Obese Man Rescued By Digger After Heart Attack Leaves Him Trapped In Home


A morbidly obese 63-stone man was rescued from his house by a giant digger after he had a heart attack.

Firefighters had to build scaffolding and smash through the side of Michael Lehberger’s house in a six-hour rescue mission.

Mr Lehberger managed to call the emergency services when he began to notice symptoms.

But he couldn’t fit through the foor of his home in Riegelsberg, Germany.

Instead, rescuers had to crash through a side wall, reported the Sun.

Mr Lehberger was then loaded into a cushioned CAT digger and lifted to safety.


Despite erecting scaffolding to assist the rescue, it was too dangerous to try and carry him.

The hefty 29-year-old was then taken to hospital in an ambulance designed to hold four people.

He was taken to a hospital with special beds designed for the patient’s needs.

Head of the operation Volker Klien said: “I have never experienced such a situation”

Klien added that the man was too heavy to be taken in a car.

A neighbour said that they had not seen him beyond his doorstep for two years.