Newborn Calf Has 8 Legs, 4 Ears, 2 Bodies And One Head (SHOCKING PHOTOS)

A cow in New Zealand has delivered a deformed calf who has two bodies, four ears, and eight legs on Monday.

A veterinarian of dairy farm, Neil Davy, who delivered the stillborn calf , told the website NZ Farmer that if he hadn’t been there, the mother cow would have surely died.
Deformed Calf Stillborn On New Zealand Dairy

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“It was hard going,” Davy told the website, “I was up to my elbows in lube and calf goo, sweat coming off my forehead. It’s not nice to see a cow in distress.”

Davy told the site that he’d originally thought he was delivering twins. Close enough: identical twins come from one egg that divides, and veterinarian Jonathan Spencer told NZ Farmer that Davy’s calf “[seems] like an incomplete divide of an egg.”

Photo - Deformed Calf In New Zealand Has 8 Legs, 4 Ears, 2 Bodies And One Head (PHOTOS)

Other odd deformities have been known to occur in cattle.

In 2012, a calf with an extra pair of legs was born in Switzerland. Although vets didn’t initially think the six-legged cow had much chance of survival, the calf seemed to be doing just fine at two months old.

In January 2011, a two-headed cow was born in Georgia. The farmer said that the animal ate with both heads.

Source: Huffington Post



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