PROPHET AJANAKU’S DEATH: Tope Alabi Finally Speaks Out

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Gospel singer, Tope Alabi who has kept mum on the death of her ertswhile prophet has finally spoken out.


It was reported that Tope Alabi’s ertswhile prophet, Ajanaku passed on Saturday evening and the late cleric was Tope Alabi’s spiritual father until they both parted ways.

Tope Alabi who is currently on a missionary journey to Canada heard the news that Prophet Ajanaku was dead and she is saddened that they could not settle their dispute before his death.

In her words:

”I am currently in Canada where I am ministering and will go to New York from here. I was sad when I heard the story and it saddened me that we didn’t settle before his demise. If I had known, we would have sorted out our differences’

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  1. That is not good for his(the pastor)eternal destination. And for the singer, she had grudges against her fellow and went on a ministration journey. I laugh. God does not accept such a ministration and it is a huge task on her if she is going to make heaven. God cannot be deceived. Go and restitute your ways before you can do any service for God. Failing to do so, consider all your services futile. Dont get angry with me, it is just what Jesus taught and we must follow only if we want to be His disciples.

    • @ Ogunlade toyin, I quite believe u don’t follow the story. Ajanaku is a cultist not a prophet, so I suggest u get full update of the storrry.

  2. Are you gospeller or just a singer? Who sings to make money and not to win soul. Many will come to me on that day, saying, I did these in your name, preached in your name but I will say unto them depart from me. Na waa for our so called ‘Gospel Musicians” who minister for the sake of money. Missionary journey really when you are not in good term with your fellow man, even your pastor? toooo, OLORUN se O nwo ohun ti won so igbagbo da?

  3. The bible says dat if any man bring an offering in2 d house of God & he notiiced dat he has something against anyone he should put it down nd go nd setle wt his felow b4 presenting it.. So talkless of ministering 2 win life, i want 2 ask who gave her d word she’s goin 2 say or it is self ministrtn. such a ministration cnt b acepted b4 God it is just a waste. bt who am i 2 judge oda mans servant? GOD knws d 1 dat is serving him.

  4. the truth is that Tope hace not answered Late Ajanaku’s questions as to how she got her children and also she should realise that if you dobt make your ways right with God, all your services is in vain. the world is waiting

  5. Pls what if she tries settling d issue before she travelled and d man of God is still admant ? Should the Gospel Tour stop ? Pls Judge not I knw this matter is beyond all we can hear .

  6. Who knws if dey’re truly fighting or she’s just sayin dat cos the prophet was reported to be a cult member? And she said it saddened her cos dey didn’t settle xo definately she kept and nurture d grudges while on ministration journey…ilaff. Just sayin tho n who am I to judge sum1 like her.

  7. The question need to be asked: who is serving God? does it mean that most of these “holier than thou pple” are simply human? it is to confirm that the bible is TRUE. JESUS the WORD of GOD. How many truely love HIM? Tope failed the test of true HUMILITY, its not my verdict but my observation of the Christ-like character in man.

  8. my fellw pple,believe not every spirit,bt try d spirits whether dey are of God:bcos many false prophet’re gone out d wrd

  9. The first three comments above are very matired and scriptural. They summarised every other comment made or that will be made!! Some of the comments here are sentimental….it’s either because you love and adore Tope Alabi or because you don’t like her. God is not a respecter of persons and He’s not partial in His judgement. Tope Alabi now has a regret to live with till she dies. It can never be corrected again till she faces God in judgement too. What will be her fate? And for the rest of us, it’s a lesson: Make amends of all your wrongs and with whoever you have wronged today because you don’t know how, when and where you will die!!! Make restitution TODAY, forgive those who wrong you NOE, call them on phone, send a text message, confess etc before it’s too late!!!!

  10. I believe tope alabi is dating the soul called pastor ajanakun may God forgive them and their sin (by somebody know’s u)

  11. D̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ should leave dis poor woman alone.. Most ☀̤̣̈̇f this pple who derive enjoyment I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ judging her,d̶̲̥̅̊ε̲̣̣̣̥γ̲̣̣̥ Α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ worst,dangerous,killers even more dangerous than satan himself.. God’ll save us!

  12. Hmmm, did Prophet Ajanaku actually talked about ‘who Tope Alabi bore childrten for”, let her answer d questions of how she got her children. Dat is wen I willl be convinced dat Tope is ftree frrom al dese allegations.

  13. most time our judgement is usually based on what we heard not what we saw.if ds is right then let us not judge but only remember dt we all wear flesh. Let any1 dt thinketh he standest take heed lest he fall. Dts y d bible didnt pik an evangelist or prophet as our standard but it says looking unto jesus d author and d finisher of our faith, let also learn 2 forgive. How often we are willing 2 4give shows how broken and humble we are. May God help us.

