Soldiers Beat Policeman To A Pulp In Delta

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file photo

Soldiers on Monday, in Koko, Warri North Local Government Area of Delta State attacked and injured police officers from Delta State Police Command, who were on escort duty with the state Commissioner for Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Anthonia Ashiedu.

A police corporal who drove one of the police vehicles, was beaten to a bloody pulp by the soldiers for allegedly blaring siren in the premises of the Warri North Local Government Council, which is close to a military outpost. He fainted in the process and was rushed to the hospital for medical attention.

Sources say junior police police officers were planning a showdown with soldiers in the state, as they said it has become a tradition for them to attack police officers in the state without justifiable reasons.

Confirming the attack, State Commissioner of Police, Mr. Ikechukwu Aduba, said the soldiers accused the police officers of blaring siren inside the secretariat of the council.

“It is sheer brutality. I have reported the matter to the Inspector General of Police and contacted army authorities in the state, but they said they did not authorize the assault.

“They told us that there is no bad blood, but there is bad blood. Why did they attack fellow uniformed men in such a manner in the course of their duty? We are making a formal report on the incident.

“My stand is that the soldiers responsible for this attack should be fished out and made to face the music.”

“The police officers from the B’ Operations Department of the Delta State Police Command were on escort duty with the Commissioner for Poverty Alleviation, Dr. Anthonia Ashiedu. It was an empowerment programme for the less privileged by the state government and because she was carrying some money for the programme, they requested police escort,” a source told Vanguard.

“As it is usual on such occasion, the siren was on when they entered the premises of Warri North Local Government Coucil and about eight soldiers came from a nearby outpost and asked the police driver, Corporal Ekome, to frog-jump.

“The police officer that led the team came to tell the soldiers that they should stop the confrontation, but the soldiers attacked him, seized his rifle and tore the button on his uniform.

“With the atmosphere charged, more soldiers joined their colleagues and insisted that the police driver must frog-jump, which he resisted.

“The soldiers descended on him, ignoring the appeal from other police officers to stop creating a bad impression of Nigeria security officials in the eyes of the public.

“Some of the policemen wanted to retaliate, but were prevailed upon by the crowd, which watched the show of shame with dismay.

“The commissioner was shocked by the incident as she stood watching without knowing what to make out of the ugly show of power,” the source said.

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  1. Hnmmmm. What a mighty God! The evil that men do lives with them, they shud have beat all of them to coma coward men who go about harassing innocent citizens. I wants such to happen in Lagos. Uniform arm robbers, police my foot. All those police men in other part of Nig, hear me, you will not survive B/H when posted to fight terrorist in d North but the honest onses will come back unhurt.


  3. i agree with u goddy, the soldiers should have beat them to a state of coma, if not for disregardness while would the police be blurring sirren in the soldiers territory, that too bad and a sign of disrespect

  4. why shuld a commissioner police escort b blarin siren in d ist instance within d local govt sec. Complex is it 2 anounce her arrival or depart or 2 intimidate d law abidin pple, nigerian policemen or officers r known 2 b very rude & very uncultured in every aspect, I culd remembered their attached on civil defence officers who were on patrol some times in march dis yr whr policemen ambushed & opened fire on them right inside their labelled civil defence van resultin 2 d death of its two officers at ikorodu, d soldiers shuld ve beaten all those idiots blue black so dat ll dey kn dat nigeria police is a total failure & a big disgrace to nigeria, d police had failed woefully in maintain internal security i.e y we c soldiers being drafted to save d situatn soldiers r 2 defend d nation 4rm xternal aggressions nt internal security, d police shuld kn dat dey jx bloody civilians dat bear arms, dey shud nt try 2 rub shoulders wit their arch-rival wic is d military d earlier dey kn dis d beta 4 dem, police cant fight war bcause dey r nt trained & equipped 2 do so, so let dem respect d combtant regular military if nt dey ll continue to suffer worst fate it has happen & it can still happen again. would police tolerate other security agencies 2 do so in their territory capital no, so y shuld they outstep their boundary dey shuld wake up 2 realities of life.

    • No sense,just type rubbish,the government has failed u all not nigerian police.the rot in nigerian police system is to show how bad d government has failed.

