Ruggedman Denies Dissing Modenine + Opens Up On His Relationship status


These days, one entertainer is dissing the other, then turns around to deny it.

We already saw that in the Wizkid and J Martins controversy.

Now veteran rapper, Ruggedman has totally denied claims that he told legendary rapper, Modenine to retire from music and face another line of making money.

In an interview with OPEOLUWANI OGUNJIMI of Vanguard newspapers when asked if he was referring to Modenine,

Ruggedman said: –

I didn’t say that to Mode 9, bloggers put up that headline from what I said generally about music and entertainers. If you ever read my story,even I said “when I started I was tired of mediocrity being celebrated and I was left with two options: either to fight for the music I love or to get another job. And I decided to fight for it,hence Ehen Part 1 featuring Nomoreloss was born. That was 2002,this is 2013.
So no beef with Mode 9?

I don’t have time for musical beef. I can do a track if it is needed to clear a wrong perception of me, but to start exchanging words with another artist at this stage? No way man!

Ruggedman also went on to reveal how romantic he can be when in a relationship. See a scenario..

You seem not to be the romantic type?

Says who? I am very romantic when I’m with the right woman. Just like love and marriage, romance isn’t something I throw around.

I remember one St. Valentine’s day. I went to see my Val but I didn’t meet her at home. I tied a rose(a real one not plastic) to her door and wrote my initials on a paper. When she returned and saw it, she knew I was the one who put it there.

The incident that made me put my romance in check happened years ago too on another St. Valentine’s day. I bought loads of gifts and fifteen cards because I don’t like getting just one. I even booked an hotel room for dinner and all. All she did was say “you shouldn’t have done all these!” She didn’t even bring me a card. After that, I put a leash on my romance. She has to be worth it before I show her that side of me.

Can’t imagine a girl doing that to almighty Ruggedman.

No. At that time, it was just the start of my career. I hadn’t even recorded Baraje.

So how do you feel having experienced the other side of love?

I learnt that life goes on no matter what, and you need to know who you do things for.

Does that mean you don’t have anyone in your life?

Right now I don’t have anybody in my life. It’s been my work and me for a while now. Although it feels somehow sometimes, especially when I see couples out and about . But I find solace with the thought that the right person is out there for me.

So it means wedding bells isn’t ringing any time soon?

I guess so but I’m very happy it’s ringing for others and I pray their union stands the test of time.

But is it so hard to find the right woman?

I guess it is sometimes especially now that vanity rules. You find it hard knowing she is with you for you or your status.


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