PHOTOS: Check Out All The Exotic Cars Late Prophet Ajanaku Left Behind After His Death

Prophet Ireti Ijanaku, the late General Overseer of Christ Revival Victory Chapel International who recently passed away left behind 10 exotic cars.


The spiritual father of Tope Alabi who was extremely rich, also left behind an all-white mansion located at Ipaja in Lagos.

See more of his cars and what he said about acquiring exotic cars below

Prophet Ajanaku to City People before he died…

“A lot of people who know me believe I don’t have a life and I am mysterious. That is why I decided I would also have a hobby which is my love for exotic cars.

I did that purposely so that everyone will be convinced I also have good taste like every other person. The kind of nature I have doesn’t value anything. So my love for cars is intentional. It is not a crime to drive exotic cars.


Source: LIB


  1. Only God Almigthy knows His reall worshipers. I seek refuge with God away from the accursed and forsaken one (satan)………Amen

  2. Majority of these so-called men of God, who people run to for spiritual help also run to Satan for temporary solutions with which to make u do their biddings. They only use God’s name & christian mode of worship to convince u into believing them.

  3. It always pains me a lot,wenever i heard a sheperd dat is mislaeding d sheep,but notwitstanding sha God hav said it in his world dat nt all d people call me Lord,lord we see or inherit d kingdom of God

  4. Spiritual father ?. THE MAN DIED and left ten exotic cars and one known white house, no jet plane with majority of members dying of hunger. S P I R I T U A L V A N I T Y .

  5. What pain me most is that if some1 wish to do money ritual, he/she should do and let the entire world know….hmmmmm God knows better sa


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