Rivers Govt Warns PDP Factional Chairman To Stop Disrespecting Amaechi

Rotimi-AmaechiFactional Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Rivers State, Chief Felix Obuah has been called to order by the Rivers State Government for what it describes as Obuah’s disrespect for the office of the governor.

In a statement, the Chief Press Secretary to the governor, Mr. David Iyofor, described as “most disrespectful, ridiculous and laughable,” Obuah’s plan to summon Governor Rotimi Amaechi and Minister of State for Education, Chief Nyesom Wike to a reconciliation meeting in his palace next weekend.

It would be recalled that Obuah, while speaking on Saturday at a reception in honour of Wike and the grand finale of the inauguration of the executives for Grassroots Development Initiative (GDI) in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area at the Rumueme Civic Centre, Port Harcourt, remarked that as the father of the ruling party in the state, he could not sit back and watch his children (Amaechi and Wike) fight without doing something about it.

“I want to invite the governor (Amaechi), the minister (Wike) and all aggrieved members of Ikwerre community, to be with me in my palace next weekend. Let us sit down and fashion a way forward. I will not sit down and see my children quarrelling and I will not feel concerned”, Obuah reportedly said.

However, the statement elicited a sharp rebuke from Iyofor, who said: “It’s most disrespectful and ridiculous for Felix Obuah to stand on a podium in the minister’s place and announce that he was summoning Governor Amaechi to a reconciliation meeting. Even for them, this is a new low.

“At this point and with actions like that, it has become pertinent for Rivers people to start asking questions about that young man (Obuah).

“Part of the problem with characters like Obuah and his backers and sponsors is that they have suddenly decided to forget that Governor Amaechi was overwhelmingly chosen by Rivers people, elected and mandated by the people to lead them until May 29, 2015.

“It is important that they show respect for the office and the man who occupies that office. It does not matter whether they like the face of the governor or not. Once he has been mandated by the people to lead them, they must show some respect for him and the office he occupies, which he holds in trust for the people.

“Obuah and his cohorts have been most disrespectful and have been derisively deriding the governor and the office of the governor of Rivers state. Enough is enough. They have to be called to order”, Iyofor stressed.


  1. It seems like all Rivers State government works are not ok. Somebody is volunteering to brooker peace in the state and its been seen as disrespect. May God deliver us from such evil leaders that claims to be leading us. Democracy is what we practice and not autocracy Rivers State Govt.

  2. We have a group of chronic drug addicts who
    Have found themselves in position of authority
    Through rigging of election in River State shamefully making idiotic uterances. Is the seat of the governor God? That he cannot be invited to a forum for peace talks?
    We the people of Rivers State who have suffered
    In the hands of these good for nothing dictators will hold all of you acconutable when you leave office.

  3. Please can this editor call himself to oder he is no factional chairman, He is the state party chairman, when Amaechi was asked to be sworn in by the court was he a factional governor? I will not coment on that fellow becouse he has been spoon fed, I wonder how a grown up man will see a peace talk as disrespect

  4. What ever an how ever any person or body reading this column may feel,to me,Governor Ameachi is a fool, the insult he melted to president jonathan an his family simple because he feel they are close to each other,are nothing but a fool action an thought. Amechi is rip enough in politic to handle common local governor faction in river state that he promise to serve,yet he keep running to an flow searching an enforcing problems to himself. May God heal rivers indigent from this drugs addict call governor.