Several Cops Killed In Kaduna As Gunmen Raid Police Station

boko-haramA yet-to be ascertained number of police officers were earlier today killed in a raid on a police station in Kaduna by gunmen suspected to be members of the Islamist sect, Boko Haram.

According to a police source who witnessed the attack, the gunmen stormed Kajuru Police Station, situated in Maraban Kajuru, Kajuru local government area along Kaduna-Kachia Road in the predominantly christian southern parts of the state at about 11.30pm and overpowered the policemen on duty using superior fire power before they freed all the suspected criminals detained there.

Already, State Police Commissioner, Olufemi Adenaike is said to have gone for on the spot assessment of the attack scene to check the level of damages and verify the number of officers killed or injured.




  1. Police.How now?Have you seen it now?The Police is more of friends to the criminals than they are to the law abiding civil populace.They are always behaving like an occupying force in enemy teritory to Nigerians.Infact the Police is now more of a cult than an institution.Nigerian Police is the worst in the whole world.I bet if there is a trophy to be won for corruption unlike the world cup that have always eluded us Nigerian Police will always win it back to back always.Shame!They are always distracted by their quest for bribery,extortion,intimidation,armed robbry(yes they are also into robbery),distortion of facts and truth,bullying of the helpless and the lowly,killing of the innocent,corruption, false incrimination,lies and other vices.While neglecting what they are suppose to do and that is security.That is why they can not meet up with challenges including that of Boko Harram.Untill they become a disciplined force more of such calamities await them not only in the North but everywhere.

  2. @Whatchout Bros u talk true, na true u talk,ur talk no be lie na reality.
    I wonder y thier is police in this life.
    Any way they are good in what they can do(Bribery,robbery etc).
    Any body way like police now,make e’no worry e’go still hate them. Police cannever ever rever be trusted even for hand shake.