PHOTO: Why I Don’t Have Mercy On Policemen – Notorious Armed Robber

A wanted robbery suspect, Abiodun Ogunjobi, aka Abbey Godogodo, who was said to have been terrorising the South-West for some time, has been arrested by the Lagos State Police Command.


According to police authorities, the suspect led the gang that killed seven people, including the owner of 04 Hotel, Ajah, Lagos, Olanrewaju Subair, on July 7, 2013.

They also killed two other security guards at a popular hotel along Apapa Road, Ebute Meta area of the state on the same day.

The suspect, who was paraded on Thursday, told PUNCH Metro that he killed many policemen, adding that he had been into robbery for over 10 years and had built houses.

Ogunjobi said, “I started robbery in 1996 but in 1999, I was charged for fighting. I spent about seven years in prison. My prolonged stay in prison for minor crime of fighting hardened me and I vowed to pay back the police for that injustice. After I was released, I went to Katangowa in Iyana-Ipaja area of Lagos to meet my friend, Odun.

“Odun was an armed robber, so, we started operating together. We worked with several gangs and I invested lots of my money in arms buying. I also built five houses in Ifo, Ilaro, Ikorodu and Ibadan.

I usually kill policemen and take their rifles because policemen have killed several of my boys and taken most of my rifles from them.

“I have no regrets for all I have done. I have no advice for young people, who want to become armed robbers like me. I have three children from three women. The police should take all my properties.”

The 36-year-old suspect was arrested by men of the Special Anti-Robbery Squad at his home in the Egbeda area of Ibadan, Oyo State, after he had been monitored for three weeks.

Policemen attached to SARS, said the suspect narrowly escaped arrest on July 14, 2013 when he and members of his gang engaged SARS operatives in a shoot-out along Eko Bridge, Lagos Island, after they killed two policemen at Ebute-Ero and Ajao Estate respectively.

According to police authorities, the suspect had been evading arrest because he hardly used the same gang members twice.

A police source said, “He is the most notorious armed robber we have had in the South-West in the past 14 years.

“We arrested him 11am on Thursday at his mansion at the Olowu area of Egbeda LGA Ibadan Oyo State and recovered two AK47 rifles and 10 loaded AK47 magazines in his house.

“Godogodo has killed many policemen and civilians. His most recent activity was at Ajah, where he killed the owner of 04 Hotel and eight others, including two policemen few weeks ago. He has also led several bank robberies in Kwara, Ogun, Osun, Ekiti and Oyo states.”

The Commissioner of Police, Umar Manko, described the suspect as a notorious criminal, who had been on the radar of the police for some time.

He said the suspect would be given medical treatment and charged to court.

Source: Punch Nigeria


  1. This evil Yoruba tribe will never stop terrorising and giving this country a bad name. I hate yoruba men and women because they are so devilish, they pretend to be good while they are the worst set of people in Nigeria. All the news of robberry always involve Yoruba them. Imqgine crimes a human being committed and they know nd live with this criminals.Bastards! Ishe Allah we’ll edge u out of our northern lands.

    • Ahmed Sani may God forgive you. There is no tribe in this country that has no case like this, even as you are, can you tell me you’ve not steal before? So you better watch what you are saying.

    • Ahmed Sanni , you must be a big fool , are you not the master planner of evil in this country ? You better watch your tongue or you have that served in a dish for you roasted .

  2. I see, some ppl give themselves fake names in social media to incite haterade and rancor. Imagine this Ahmed Sani; is a bluff. Someone hiding under a Hausa name, makes anti Yoruba comment just to cause confusion. Read his post carefully he’s not a Hausa man. God is with the truthful.

  3. Ahmed Sani, your contribution doesn’t show that you’re enlightened at all. I’m sorry to write this way. The reason why there is a word ‘ barawo’ in Hausa language is because you have thieves among your people. There is no tribe that doesn’t have such set of People. Know this, in Ojoo Area of Ibadan by the end of Iwo Road, where the Hausa people use to disturd traffic with their truks (trailers), most of the Hausa guys in that area are terrorising the place almost everyday with armed robbery and you will hear them speaking Hausa language. That was the reason why my MD have to pack away from the environment to a safer place. How will you feel, if somebody see you as an Hausa man and call you a ‘boko haram’ member? So,change your orientation. Don’t stereotype. It is not about tribe but personality. Give matured comment,not sentiment. There are good & bad Yorubas, good & bad Igbos and there are good & bad Hausas. Likewise, you find in every other tribes all over the world. God bless you my brother.

  4. Ahmed Sani u re a moron, stop causing trouble here better take ur fake trouble to ur evil family..both yorubas and hausas and igbos are very good people so shame unto u d devil.. u are writing fake name to incite trouble, barawo kawai

  5. all yorubas are thieves, all igbos are thieves, all hausa are thieves, non is exempted… it is ‘by what magnitude’ that makes the difference. for instance ahmed is a thief by his magnitude

  6. Pls stop insulting d guy is just dat d guy was not properly educated dat thives can cum frm any tribe in NIGIERIA may GOD has mercy on the soul of the young man I believe all d thing d guy do was all becos of bad leaders will have in the country

  7. Ahmed Sanni is a fool. He has forgotten dat Yoruba pple are d best in d area of conventional attitude. No tribe dat doesn’t rob & their is no tribe dat doesn’t steal. Ahmed Sanni is also a thief. Even d so called Police men are thieves. It is only God dat knows a good person.
    I think their is no need to fight one another in as much we’re one family.


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