Say It Loud: I’m Fat And I’m Proud: Eniola Badmus In New Photo

Eniola Badmus is not a new face in Nollywood, the large size actress has recently come under fire from critics and fans due to her massive size.

Apparently, the charismatic actress doesn’t seem to care what they think.

Eniola has even decided to rob it in the face of her fans and critics as she shared the above photo of herself.


Eniola is fat and proud…….What do you think??


  1. My dear Eniola, you are big not fat (being called fat is an insult). I like you because you are big, bold, pretty and smart. You wear your size of clothes which makes you appear trendy unlike some skinny assholes that wear rags all in the name of being trendy in style. Your kind of clothing tells were you came from, whom you are and how well you’ve trained yourself. I am proud of you GIRL keep it up!!!

  2. I read most of the comments here and i do not have an issue to the way you feel, but to say God made her Fat i really do not agree, being fat is eating too much period, you don get fat feeding on air and water
    She eats too much period


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