Open Letter From Charly Boy To Pope Francis

Controversial entertainer Charly Boy wrote an open letter to the present head of the Catholic Church.
Most of you are probably expecting a scandalous letter, but i myself was shocked.
Read it below: –
The first 20yrs of my life, I seriously had this dream of being a priest. I was overfed with an overdose of religion which has always been a very serious business in my family. You dare not be late for morning mass or else you get the whipping of your life, yes my father was that strict, no nonsense when it came to going to church or anything spiritual. That’s where I’m coming from, we were a family that prayed together and were very staunch Catholics for that matter. 
When I turned 16 I became an altar boy, at that time that was the coolest thing to be, considering years of going to bible classes and regular confessions. Eight months into the spiritual things as an altar boy, I made a big goof; I drank the priests wine and ate a bunch of Holy Communion enough to fill me up. I figured I could be more spiritual by that action, but I got expelled as an altar boy, needless to say how scandalized and angry my father was then, OMG. 

By the time I turned 20, I’ve had enough religion to last me two life times. By 1974, I left to further my studies in the USA, I was overjoyed because for the first time, I was going to be on my own. I was really carried away with my new found independence. Being an adventurous young man I started dabbling into not only the occult but with metaphysics, Buddhism, astrology, magic and all that Jazz. However, I still believe I was fundamentally a Catholic by birth, but the catholic fate has suddenly become boring and old fashioned for me.
 When I read that controversial book, “In God’s Name”, all the negativity I started to feel about the Catholic Church became magnified in my mind. What about the sex scandals about priests and little boys. Hummmmmmm! I am aware that the Catholic Church is not a perfect body, and doesn’t claim to be one. Of course it is plagued with the same corruption, scandals and sin as any other organization. Last night as I was watching CNN, the Pope’s visit to Brasil was being beamed to the world and all of a sudden, there it was, “who am I to judge as long as they walk in the light of Christ” Pope Francis on Gays. As reflexes would have it, I jumped out of my seat and hugged my TV, funny ha ha. Not because homosexuality has been part of my advocacy through the years but because I feel that every adult has a right to make their bed and lie on it as they choose, and who the hell are we to judge. I have always said that it is really not our place to judge those who do not fit our view of normal. So once again the church is attempting to evolve in order to keep up with the rest of civilization. That is how a religion survives. Its belief has to be flexible enough to stay somewhat relevant to current or the public will abandon it.
 Ever since the Pope’s election, my man has taken actions that seem to be very ‘unpopelike’. He even used public transport as a cardinal, he lives in a smaller quarter, he asked for blessing before blessing the crowd which gathered in St Peters square on the day of his election. But my people, what is stranger than Pope France’s action have been evangelicals’ reactions all over the world. Never before has a Pope become so widely accepted by Protestants and evangelicals. It’s a proud day for Catholics and all mankind. Finally a Pope who doesn’t see himself as equal to God, unlike our men of god down here. It is really amazing. Every Pope in the Catholic Church’s past has had a mastery over catholic rhetoric, because theoretically they always say the right things. But Pope Francis has decided to lead with his actions. Before delivering his message at the Holy Thursday Mass, Pope Francis spent time on his Knees washing the feet of young women incarcerated at a nearby prison. This is the first time a Pope has ever washed the feet of women, not to mention that one of the women was a Muslim, which is another break in papal tradition. In the holy book, the bible calls us to be the light to the world if Christ is to be present to the world. This is why Pope Francis’ way should be imitated for imitating him we make Christ visible and that is what influences others to walk in the way of Christ. So much to be said for our so called “men of god” in this neck of the woods who strut around as if they are God’s gift to mankind, most of them bunch of con men and fraud stars who are continually ripping off unsuspecting Nigerians, living in fancy houses, building universities their congregation can’t even afford for their children and buying private jets because their God is not a poor God, as Nija’s hand over their pay checks in return for a miracle because they have bought into the Hocus-pocus that is Pentecostalism. Just look at our churches today, tell me those priest, pastors or our so called men of god, who makes Christ visible. Jesus needs us to make him Visible and present in this troubled world. Blessed mother Teresa is a perfect example of showing us the love and mercy of Christ in the millions she cared for. The gospel calls us to imitate Christ and it is in the way we live that the gospel of Jesus gets proclaimed, that is how we speak Christ to a world that does not know him.
