Soldiers, Judge Killed In Iraq


Six people, including three soldiers and a judge have been killed in attacks as Iraqi authorities struggle to contain the worst violence to hit the country in five years.

Militants opposed to the Iraqi government frequently attack security forces and other government employees with both bombs and gunfire.

The soldiers were killed by a roadside bomb that exploded near their patrol in the northern province of Nineveh on Sunday.

The blast, which struck about 60km south of the provincial capital Mosul, also wounded four soldiers.

And another bombing targeted a police patrol farther south, wounding three policemen.

In Tikrit, north of Baghdad, a car bomb exploded near a judge’s house, killing him and severely wounding his wife, while another blast in the Iraqi capital itself killed one person and wounded five.

Gunmen also killed a man and wounded his son west of the northern city of Kirkuk.


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