Okada Man Commits Suicide In Kano

The recent ban on operation of commercial motorcycles, popularly known as okada in Kano has led to an okada rider’s death after he claimed the ban threw him into poverty and misery.

The man identified as Mallam Ali Harazumi Hamisu hanged himself last Saturday in Jaen Layin Makera, a tiny community in the suburb of Kano.

Kano State Government had banned the operation of commercial motorcyclists in the northern city as part of efforts to curb terrorism which has hit the city hard in recent times, making Hamisu lose his only means of livelihood.

Residents of Jaen Layin Makera said they had never witnessed such a tragic incident.

“We were surprised Hamisu could go to the extent of taking his own life. He was such a quiet and peace-loving man. Things went so bad for him when they banned commercial motorcycle operation in the city.

“He could not find alternative means of livelihood so he was doing menial job to sustain his family. He must have taken that option out of frustration,” his kinsman, Mallam Ibrahim Abdullahi said.

Alhaji Yakubu Hamisu, elder brother of the deceased, said the deceased depended solely on proceeds from his commercial motorcycle operation for survival before the sudden ban by the state government which ravaged him.

“The late Hamisu had separated from his wives and was unable to pay his house rent due to the loss of his job. His wives had to divorce him because he could no longer take care of their needs. I tried my best to help him but my earnings are so small to sustain my family and carter for his own needs.

“I feel so bad that my brother ended it all in this tragic manner. It is a big stain on the family name and Allah forbids it. However, I pray that Allah forgives him his sins and grants him eternal blessings,” Yakubu said.


  1. This is not enough reason for him to commit such stupid act….. But if i m to judge,why did’nt the affected states (states that banned okada operation provide a means of getting money for them,i.e okada riders, since everyone knew that is their source of livelihood) And everyone knew that okada riding reduces the rate of crime,can you imagine what will happen now. This is what we call,filling a tank with a cup of water at thesame time removing a bucket, don’t you think you are doing more harm than good? Everyone know what it is when a poor man get frustrated,anything can happen,though Nigeria leaders don’t care about the poor… But one thing that is certain is that when Allah (SBHW) raise someone no one can bring him down, i promise you (politicians) that no matter what you do Almighty Allah is with the one who is being cheated ( in hausa Wanda aka zalince shi)…. May Almighty Allah forgive the deceased…So i advice the state Government to provide a means of employing them ,even if it is 8,000 a month is ok…..Thank you,your’s Musa El-gallewi (YUPPIE)