[PHOTO] I Had Four Accidents A Year After Relocating To Nigeria –JJC

Just last month, hip-hop artiste, JJC, was involved in a ghastly motor accident. Unknown to many, that was one of the many accidents the artiste had been involved in since he relocated to Nigeria from London over a year ago.


The artiste explained to Saturday Beats that his current single, Show me love, was as a result of his experiences. JJC said that the accidents made him appreciate life more.

He said, “A lot of people don’t know but my new song, Show me love, was recorded and had its video done about two weeks ago. As soon as that accident occurred, my life changed. My way of life changed. I realised that I have been fortunate enough to live out 15 years of my dream. Imagine doing what you love for a living, every single day. I sing, rap, write songs and shoot music videos. That is why my song is Show me love. I am saying thank you to my family and fans. I would not have had the opportunity to say it if I had died.

“Now I have finally said it, we have to go everywhere. I want to see all the people that have been showing me love. It really changed my life; I go to church more often, I love my life more. Normally, you take everything for granted but not anymore. Right now, I am the happiest person and I appreciate everything the more.”

Born Abdul Rasheed Bello, the multi-talented act, who is most known in the UK as the producer and creator of the award winning group, Big Brovas, said he believes God is with him.

“Just before we did the ‘African Skank’ video, I was in the bath and I slipped and hit my head on the wall. There was a metal pipe that was sticking out of the wall and my head hit it. It cut my head open, but that did not stop me. I was rushed to the hospital. At the shoot of the video, I almost had a fatal accident as I was doing a stunt, I almost cracked my head open again. Recently we went to Benin, on our way back, a truck literally almost took us off the road. For some weird reasons, the driver slowed down and the truck swerved into a ditch. We had a lucky escape; Tunde Ednut was with us then.

“About three weeks ago, I was driving, I was at a T-junction and a lorry with failed brakes went straight to the side of the car and took us to the other side of the street. Although another car was coming towards us, we somehow survived it. Trust me, now I over believe that God is with me. Since then, I have been pushing my music out. Why keep them? I push them out before people begin to say I was planning to die. We are releasing everything now.”

Source: Vanguard