SHOCKING: Swallowed Fisherman Fighting His Way Out Of Shark (Video)

It’s a photo that never fails to shock new visitors to an Australian pub. A man swallowed by a shark has managed to force his arm through the creature’s gills and is desperately stabbing it.


Desperate fight for survival? A picture appears to show a man swallowed whole by a shark frantically trying to release himself by forcing his arm through the creature’s gills and stabbing it in the head.

Presumably still alive inside the shark’s stomach, he is able to plunge the knife into the its head in a desperate fight for survival.

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In fact the photo has proved to be quite stomach-churning for all who see it for the first time when they walk into the Metung Hotel, in the Gippsland region of Victoria. But all is not as it seems.

The unnamed fisherman did catch the shark and he did end up in its stomach. But first he made sure the shark was very dead before he gutted it and then crawled inside its body to prepare for a prank photo that would be taken by one of his friends.

The dramatic part came when he then pushed his tattooed arm out through the shark’s gills and pretended to be fighting for his life by stabbing the killer fish in the head.

Locals, said radio host John Burns of Melbourne’s 3AW, who was sent a copy of the photo, refer to the fisherman as the Shark Slayer.

“This fellow has decided as a jape to climb inside the shark with a knife, put his hand through the gills of the shark and pretended to stab it between the eyes,”Mr Burns told his listeners today.

He then went on to describe the reaction of one pair of visitors.

“An American couple have turned up at the Metung Hotel to see this photo (on the wall) and their immediate response from the wife was “Did he survive?” said Mr Burns.

The fisherman happened to be standing behind the couple at the time. Although his response is not known, the Americans might have had the shock of their lives if he’d said: “Yes, I did!”

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Source: Dailymail


  1. Ain’t no mystery. This is some fake shit. A shark does’nt eats it’s prey whole. It’s teeth are serated and kills before it’s prey is swallowed.

  2. I trusted ur news b4 but this days u pple take us for granted is bad, u pple shld amend ur ways. Shark don’t swallow humans alive they bit them…. Enough of dis lies

  3. The picture is not real it as been photoshopped and i thick any reasonable man will no that a shake can swallow a grownup man whole cos shakes by size dont have enough room for such.

  4. Why can’t u people read the story and understand it very well before you start to crucify information ? The shark was dead before the man entered it to pose for pictures by his friend. Not that the shark was still alive! Pls. Let’s be patience in whatever we do before we rush to conclusion. That’s how most of the candidates fail woefully in English language exams! Thanks

  5. you guys read news from behind, he shark was dead already b4 the man entered inside so his frnd can take a photo. haba cnt u understand simple English

  6. It would be recalled that the Lagos State Government has already warned that their will be an ocean surge and residents leaving close to the beach should vacate the area for now.

    While some residents took to the Lagos State Government’s advice, others did not rather they stayed back ignoring the danger involved.

  7. does fish swallow human from leg? every1 knwz dat shark wil cut u first b4 eating, hw can 1 survive INSIDE SHARK’S BELLY!!!… well dats is poor editing, do more practicing b4 publishing ur computer work.


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