No One Cared About My Album – MODE 9


Babatunde Olusegun a.k.a mode 9 went all emotional on hotfm’s breakfast radio show with TuTu Adeoba and Cheezy Charles on his type of non-commercial rap, he re-affirms that he can neverchange his type of rap to suit an audience and decries neglect on his type of rap’
‘I put out a whole album nobody cared’ ‘A whole 20 track album ‘alphabetical order’ nobody gave a f**k’, nobody cares. You see how the industry is’ how do you expect me to feel? ‘Nigerians don’t like hip hop they only follow the hype, they don’t even know what it is’
I only cater for my real fans; I don’t really care about the fair weather, band wagon jumpers ‘I cater for my fans and they are feeling it’ i have put up too much effort in promotion of my materials’
“It’s just some certain people in their minds feeling that I’m not doing well’ I have decided I am going to attack anybody who calls me up and asks ‘where have you been?’ I have attacked everyone that has done that, I am not afraid of anybody. It’s just the way they think. If your music is not playing in clubs then you are not putting out the best. My music is not club music; I didn’t put out a club album. Real fans of Mode 9 know where it’s happening and know how to get it. They’ve seen it on TV and they loved it. So I think I’m doing a great job. Imagine you doing all this and someone walking up to you and asking, common where’ve you been? Imagine how bad you’ll feel after spending millions of naira to promote yourself from your own pocket.

He also cleared the air about the purported biff with Vector concerning controversial single ‘thetruth’ released in July allegedly by Vector which was widely reported as a diss track targeting mode 9.
Mode said “I don’t have any biff with Vector. Vector was even on my album. The night that song was released, Vector called me and said someone was trying to sabotage him. He saidthe song was recorded in 2009 but whoever pushed it out in July had some part doctored. Since Vector called me before the song started making the waves I believed him. I even tweeted that I’m cool with Vector. We both tweeted that we are cool with each other. But people still went on to blow the story; begging for a war; I’m sorry but we won’t be given anybody a war”



  1. Fuck y’all who felt MODE 9 is not successful,I hate it when I hear y’all shyt get played on air,fuck d crooked Dj’s,fuck d radio stations,fuck the promoters who won’t promote real HIPHOP nd fuck Naija Entertainment industry,cos dis whole stereo type bullshyt gonna ruin HiPHop culture.
    I am @MODE 9,I am @GINO nd finally I am @ILLBLIZ,y’all know where to get me hun……@Ope23.