  5. its boils down to illiteracy cos a refined army officer wont indulge in such show of superiority with a police officer who is on an official assignment;so many stories are heard daily of wat soldiers do to innocent civilians I once wit ness were a gentleman in the company of his girlfriend in his car was ask to come down from his car and dance the music from his car sterio bc the illiterate army officer felt it was too loud dis the guy did in presence of his woman ; the army heirachy should set up a dept to watch such acts or in the nearest future things might go out of hand

    • akpan, you talk because you know how to talk or you think you know how to speak english right, probably you are inside your house with your laptop not knowing what to do right? do you know the hazard and danger those soldiers are expose to right there at that check point, how will you feel if you are the one on that check point? a mature man drive with music very loud to your check point knowing fully well that it is against traffic laws, what was he thinking when he was approaching the check point? was he suppose to be told to turn the music down b4 reaching the check point? you are now seeing the fault of the sojas right? well, birds of the same feather flocks together. (big moouth)

  6. Multiple wrongs dont make any right anywhere; dey shld all be disciplined officers, sanity is required in all our system. SHAME!

  7. That soldier deserve double promotion because he did well.
    I wish the soldiers will do same here in portharcourt, cos it is becoming too unbearable… Oh my God you need to see how this so called police men blow siren anyhow in portharcourt. So i want the soldiers to keep it up beat them mercilessly, stupid police that don’t know their job.

      • Well, every one is entitled to his or her opinion but the fact still remains that if there is any system/body known for molestation in this country, it is but NPF. They are all rude, uncultured, arrogant… name it. If you police men want Nigerians to say good things ever again about you (which I doubt) desist from you wrong and rude acts cos I know, you Jibril, is one of them.

        It is very clear to any honest man in this country that the worst soldier is better than the best police man!!!

  8. we know the services of the soldiers to the country,but for any reason beating a fellow uniform officer in public because of ciren is totally insainity,the soldiers sometimes mistreat people and you don’t have any right if you’re with them,they tell you how to walk on the road,how to dress and the type of hair cut to keep,that is crossing their line of duty and i know most of the soldiers involved in such acts are the recruit and kadet boys

    • Really? But a uniformed man making total mess of himself in every ramification without reservation is not insanity? I know that you must be a police man. PELE!

  9. Waow! How I wish I were there to watch the disgrace disgraced!!! NPF is a big time disgrace to this country. I hate to hear that name cos their level of marginalization to ordinary men in this country is getting out of hand. What a spoilt system they are, easily bought up to take charge of any disguised criminal act going on in this country. THE NO 1 BLACK SHEEP OF THIS NATION. Kudos to you my legends, “the military men” that did this FANTASTIC job. Indiscipline is their name, please they need to be disciplined!!! BUNCH OF ILLITERATES!

    • Police and other force which one is better? Every body see police, they failed to realized that police force is better than other force in Nigeria. (1) the weapons Boko Haram are useing where is it from? They pass through borders, who are the custordians of borders? Police? Who? If customs do their job, do u think theives and terrorist will destabilizing this country? Where are the weapons from, my village? Who is to be blame for Nigeria set back? Police? Look at your senators, Govt, House members including state house members, politicians eating our collective wealth with their family alone, a man stole pension found what happen to him? Judge gave him a slap on the wrist, is that the fault of a police? Look at govt forum is that the fault of police? Check your Govt hospital is that the fault of police? What about the tertiary institutions in Nig, is police the problem? Before insulting the police check yourself, are you free? The police are not the problem. Please be sincere affter considering all this, ask yourself if police are the problems. From Edo State .

  10. all of you who are happy about this incident are insane.yes they blew siren in a local government premises,which could be quite offensive,but asking your uniformed colleague to frog-jump in front of onlookers is uncalled for.they should have told them to put off their siren instead of beating him my opinion the soldiers didnt beat him b/cos of a blaring siren,they did it to show their superiority over the policemen which is purely insane.

  11. All those who support this urgly act are senseless, what are the differences between a police and a soldier? Why should uniform men beat a uniform man? Imagine the numbers that beat up one person. Soldiers are senseless, ignorant fools. If soldiers and police have a show down will this country be peaceful? Look at what Boko Haram are doing to soldiers, they should beat up Boko Haram not a police man who is not ready for a fight. Nigeria is for all of us, we should stop man inhumanity to man. Sometimes some person parade theselves as either christians or muslim, they forget you cant love God by hateing your brothers. Those who do no have love will not be part of God’s Kingdom take note. this message is from Edo State Nigeria.