  14. Wat shall it profit a man 2 gain d whole world nd loose d kingdom of God? Madam tope alabi,u’ar not an evangelist but mere woman. God said judge nobody but u are a Mentor 2 anoda person,which example av u lay down?

    • Everyone go to church & we all see our pastor as our shepered.How would you know the power behind your pastor miracles.Can we blame all the members of ths church as blind members.I wont blame Tope Alabi for praising god of Ajanaku unknowingly,it can happen to anyone if your needs are met except you av a discern spirit (How many has it or pray 4 it ?).Who knows,probably Tope Alabi discovered later & efforts to reconcile the pastor to God was the causes of their misunderstanding.Pls lets leave judgement for God.Tope i pray God will lead you aright in Jesus name.Continue with your ministration & dont be dejected as men are quick in judging.Remove the logs in your “EYES”.

  15. The prayer of the righteous availeth much: let all that have commented be of one mind to pray with Tope Alabi that is still alive before it is too late, she has life, she has ministry, she should not be condemned unto death.

  16. Hmm dats y i said woshiping is nt by going 2 church but having 1 mind in relationship wit GOD ,who knws if TOPE did nt knw abt Ajanaku’s cultism do u u knw abt your pastors&prophet.remeba thou shall not judge mattew;7

  17. Judge nt only God know who is servin him bt men let stop prayin or praisin sumbody else god cal on ur own God trust urself dnt trust anybody


  19. Holy spirit of God,help us in dis sinful world that we wil nt fail u.i pray for tope alabi that if u’re stil wit God dat d lord wil uphold u bt if u’re nt dat d lord wil call u back and forgive all ur sins bcos it is nt easy to b a minister of God.

  20. Ati eni Baba ran ati eni ebi l’ede, woli osan iyen l’obi rere dats Tope’s song without knoin dat ‘kokoro to n jefo’ God have mercy with dis fake pastor nowadays

  21. mr goddy, if proph ajanaku is a cultist as u claimed , are u saying tope alabi did not know throughout thier relationship when she sing his praises or pretending! because she made fame through his anointing? tope alabi need to explain her relationship wit him & her ministration’ God is not a man!!!

  22. So many will end up sinning making comment on this issue. Be careful what you say. You don’t know who has settle what with God

  23. God ll 4gv all of us..we re all humans,it is so easy to settles scores wt a man that almost destroy ur image bcs his secret was discovered hw can a man of God stoops so low to go d press that a member begs him 4 sex.God av mercy ooooooo.

  24. When the foundation is faulty, what can the righteous do? Aunty Tope, no matter your past, God can forgive and restore you. You still have the chance bcos He still loves you, that I’m sure. Praying for you earnestly. Love you Ma

  25. All those saying she held a grudge while on ministration, u’re all so funny. NO ONE, I repeat NO ONE is without sin, including you. So get off ur high horses. We can only make heaven by God’s mercy
    and grace. Not by works. So forget the physical works. Whether she got her children ƒяσм questionable means or not she still reaches lives
    and ministers life thru her songs. Witnessing can be done in different ways, so leave her alone
    and stop being jealous by saying she sings for money. is it paper she uses to release her songs? Isn’t she making use of her money. So, you expect her not to have returns. Smh. So many devil’s children. How can you say she sings for money? Dts hypocritical! Do you eexpect her to be poor. C’mon if you don’t have anything good to say just keep shut.

  26. Let us pray for our missionaries, and pray for discerning spirit. Also every christian must be very careful in their dealings.

  27. remember dat u’l be judgd too at d last day, Tope alabi is runing her raise, is this d way u r runing ur raise? judgng a felow human being lyk u. this is d luv i hv 4 u all, pls do all it takes to become a candidate of heaven. may d LORD hep us.

  28. tope has d word and great messages are pasd thru her music but pls stop bleaching. i cant corelate it with ur music and life as a christian.

    tope ministers Gods words thru her songs but should pls stop bleaching. its ungodly.

  29. End-time is here! What about Illuminati? If you want to be famous, then you have to belong to one of those things… Ogboni or the others… Get that straight… Even so called men of God are evils, cultist, murderers, thieves, how much more an ordinary gospel singer. Think deeply my people. May God safe us all.

  30. Haaaaaaaaa! Bt dats nt fair enough 4 a man of God 2 b bearing malice against another person he would ve lived by example. Mummy(Tope Alabi) u wouldn’t ve given d devil a chance 2 allow dt 2. Bt al d same it is a lesson dt 4 evry passing moment in life try to live at peace wit all men Heb. 12 v 14

  31. pls guyz in d name of I can judge any body is anionted even if dey ar in sin, matt7 vs 1-3, nd pls face ur christainity dia iz notin dat consern u nd Pastors even if dey gone asray rember David nd saul “wu am I to touch d lord Anoted” even doe God has regected him. PLS DON’T FIGHT GOD BY SPEAKING AGAINST HIS ANOTED EVEN IF DEY AR IN SIN.


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