I am very scared for this Pope, he is a little too Christ like for his own good. There are still some die hard winches, vampires in the Vatican. I fear assassination, probably by the very people who call themselves “devout”. If any Pope can show us what Jesus was saying, I think this one is the one. At least I hope so. I am impressed with this Pope not for his Catholicism but for his Christianity. As I lay in the comfort of my room watching the Pope’s visit to Brazil, it was clear to me that Pope Francis will go down in history as the greatest Pope ever, I just pray that he lives out his Pope ship for many years to come as to spread his light and make our lord Jesus more visible in the world. More than 3million people where at Copacabana beach for the re-enactment of the Stations of the Cross and farewell mass. This world Youths Day smashed previous attendance records and goes down in the record books as one of the best attended papal events ever.  In short, this Pope is a rock star. Here is a Pope who speaks the language of the people; In fact in Rio he kicked his penchant for simplicity, humility and accessibility into high gear. The security operatives were all overwhelmed by zealous pilgrims, he insisted on leaving the windows of his car down so he could extend his arm to those seeking his blessings. Countless babies kissed, photo ups with adoring faithfuls only added to the pontiff reputation for being a man of the people, and all of this took place in the roughest side of town, a crime ridden zone in Rio.
 Pope Francis is now standing up to the Mafia. First the Vatican honoured Rev Giuseppe Puglisi, killed 20yrs ago by mobsters for preaching against the Mafia, as a martyr. Pope Francis himself demanded that Mafia members abandon their “evil ways” especially those who exploit their fellow humans via human trafficking, drug dealing and prostitution. “They cannot make our brothers slaves; let us pray that these Mafiosi convert to God”. Hummmmm na wa, if the Mafia decides to take Pope Francis out in retaliation for his words against them, I pray that there’s a Pope Francis army out there ready to throw down.  If the Pope manages to mobilize all of Italian society against the Mafia, his days maybe numbered, but he will be unable to do so, and as a result I pray that the Mafia won’t remember him. They say the only thing needed for Evil to exist is for good men to do nothing. I am glad that he is doing something. He looks and sounds to me like he has a beautiful spiritual light burning  inside of him and is preaching goodwill for all and trying to turn around the corrupt so they too can walk in the sunlight of the spirit. I really admire him for standing up to the Mafias. I recognize the Popes effort in trying to bring a better image and name to Christianity. Anyway you flip it, the Holy Father is full of surprises, born of true and faithful humility, at another occasion, he declared that all people, not just Catholics, are redeemed through Jesus, even atheists. “Those people must still do good. Infact, it is in doing good that they are led to the one who is the source of all that is good” In essence he simply restated the hope of the church that all come to know God, through his son Jesus Christ. Pope Francis is saying more than ever before, that Christ offered himself as a sacrifice for everyone. That has always been a Christian belief, but rarely do you hear it said by Catholics so forcefully, and with such evident joy. And in this era of religious controversies, it is a timely reminder that God cannot be confined to our narrow categories. Thumbs up for my man Pope Francis, nothing do you.


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  • God bless you for that letter,no matter what it seems like please don,t judge speech are well presented,let all this our so called man of God and bishops in nigeria emulate something from the pope.

  • Nice one ,sweet brain from Charley Boy. What worth saying is worth saying well and what worth doing is worth doing well. It now depend if they would fell concern. Well done my brother

  • i am so impressed by this speech from Charley boy. for the first time in history i will say i am happy for him, i gain a lot through dis letter and i pray that the Lord God will see all of us through and help us walk in his righteouness

  • These are really good remarks coming from an intelligent man(but never seen as one). Hope our “men-of-god” can hear and change for salvation sake.

  • Everything is in order except gay.Gay is evil and should be condemned,lest the Almighty God,The Unmovable Mover,move the world into destruction as in the era of soddom &gormora.

