’s received from the White House into a self-published book titled, Mr. President, What Are You Doing to America?

In his first letter Del Vecchio admits, “I did not vote for you and on more than one occasion have made some very unkind remarks about you. You are an easy target to criticize, especially when I am not standing in your shoes. So, I must put my political objections aside and help my fellow American to help all Americans.”

The rest of his letters range from what some may consider humorous to exasperated where the author explains his opposition to the President’s policies and gives his own advice about what should be done. The 67-year-old business man says he bears no ill will toward the President and, “By the time I’m done with the letter it makes me feel a better that I’ve had my say. A lot of people don’t get their say. This makes me feel like I’ve had my say, especially talking to him the way I do, or writing to him the way I do.”

In his hundreds of letter, Del Vecchio makes his opinion known explaining his belief that everyone should pay something in taxes, his opposition to Obamacare, and that government waste and inefficiency prevails in both the Democratic and Republican parties and in all three government branches.

On March 4, 2013, 103 days after he started writing, Del Vecchio received his first response from the White House outlining the administration’s position on the fiscal cliff negotiations, debt reduction plan and commitment to making the wealthiest 2 percent of Americans pay more in taxes. Another White House reply came shortly after and included, “Thank you for your thoughtful words. The messages I receive from Americans like you remind me of what is best about our country. … The American people are looking for cooperation, consensus, and common sense in our government, and they have shown they want action. I intend to deliver that in the months and years ahead.”

After that, Mr. Del Vecchio received White House form letters with the date changed. The persistent letter writer was undeterred and continued on, even offering personal advice to President Obama after he was criticized for commenting about California Attorney General Kamala Harris being the “best-looking attorney general.” Del Vecchio wrote, “The attorney general in California is a pretty woman and there is nothing wrong about commenting on it…I am sure you will get some political flack over it, but worse, I don’t think (first lady) Michelle will be too happy and that is worse than any political flack. … Just not a good move making a woman angry.”

The Asbury Park Press asked the White House for a comment but were told the office did not have enough time to respond. Mr. Del Vecchio’s wife and children give him a hard time about his persistent letter writing, but he continues and said about the President, “I’d like to meet the guy some day and sit down and talk to him, even if he tells me I’m full of crap, ya know!”

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