Stella Damasus blasts Lola Alao over single ladies dating married men comment

This happened a couple of weeks ago though, but I read it and decided to share.

Lola Alao’s comment in an interview about single ladies dating married men if it makes them happy was something that didn’t go down well with actress Stella Damasus.

Read below what Stella Damasus replied her: –

“Lola Alao are you for real? Why don’t you first find a man to marry you and advise your single friends to go for him? Are you trying to justify that you are dating a married man? Why should another woman’s husband make you happy, Lola? Why are you advising young ladies to covet other peoples property? Are you not supposed to be an amsassador that will affect her environment positively? If the young men out there are not ready,whatever happened to being patient? This advice just shows how irresponsible you are ….I pray that God will never allow that married man you are dating to marry you. May God open his eyes to see you for what you are and may he return home in thanksgiving to his wife. Young ladies please do not listen to this is from the pit of hell!”


  1. @Lola alao, is nt advisable. @Stella u are kind of woman we need to develop our nation. God bless you. i like ur comment.

  2. Birds of the same feathers. @stella why are Ɣ☺ΰ keeping another man’s wife too, I mean doris husband. We don’t need any advise 4rm Ɣ☺ΰ two.

  3. It’s very easy for stella to condemn lola. Why didn’t she think twice before dating & snatching Doris simeon Ademinokan’s husband. Let her remove the log in her eye before removing the speck in another’s eye!

  4. Birds of a feather, Stella Damasus u have lost d respect we v gat for u lonnnnnng time ago, u shud be ashamed of advice ur fellow whor* n husband snatcher, I fink u nid to let go Daniel Ademinokan (Doris Simon’s husband) before u even deem fit to talk in this country again!! Or else what happen in 1440 will repeat itself. Husband snatcher/ashhh

  5. Really! Stella Damascus talking. Someone who couldn’t keep her legs closed someone who was bi-sexual as well. Like seriously! Who made u a judge woman? You bloddy hypocite. Why are u trying so hard to justify your moral groundsm charity begins at home abeg. Lola shouldn’t have made such a statement publicly, but Stella should please shut her trap. Nonsense

  6. stella are u aware of the fact dat we heard u coveted another woman’s husband? y dont u clean ur house first, throw more light on dat issue or shut the fuck up!!!

  7. Ƌ̲̣̣̣̥ọ̥Ω̶̣̣̥̇̊†̥̥ mind her. She Ȋ̝̊̅ڪ out °ƒ her senses. I̶̲̥̅̊ Ơ̴̴͡ saying such a tinz I̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ public.

  8. absolutely she (STELLA) is trying to win fans back, she realised the kind of mess she did, she cant control her emotions, she is sexually active, I don’t like her, never will I like her even in million yrs to come, woman like her should be locked with dogs cause that’s what they are DOGS.

  9. Stella anybody that sees you talking will think that a responsible person is talking, it is not good to friend a married man, but it is good to snatch their husbands. Don‘t decieve yourself, your own sin is worst. You snatch DANIEL FROM DORIS, she is in sorrow because of you, repent and release Daniel no matter what you are using to tie him down

  10. All those who are talking rot should shut up and be reasonable. What Stella Damasus has said is the truth. Do not take sides with evil just because you take an aversion to the person with an opposing view. If Doris Simeon thinks Stella took her man, she should speak out. It is not in your place to fight on her behalf.
    silly ass comments coming from silly ass bad asses.

  11. all i will advise you single ladies out there is to be yourselves and if you can watch those nollywood actresses display their madness in their movies but never have the thought of emulating them because they all are a disgrace to the society and also never be carried away with their flashy liffstyle because they are all they got through their high level pro.if you are focused you will achieve better and will also be respected.

  12. Any sure pussy should come our long as the father of faith and also the wisest man that ever lived on earth married as many wives as possible.I believe men should keep on fucking these pussies..married or single,after 1 or after 7 we don’t were born to open ur legs for men.and it stays can argue or condemn one another we Men don’t care.

  13. STELLA u’re stupid 4 d reply u gave 2 LOLA,even if she’s datn a M-man u’re less concern abt it.u’re a disgrac 2 d nollyw

  14. pls let us be reasonable in our comment ,if stella had done such a thing do u think she will have the gut to give such advice.Am very sure that she is not what you guys thought she is,only that every one in life has one or two challenges they are going thr,which one of hers is bcos she lost her first husband early in her life.i think rather than all this statement,we should pray for her and embrace her.To me she deserves our prayer.

  15. Eayah charles wallblock or what ever u call ur name, I pity for someone like u, open and close na him woman dey for, oh I forget na d thing way ur mama use born u, open and close. Abeg my bro dey f*uck, aids loves u so much with passion. Monkey

    • I bliev u’re a man&u’re still supotin STELLA,u’re calng us a prsti2te,pls are u d one disflowerd ur wf can u ktrol ursf

  16. THKS for dat piece of advice O hate ladies dat cant look for their own man rather causing unhappiness to th married couple I dot bfor al actress were dsame any God see u true…….

  17. Nigerian news I do not trust. If they can talk dirty of Men of God, who is left? Stella snatched and Lola said…. I once over heard a nigerian actress who said that some of this news helps the editor make money as he sells his paper because it will certainly call for attention. This is Naija brothres and sister. Cut the whole critics.

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  19. Stella u r a disgrace, u should even b happy dat lola did nt slap dat ur face cos if i were lola, i would av slapped u for wat u said, rubbish!!!!!!!