  • I look like the devi,l but i know jesus is God more than you all who claim holier than thou. Well speech charly boy

  • Am so proud of u man,if not for any other good tin atleast for standing up for the truth…….am not saying this for anybody to change but for the end to justify the means period.have we not been decieved enough???…….making money for decievers to spendz.

  • Charlie Boy! Chalie Boy !! Chalie Boy… I no know say u get sence like this ooooooooh, very nice one except the gay stuff. That’s evil and It will never be advocated or encouraged. In NIGERIA

  • Gay stuff or not,well d bible made it clear to us dat @ 1corinthians 6 vs 9-10,fornicators,homosexuality & all sorts of uncleanness,greediness will not inherit Gods do not deceive ur self ! U dat is calling homosexuality d only grevious sin,all sinners will be annihilated ,so repent & stop deceiving urself!

  • May Gods Grace be continually sufficient for u dear Pope Francis!

    As long as d Pope says- he’s not in position to judge anybody, let our conscience judge us. So, whoever is going against the teachings of Our Lord JeSuS Christ, should try his best to re align himself with the message of salvation!

  • Read 1 corinthians 6 vs 9-10.both unrighteousness,greediness,fornicators,idolaters,thieves,greedy person,adulterers,men kept 4 unnatural purposes,homosexuals,revilers,extortioners will not inherit Gods kingdom. Do not be misled thinking its only Gay dat is devious sin.all sinners are going down to one place & dat is Gods wrath on dis wicked system of things. Be wise & repent! Gods kingdom is @ hand!!!

  • “So once again the church is attempting to evolve in order to keep up with the rest of civilization. That is how a religion survives. Its belief has to be flexible enough to stay somewhat relevant to current or the public will abandon it.”



  • you just beating about the man!, at last we shall know who you people are, your pop and you are of the same shoes so, stop doing this great deceptiveness to the people

  • to u guys dat find it hard to understand simple english, help me differentiate btw the two:

    1.God loves the sinner but hates sin and

    2. the pope loves homosexuals but hates homosexuality

  • Homosexualism is a sin, likwise other sins. Nt only doz dt do them, but also doz dt hav pleasure in dem dt do them. Be prepared! D Lord’s comin is at hand!

  • The Pope is not trying to support homosexuality, afterall who is he to judge Mathew 7:1-2. If Jesus Christ love sinners who are u to conderm them.
    Come to think of it those of u that are calling homosexuals sinners, do u want to tell me that u don’t sin. That lie, grudges, cheating, fornication, gossip, jelousy, corrupt communication, stealing, drunkenness, hatred wrath etc u call little things are sins and God detest them.Galatians 5:19-26, Ephesians 4:17-32 . Incase u don’t know, a person who is practicing those things metioned above and gay are in d same position before God because both are sin and no sin is graeter than the other. And remember Christ never came for the righteous but for the sinners. So my friends, God loves evrybody with an everlasting love Jeremiah 31:3 he only hates the sin.

  • education wl 4eva govan pple perish becus of lak of knwlage.exatly wht christ did on d cros wt a theif is wht d pope is sayin 4 those dat undanstand be wise n educatd is gud shaa

  • For the sake of clarity, I present to you the both translations of July 29, 2013, Monday — A memorable press conference

    Pope Francis gave a memorable press conference yesterday on the airplane which brought him back from Brazil to Rome.

    Speaking to journalists for about 80 minutes, Francis was startlingly candid on many issues, but his remarks on homosexuality, priests with homosexual tendencies, and a “gay lobby” in the Vatican, raised the most eyebrows.

    The Pope’s remarks were quickly were reported in hundreds of media outlets and web sites around the world. So there is nothing “new” in what I am sending here. But some of you may not have had the full context of these remarks, so it seems useful to send on to you an email sent out on behalf of the Vatican Press Office by Father Tom Rosica, of the Salt and Light Television Network of Toronto, Canada, which gives the full text of this portion of the Pope’s remarks.

    One “takeaway” from the Pope’s remarks is that Pope Francis continues to support Monsignor Battista Ricca as his choice (the appointment was announced on June 15) to be the Prelate of the Vatican’s “bank” (the Institute for Religious Works, or IOR).

