Nutrition – Health Benefits Of Eating Brown Rice Over White Rice!

images (19)When it comes to rice, looks are deceptive. Chefs and other people like the attractive, photogenic qualities of fluffy white rice. Brown rice, however, when compared to white rice, wins as the superior choice for a number of other reasons. Much research concludes that colour is not the only factor that separates these two types of rice. Brown rice and white rice are different in some very important ways that can affect your health.

White Rice: Diabetic Risks
Diabetics are often warned about the link between eating white rice and bringing on a rapid rise in blood sugar levels. The message is that if you are a diabetic or are at risk, stay away from white rice. Medical experts advocate replacing white rice with brown rice if you have diabetes. A study team at the Harvard School of Public Health recently found that eating five servings per week of white rice increased the risk of diabetes. They also found that replacing white rice with brown rice lowered the risk.

Brown Rice: Fiber Advantages
Brown rice has more fiber than white rice, and the difference is due to the way both types are processed. White rice is brown rice that has gone through some changes in the milling process. With brown rice, only the husk is removed. White rice is polished and pre-cooked or parboiled. The bran is also removed. The bran is kept intact in brown rice, and that bran gives you a healthy dose of fiber.

Brown rice contains nutrients like magnesium, manganese and zinc. White rice has less amounts of these nutrients, but is fortified with iron and some B vitamins. Brown rice is the only form of the grain that contains vitamin E.

Eat right, Stay healthy.


  1. The is need of brown rice in the nation at least to Carr for health other than arming it. Our youth should be empowered towards farming for a better growth of health and economy by the government and the NGO. Brown rice (ofada), I the necessary needs can b provided for farmers without bias there will be enough of good for health foods around.

    • i share the same sentiment and i am getting worried Africans cannot explore natural food at their disposal to destroy this diabetic epidemic. however, we need to explore more research studies into exposure to food such as ofada rice/unripe plantain and how much it can influence reversing type2 diabetics


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