NMA Arrests 12 Quack Doctors In Delta


Rivers State branch of the Nigerian Medical Association, NMA, has arrested twelve quack medical doctors and have shut four illegal clinics as it continues its campaign against quackery in the state which has been on for five months.

Chairman of the NMA, Dr. Ibitrokoemi Krubo, who gave this breakdown while reviewing the campaign against quackery by the association said the campaign by the NMA is as a result of its association’s zero tolerance for quackery, assuring that the campaign would continue.

Krubo appealed to the public to assist the association in its fight against quackery by reporting cases of poor professional practices by medical doctors.

He also advised patients to insist on seeing the NMA identity cards of a doctor before treatment.

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  • The information is not well detailed. They should have mentioned their names, location so that the general public will avoid them.

  • How stupid can u get! They really expect a really sick person to ask for a doctor’s I.d b4 submitting himslf fr treatment! Dumd-asses!

  • The NMA should have given sufficient details of these impostors,their location of operation, hospitals the were working,names,pictures etc

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