    Since then, a series of recent articles by Italian Vaticanist Sandro Magister, who writes for Itlay’s l’Espresso magazine, have alleged that Ricca’s file was “sanitized” by Vatican superiors friendly to him, and that allegedly damaging reports on Ricca’s behavior 12 and 13 years ago in Uruguay, when Ricca served in the Vatican nunciature in Montevideo, were removed. Magister has presented the content of some of these allegedly removed reports, and more than once has suggested in print that Francis would now decide to remove Ricca in the light of this new information. But the Pope, answering a direct question about the matter, said he has examined Ricca’s file and still supports Ricca.

    Also, Pope Francis said in the interview that the date for the canonization of Blessed Pope John Paul II has not been set. He said there are concerns that Polish pilgrims may find Polish roads in December “too icy” to travel on safely. One date being considered is November 27, 2013, a bit earlier than a December date, and another is the Feast of Divine Mercy in the spring of 2014.

    Here is the email circulated by Father Rosica:


    Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    In response to many messages and calls earlier today regarding Pope Francis’ meeting with journalists aboard the return flight to Rome from Rio de Janeiro last night, I have received the full working transcript of his remarks from Fr. Lombardi.

    Since most of your questions relate to his response to the question about Monsignor Ricca and the gay lobby, I have done a working translation of the question and the full answer of the Pope.

    I have also included the original Italian transcription and the full paragraph from the Catechism of the Catholic Church on homosexuality to which the Pope referred.

    The powerful and deeply moving visit of Pope Francis to Brazil last week left a deep and lasting impression upon this country as well as on the continent and the entire world. We encountered in the Bishop of Rome a shepherd “who knows the odor of his sheep,” a bearer of hope and peace, and an extraordinary pastoral model of tenderness and mercy.

    He stressed the necessity of mercy throughout his visit, and reached out to so many people on the peripheries of society.

    This was especially evident through his visit to the favela, the hospital and drug rehabilitation centre for young people, the meeting with young prisoners, the concern for the sick, and for young people who are broken.

    He also showed how much he stands in solidarity with those living in extreme poverty and struggling for justice and peace.

    His comments on the plane, particularly about the divorced and remarried, women, and homosexuals must be read and understood through the lenses of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, the outreach and concern of the Church for those on the fringes, and the mercy, tenderness and forgiveness of a pastor who walks among his people.

    The Question to Pope Francis from Ilse, a journalist on the Papal flight

    Ilse: I would like to ask permission to pose a rather delicate question. Another image that went around the world is that of Monsignor Ricca and the news about his personal life. I would like to know, your Holiness, what will be done about this question. How should one deal with this question and how does your Holiness wish to deal with the whole question of the gay lobby?

    The Pope’s Answer

    [Pope Francis’s response:] Regarding the matter of Monsignor Ricca, I did what Canon Law required and did the required investigation. And from the investigation, we did not find anything corresponding to the accusations against him. We found none of that. That is the answer.

    But I would like to add one more thing to this: I see that so many times in the Church, apart from this case and also in this case, one looks for the “sins of youth,” for example, is it not thus? And then these things are published. These things are not crimes. The crimes are something else: child abuse is a crime.

    But sins, if a person, or secular priest or a nun, has committed a sin and then that person experienced conversion, the Lord forgives and when the Lord forgives, the Lord forgets and this is very important for our lives.

    When we go to confession and we truly say “I have sinned in this matter,” the Lord forgets and we do not have the right to not forget because we run the risk that the Lord will not forget our sins, eh? This is a danger. This is what is important: a theology of sin.

    So many times I think of St. Peter: he committed one of the worst sins denying Christ. And with this sin they made him Pope. We must think about fact often.

    But returning to your question more concretely: in this case [Ricca] I did the required investigation and we found nothing. That is the first question.

    Then you spoke of the gay lobby. Agh… so much is written about the gay lobby. I have yet to find on a Vatican identity card the word gay. They say there are some gay people here. I think that when we encounter a gay person, we must make the distinction between the fact of a person being gay and the fact of a lobby, because lobbies are not good. They are bad. If a person is gay and seeks the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge that person? The Catechism of the Catholic Church explains this point beautifully but says, wait a moment, how does it say, it says, these persons must never be marginalized and “they must be integrated into society.”