  20. I find it a big shame that its single women of all people, that are abusing stellas. U guys should knw that if ever u find a guy to marry u after that old married man has dumped u, the husband u married, will also date other younger women outside, to complete the karma circle. Even if u are single, why not pray for u own, so because men are not ready, u want to be sleepin around with married men. Why if i may ask? Is it beacuse the single guys are impotent or cant satisfy u in bed, or u are just an agent of hell as stella said? Single women should knw, that d reason they are not hooked is mostly due to their characters and sleeping around. U want a guy to marry, like d onces who husband u are sleeping wit, yet u refuse to pay d price these women paid to get husbands, u want sleep around, club and want some one to marry u. Dem go continue dey chop una like biscuits. Worst, d beautiful once are not yet born sef.

  21. I can c dt dos passin comments r all saint.cos d bible says he who live wtout sin shld first cast d stone… Married or no married follow d bible as ur guide. @ charles i am nt born 2 open nd close my legs 4 destiny killer lik u,but 2 fulfil destiny.

  22. good remember single ladies if u date a married man bet u darlin wen u are married a young girl wil sleep wit ur husband expect dis ok.

  23. Many girls have decided to be pussy hawkers that they don’t mind whether you α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ married or not. All they need is just to know is that you α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ a man with a dick and some cash to spare, they follow you immediately. You people who α̲̅я̩̥̊ε̲̣̣̣̥ here abusing Stella, some of you have done outrageous things and you have the guts to point accusing fingers at her. Please, you people should go on dating your father’s mates in support of Lola Aloa’s opinion. Soon, these little girls you sε̲̣̣̣̥ε̲̣̣̣̥ in secondary schools will start dating your future husbands, and another Lola in your time will appear and make such comments, and you will digest it well too and accept it, and make comments similar to the ones you made here. What goes around comes around! G̶̲̥̅ε̲̣̣̣̥t a life.

  24. Whether u like it or not reality must happen. All dose talk talk are repercusion of one man-one woman u want 2 b practising. Compare d population ratio of woman to man n tell me if u want remaining ladies 2 marry trees or turn 2 prostitutes. Accept polygamy n make life easier 4 all of us.

  25. Only real humans r those hu speakout wot dey r thnkin right or rong!then dey watchout 4 responses frm all quaters 2 pik clues 4 beta knowledge-there4 lola alao is not 4dat coment:she’s alive,she’ll kno beta.& stella damascus hs d right 2C things difrently n even speakout but where she lost it shamelesly was 2 hav used lola alao 4 propaganda purposes-especialy wn u do nt hav dat amount of credit ursef!neibors’ personal opinion shld b handled wt care.STELLA D,u went 2 far wn u got spiritual!GODBLESS

  26. Am nt saying lola comment is good or bad but no matter wt Τ̅ђε̲ case mayb stella u are nt suppose to insult her like dt,we all hv different ways of seeing things…U̶̲̅я comment is too insultive

  27. The word of God remains valid irrespective of who is preaching it.It carries the power of transformation and absolute clarity to any matter at hand once its declared.From my own point of view Stella is on track.

  28. You all heard Stella stole someone husband but did you actually know the true. Don’t conclude on anything you see on social media.

    And thank you Stella for talking to that stupid actress.

  29. So stella stil has mouth to talk, u use to b my role model bt lost ur respect since u stole Doris husband Daniel. Keep shut n let positive mind speak. U re just a bloody pretender.

  30. all of you are stupid!
    we are all guilty of dis thngs and shud shut our mouth..its becuz u dnt want to repent of ur sinful ways dats why u throw insults at stella…kip fuckin married men!
    that thng wey una dey find,dey front dey wait una.

  31. Lola Alao is truthful about who she is, atleast we know she needs deliverance but Stella is a worse whore who has ever lived a life of hypocrisy and denial. Adultery is morally wrong and is evil before God, but this doesn’t change the fact that Stella lacks the moral justification to condemn such. I guess it’s one of her schemes in gaining cheap attention. She’s always been a whore even before her first husband died. Her whoredom sent her out out Nzeribe’s house and has driven her to Doris Simon’s home but the sad thing is poor Stella keeps living a Make-Believe life.

  32. Are u guys for real… Nobody is perfect…”THAT everybody is doing it does not make it RIGHT”… OR r u guys in support of lola’s Comments…?MAYBE STALL MAKES A MISTAKE IN THE PAST…BUT NOW SHE’S AN ADVOCATES OF TRUTH…I know now ur single u enjoy dating married men…but ask urself if I should get married someday and have kids ,then a young girl star dating my husband what will I do…and when she try to snatch him away how will I feel…REMEMBER ALL THE GREEN LEAF WILL LATER TURN YELLOW…PLS LET’S GIVE HER A CHANCE.

  33. A case Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡f kettle calling pot black.I used to rate Stella as one Ơ̴̴̴̴̴̴͡f ♍Ɣ favourite actrtess,but ever since u snatched ur fellow woman’s husband after being married twice with sucess,what comes to ♍Ɣ mind each time I hear ur name is ‘Husband Snatcher’.U don’t preach what u don’t practice ok!What Lola Alao said is to ur own favour sef cos u are guilty as hell.#Mtchewww#

  34. Stella you are just a fucking retard….ain’t you with Doris husband? Oloshi oloriburuku,alaiyebaje, I so much hate you for that singular act….hypocrite you are… dare you butch. …idiot…..I fucking hate you now for real…..piss off


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