  12. In a civilized country thats a physical assault that can warrant criminal or civil charges being filed and will be adjudicated in the court of law and most often times result in hefty damage settlements.

    Are we Animals in Nigeria? Nigeria is barely a post Cave-era state struggling with a systemic collapse of law and order , and a sense of direction.

  13. I see no reason y a conscious and wise person shuld support dis disgraceful act by d soldiers. Civilians r nt left out of such molestations. If d defence HD wil continue 2b silent in such cases, Nigeria wil one day grow wild & get out of control. I see no sense in brutality, human right shuld b respectd cos no one is abv it & nobody wil eva b nomata hw highly placed.

  14. That is total bullshit! Those soldiers need to be dealt with mercilessly. That’s arrant nonsense. How could such a thing be done to a fellow uniformed man? Now tell me, if it had been the Naval officers, would the soldier ever ask any one of them to frog-jump?! Imagine what will come out of it.

  15. What we need in Nigeria is to coexist peacefuly, but in a situation were the people who ware empowered to cubed security treaght are fighten one another it make it easier for the fightee to over come the fighter, pls nigeria police and army should coexist if only they love this nation as they both sign !!!

  16. So pls we should learn from other contries and also leasson from some of them too,so that a country of a role model will not turn to model role pls let peace rain in Nigeria, as I said on my top page,coexistent is what we need,with that brother will see each other as one…

  17. ….nawa for una..what is it that NPF ar doing wrongly dat de army ar nt((de collect moni for check point,beat civilian for no just cause,even rape women in peace talk regions) is only an illiterate ll beat a citizen and also an illiterate ll suppose it…why do we av laws then…just pray that you wouldnt fall into the wicked hands of some illiterate first school leaving cert soldiers…then you ll knw that POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND

    • Frankly speaking some officers of the Nigeria police force don’t even know their right from wrong, they just act the way it pleases them, the manner they operate mostly with civilians you will wonder if there are there for themselves. Imagine an idiot who called himself a police man using a teergas on a pregnant woman simply because the lady left him for another man.

  18. ….nawa for una..what is it that NPF ar doing wrongly dat de army ar nt((de collect moni for check point,beat civilian for no just cause,even rape women in peace talk regions) is only an illiterate ll beat a citizen and also an illiterate ll suppose it…why do we av laws then…just pray that you wouldnt fall into the wicked hands of some illiterate first school leaving cert soldiers…then you ll knw that POLICE IS YOUR FRIEND…frm enugu

  19. Wht do u mean dat police and army are dsame? In which constitution? Dere is no comparison between d IG and d last recruit in d armed forces, so get dat into ur brains. B4 such a scenarior can happen, dere must b somtyn to it. Probably, dey warned dem several tyms but dey wont listen. Let me share with u what six policemen did to me. I was driving out through a very narrow and errosioned road, two cars cant drive @ dsame tym and a police hilux was forcing his way meanwhile i was almost comingout of d bad road. Jokingly i said officer na wa oh, y are u struggling dis little road with me? He smiled but two came down and was harrassing me with a touchlight findling it on my face, he even went back and picked his rifle, cauked and was pointing @ me. My wife said u dont hav to do dat he is a military man and my father is a police officer, dey said so wat, after humilliating me ppl intervened nd i left. Droped mywife and arranged my boys and went back and was told d ran as soon as i left. I swear to God, i promised myself to hunt dem, dey must pay for what dey did to me else others will pay for dere ransom. I will kill dem all blood and sand. To d soldierboys, BRAVO ZULU