    The problem is not that one has this tendency; no, we must be brothers, this is the first matter. There is another problem, another one: the problem is to form a lobby of those who have this tendency, a lobby of the greedy people, a lobby of politicians, a lobby of Masons, so many lobbies. This is the most serious problem for me. And thank you so much for doing this question. Thank you very much!

    Original transcript in Italian

    (Ilse) Vorrei chiedere il permesso di fare una domanda un po’ delicata: anche un’altra immagine ha girato un po’ il mondo, che è stata quella di mons. Ricca e delle notizie sulla sua intimità. Vorrei sapere, Santità, cosa intende fare su questa questione? Come affrontare questa questione e come Sua Santità intende affrontare tutta la questione della lobby gay?

    (Papa Francesco): Quello di mons. Ricca: ho fatto quello che il Diritto Canonico manda a fare, che è la investigatio previa. E da questa investigatio non c’è niente di quello di cui l’accusano, non abbiamo trovato niente di quello. Quella è la risposta. Ma io vorrei aggiungere un’altra cosa su questo: io vedo che tante volte nella Chiesa, al di fuori di questo caso ed anche in questo caso, si va a cercare i “peccati di gioventù”, per esempio, no?, e questo si pubblica. Non i delitti, eh? I delitti sono un’altra cosa: l’abuso sui minori è un delitto. No, i peccati. Ma se una persona, laica o prete o suora, ha fatto un peccato e poi si è convertito, il Signore perdona e quando il Signore perdona, il Signore dimentica e questo per la nostra vita è importante. Quando noi andiamo a confessarci e diciamo davvero “Ho peccato in questo”, il Signore dimentica e noi non abbiamo il diritto di non dimenticare, perché abbiamo il rischio che il Signore non si dimentichi dei nostri [peccati] eh? E’ un pericolo quello. Quello è importante: una teologia del peccato. Tante volte penso a San Pietro: ha fatto uno dei peggiori peccati, che è rinnegare Cristo, e con questo peccato lo hanno fatto Papa. Dobbiamo pensare tanto.

    Ma tornando alla Sua domanda più concreta: in questo caso, ho fatto l’ivestigatio previa e non abbiamo trovato. Questo è la prima domanda. Poi, Lei parlava della lobby gay: mah… si scrive tanto della lobby gay. Io ancora non ho trovato mi dia la cartella d’identità in Vaticano con “gay”. Dicono che ce ne sono. Credo che quando uno si trova con una persona così, deve distinguere il fatto di essere una persona gay dal fatto di fare una lobby, perché le lobby tutte non sono buone. Quello è il cattivo. Se una persona è gay e cerca il Signore e ha buona volontà, ma chi sono io per giudicarla? Il catechismo della Chiesa cattolica spiega tanto bello questo, ma dice, Aspetta un po’, come si dice…e dice “non si devono emarginare queste persone per questo, devono essere integrate in società”. Il problema non è avere questa tendenza, no: dobbiamo essere fratelli, perché questo è uno, ma se c’è un altro, un altro, il problema è fare lobby di questa tendenza o lobby di avari, lobby di politici, lobby dei massoni, tante lobby. Questo è il problema più grave per me. E La ringrazio tanto per aver fatto questa domanda. Grazie tante!

    From the Catechism of the Catholic Church

    2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition.

    On behalf of Fr. Federico Lombardi and the Holy See Press Office, thank you for your continued interest and collaboration.

    • If the pope can’t tell the world the truth then I am ashamed because the standards of God are high and cannot be compromised.what is not good is not GOOD.charlie boy said the doctrine should be amended to fit current social trends and people are commending him for speaking so foolishly about the things of God.being a GAY is a sin,if the pope can’t spell it out the check him very well.other popes’ in the past opposed this act and if find out very well the last pope objected to this act and was played out to say on health grounds.

      • @Marcrane,
        Please read the original statement of the Pope freely given to the public through the Vatican Press and brought to us once again by Bern Dix Obi….to understand what the Holy Father said, he made his stands clear both from the scripture, the catechism, and his personal conviction…He never supported the gay movement but rather talked about repentance and reconciliation

        “….But sins, if a person, or secular priest or a nun, has committed a sin and then that person experienced conversion, the Lord forgives and when the Lord forgives, the Lord forgets and this is very important for our lives.

        When we go to confession and we truly say “I have sinned in this matter,” the Lord forgets and we do not have the right to not forget because we run the risk that the Lord will not forget our sins, eh? This is a danger. This is what is important: a theology of sin.

        So many times I think of St. Peter: he committed one of the worst sins denying Christ. And with this sin they made him Pope. We must think about fact often….

        and from the Catechism of the Catholic Church
        “2358 The number of men and women who have deep-seated homosexual tendencies is not negligible. This inclination, which is objectively disordered, constitutes for most of them a trial. They must be accepted with respect, compassion, and sensitivity. Every sign of unjust discrimination in their regard should be avoided. These persons are called to fulfill God’s will in their lives and, if they are Christians, to unite to the sacrifice of the Lord’s Cross the difficulties they may encounter from their condition”.

        What then do you not understand?

  • How i wish we Nigerians can really take our tym 2 study n undastand d main concept of d bible. D bible says Jugde nt so d@ yea may nt b jugded n yet some of us luk @ odas in d face n call dem sinners. U d@ feel odas ar sinners or homosexuals ar sinners, ar u righteous? Wot hv u done within ur power 2 make dis ppu change?
    D best u cud do is 2 call ppu sinners, u ar even referin 2 d POPE as a compromiser!!! If only u knw d implication! Jx pray 4 ur own salvation n pray 4 those whom ur prayer can make impact on n leave d rest 2 God… May d gud Lord hv his way in our hearts AMEN!!!

  • Well,judge nt 4 u shal b judged, sayin dis specifically to protestants…dnt be glad becos a pope says salvation is for all….john10:32 if u dnt gather wit him,u scatter….its either u r 4 him or against Him…u must be in d one true church to be saved…colosians1:8,….vatican II is nt d true catholic,it has deviated frm d cath faith…..d bible made it clear,d wil be deceived even d ‘elect’ matt24:4- …needless to say dat d devil wont come in d shape of devil,bt in an angelic form…DNT BE DECEIVED…..

  • Nice stuff, we are not to judge but to pray for peoples repentance. I pray that God Almighty should give me the Grace to live a life like Christ, life worthy of emulation which will draw souls to God. Let us look into our lives as Christians and see if we are better than those we judge and condemned, cos some of us are worst. CharlY boy letter is an open challenge to everyone that professes Christ. CAN U COME DOWN FROM UR SO CALLED ACCLAIMED POSITION AND REACH OUT TO PEOPLE WITH LOVE.? OR DO U TELL THEM THAT THEIR SINS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THEIR SITUATION. Search urself before judging others.

    • My good friend, well said.As for Charlie boy,I think this letter has suddenly and completely changed everything I know about him.Thanks

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  • why not tell it as it is…The lord is coming not soon,tomorow or nxt NOW.its d final warning..Turn from your evil ways..y perish in hell when u can enjoy in paradise for eternity..the tins of dis world decieve us..its not too late we hav a second chance nd he ll accept us if we turn 2 him.he is our creator dats y he is bothered..just like evri parent who wont want their child to perish so does God feel..i plead with you all Change…no sin is 2 great 4 him 2 forgive…

  • Can God change His standard because of man’s civilization? Did He change His standard because of Sodomite? Absolutely no! How will He change His standard because of our our civilization? Do not deceive yourselves God cannot be mocked.

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  • Deception and Conspiracy 2 control ur Minds,they’re make d bad 2 sound good somtin like craze man wit new clothes.

  • Nice leter from Charly boy. The Lord is ur strenght our Pop. U re always covered with the word of God in the book of Psalm 105:15.

  • Charley, ua really inspired by d Spirit to come up wth performance record of d serving Pontiff,in person of Pope Francis.Hope for domestication of all u raised by our worldly empire bishops/pastors in Niaja . He who has ear , let him listen to what Charley says!

  • Charly Boy – a Catholic by birth, in his open letter titled Dear Francis , said he’s head over heels in love with the pontiff due to many wonderful leadership qualities.

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