    • Without the Police, no country can exist. Everyone will own a gun, the country will be a war zone – only the smartest wicked man will survive. On the issue at hand, no oganization is free of a wicked and criminally minded persons. We have heard of riot between the Police and the Army, it is alway bloody. Those who lost their lives are the civilian. Criminal do take advantage of such situation to loot/ rob because of the demise of both Army and the Police on the streets. Think of what the economy of such state will look like. I suggest that our securitymen should be granted study leave not always the normal ‘without pay’ because it discourages them from acquiring knowledge. Secondly, their rules/ policies should be reviewed. The police were able to handle the issue of boko haram better because a policeman will never wait for an order before he uses his fire arm, when he sees his life is in danger he uses it immediately without order, unlike the armies who will always wait for order. The menace of this insurgence sky rocketed when the police force was pushed asside. We all know that the Police Force is the best for any internal crises because they know the criminal hence they live with them. The challenge the police face is the fact that when criminal are arrested, one bigman ( politician) will say ” allow him to go ” or you will hear ” na governor boy leave am “. Our security men should stop this act of illitracy by fighting or beating any other security agents or civilian. If any person has committed an offense, such should be arrested and charged to court. We expect our security men to live an examplary lifestyle. The government should also look into their welfare ( salary/ pension). No plitician will prefer his son to join the police or army. These securitymen are our brother whom most them join the job because of unemployment. Security jobs are for the less priviledged ( see Immigration job saga, the number of people who applied and the ones who died), and oil jobs for big politicans children. The monies their children lavish abroad can change lives and yet the call themselve servants of the populace. Let peace reign, when security men start fighting we the ones abusedly called bloody civillian recieves their stray bullets while themselves tactically maneuver it. Do not embarrass your uniform. We will always respect your courage, because you awake while we sleep, you come to our aid when our rights are abused etc. I love you all.

  20. Those supporting what these military men did to the police officer are probably the ones staying in a military free area…Military men in Nigeria takes law into their hands…Back in the days when i was in nigeria, there was a lady that reported his son to the army because he stole #500 from her. The lady made the report to the army because she was thinking they will recover the money from the boy, but unfortunately the army shot the young little boy to death and the story ended just like that. No body was able to question them for what they did. Even the police too where silent on it cause they cant approach army barrack to make an arrest. I have witnessed so many casualties like that from the army. There was even a time a pregnant police officer was coming back late from work, then some group of army that were on patrol that night stopped her and demanded reasons why she was still outside by that time when they have made it known to every one in that locality that they should all remain at home by that time..the innocent lady responded that she is a police officer and some urgent issues in her place of work made her late.But the army didnt accept it..they beat the lady to coma..she was later rushed to the hospital but she didn’t survive. She and the little baby in her womb died. Up till now, the army officers who did that haven’t been questioned!
    Even the police too are not far from these wicked activities..Nigerian police do take laws into their hands and most of them are night criminals. Secondly, they are very rude and arrogant.
    I feel all these problems are from the government…More than 90% officers employed in the Nigerian force today were only given training on how to carry arms…Government has failed to teach them some manners and good state of mind before sending them out for duties.
    The government has to be fully blamed for all these Massacre we are facing from the Nigerian armed forces today.

  21. Bravo zulu, your nothing but mere idiot for making that useless comment.and let me warn you never you start what you cannot finish.Those police men are women until they meet men, then we see how the story will look like. because riffle does not know uniform or if it is mopol did you think that the story will be the same?I rely on one man one bullet i challange you for a battle you drunker in uniform.

  22. Thank GOD he was beaten by the soldier,police re killing inocent nigeria cos of N20 nobody talk,a police shot a young man some yrs back in ogun state when d father of desease take it up with them they said he has been dismised 3yrs later the same police was giving testimony that he got promoted, so the man raised an alarm again,u can see hw wicked many of these police are,somebody was saying here that he believe in one man one bullet,what do u think such a man will do,but i pray he will kill his family,why nig police believe in their gun is that most of them re not good when it come to exchange of blows,the way most of them cary gun show that they lack orientation, i wish soldier continue this with them, maybe they will change.

  23. soo, you changed your name thinking that i cannot smoke you out from your hiding. but i promise you that you and your entire family will die thorough mopol bullet.because i know that your a criminal. and you have come to the end of the road. I know you.

  24. may thunder fire all of them,cosz if they gets chance they insults innocents nigerians. To hell with all of them.

  25. Edo state has said it all. Police,soldiers and civilians the different still remains the mode of dressing due to the position each of them occupy,we are all nigerian citizens.the soldiers were very wrong to have attacked the police officers and we all know the government wont take any action on this issue because it has no value for its citizens and this will encourage other empty/irresponsible fools in uniform to continue behaving like canibals.

  26. Let us hear from the soldiers first because they are well trained and do not behave unruly. Why should Oga Madam blow siren because she is carrying money? Meanwhile let us pray for Nigeria that God should show us mercy.

  27. Listen to ur self talking, u site Dey wit ur mouth open to blame d police man dat was carrying out his duty. Who told u dat soldiers own is better Dan d police wen it comes to corrupt practices? If any of u fulls want to knw Hw corrupt. Are soldiers ply makudi calabar road, or ogoja abakalike road Den u will actually call police ur friend. D commissioner as carrying cash, judge d matter from dat angle. An a properly an Seine military man will never commit such act. Someone was saying dat it should have happen here in Lagos,have dat fellow not witness dat kind of act in Lagos? I have Sen a good number of soldiers desmis for asulting police officers.if u don’t no soldiers are more criminals Dan police.

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  29. Why should the madam commissioner be handling the kind of money that warrants blaring of siren in the first place? Is she a bank institute?…u see part of the nonsense we are saying? Imagine commisioner saying such crap all for justifying his case…althou we dont know the whole story, because the police will only give their views,we cant conclude…..well i dont blame the soldiers, because most of them are illiterates like the police force… why should you in all sanity encroach into the right of another citizen because he has done some wrong? To top it, even the army superiors didnt give orders for such punishment.. As for all of you applauding the soldiers, its just a matter of time before you encounter them too.and this showdown of indiscipline which u seem to like, will rub on you soon..if your father or brother was the police man, i believe you will even buy the soldiers gift shey?..mtchew, lawless Nigeria(all of us just dey do as we like)

  30. I wish any solder will try such kind wit me…., my name is odoh obioma, a mobile police officer 4rm enugu-ezike in igbo-eze north local gvt, enugu state….. it take a voice to voke indefinit madness or blindness into their heads instanly as deterant lesson to others. i need that police oficer to try call me on 08169949139.

  31. This is horrible .soldiers dat re restless shud be tranfer to boko haram Afflicted state to face d insurgent ,am very sure he will be scare if not run fRm battle field.this is not good for our counntry.

  32. Serves d police man ryt,dats how dey miltreat innocent pple too,d army man for beat am die,idiots,I hate police men so much cos dey re wicked,thieves and liers.

  33. You can only get statements like the police are thieves, or what ever some of u call them bcos of ignorance. Its a wrong thing for the soldiers to do that if the police where more in numbers someone would have died. The soldiers see themself as being superior that’s why it’s like that, the police are doing their jobs well. They should find the soldiers a let justice be done. Stop supporting evil and let’s do the right thing. A nation without police can’t function well.

  34. I enjoy most reasonable comment here,but some people like to post rubbish, if that police is ur father or ur husband will u be praising all this sonbi for their unprofessional duty ? that soldier suppose to go and look for shekau in sambisa forest, when for ur information he had being deal with accordingly

  35. I think a lot of people dont like the truth or doea not know the truth.

    I want you to understand that blaring saren anywhere in Nigeria is not allowed. Talk more of blaring it where soldiers are. You better think straight! And there was no money with the so called commisioner of poolvrrty alleciation programme.

  36. Why the Amy self know respect the uniform they supposed to kill all of them with the policeman because police self they be thief

  37. That is to show there high level of indicipline they r on their duties.imagin hw that will help us on this comin electoin when they are not in unity God help nigeria.

  38. Hmmm police police police, look let me tell u poeple police r not humanbin i swear imagine wid my full uniform very galant n combatant, a so call police cock riflle on me jst becos i came to rescude a danfo driver, that he did wrong parking n he have to pay 20k my broda’s n sis even wen i brougth down my self as a soldier to talk to him dat it morning n where will he get 20k that he should look at it that i made the mistake he should forgive n let go wow u wount believed it that the blooddy idiot that have not seen a little of what i face ask me not to come close to him or he, i showed him my real me wen i disarm him in 10seconds, he was surprise wen he saw his riffle on my hand den i ask d danfo driver to go. Tell me d truth did d police show any sign of respect to me even as his a soldier kai police better wakeup is dat clear.


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