The Bitter Truth About The Igbo (3) – Femi Fani Kayode

The Igbo understandably left the North in droves after those terrible pogroms and fled back to the East from whence they came.


And perhaps that would have been the end of the story but for the fact that they also declared secession and sought to dismember Nigeria.

They then made their biggest mistake of all by provoking a full scale military conflict with Nigeria when they launched a vicious and unprovoked attack on the rest of the South attacking and conscripting the Eastern minorities, storming  the Mid-West and attempting to enter Yorubaland through Ore to capture it.

Thankfully they were stopped in their tracks by the gallant efforts and courageous fighting skills of the Third Marine Commando (which was primarily a Yoruba force and which was under the command of Col. Benjamin Adekunle), prevented from entering the West, driven out  of the Mid-West, pushed back into the East, defeated in battle after battle and were eventually brought down to their knees and forced to surrender to the Federal forces in Enugu.

The Igbo and their Biafra fought Nigeria and killed Nigerians for three hard years in that brutal civil war in which over one million courageous, loyal and faithful sons and daughters of the Federal Republic lost their lives at the warfront trying to stop Biafra from seceding from the federation, from taking our land and from  taking the minority groups of the Mid-Western Region and Eastern Region and our newly-discovered oil with them.

Yet, despite our massive casualties and the monumental loss of lives that the Federal side suffered (a total of two million died on both sides), the Igbo people were welcomed back into Nigeria after the war with open arms. Yet, it was only in Yorubaland and especially in Lagos that they were given all their ”abandoned property” back and welcomed back as brothers and sisters without any reservations or suspicions whatsoever. But in everywhere else in the country for many years, they were denied, deprived, shunned, attacked, killed, discriminated against and humiliated but never in the South-West or Lagos.

It is the Igbo people more than any other that have complained about marginalisation in Nigeria, forgetting that there is no other country in the world in which there was a major civil war and yet only 10 years after that war ended the losing side produced the Vice-President for the whole country in a democratic election in 1979 in the person of Alex Ekwueme.

Some have described my submissions in this debate as being ”inflammatory” and have claimed that I am ”not a true progressive” for making them. I reject these labels and I wonder whether those people that conjured them up described the comments of my dear friend and brother, Chief Orji Uzor Kalu, as “inflammatory” and whether they labelled him as ”not being a true progressive” when he erroneously claimed that the Igbo generated 55 per cent of the revenue and owned 55 per cent of businesses in Lagos and that they are effectively the owners of the state.

Unlike most of those that are attempting to label me and brand me as a tribalist, I know the history of Lagos and the Yoruba very well. We will not let anyone poison the minds of our Yoruba youths or dispossess them of their heritage by keeping silent when we witness dishonest propagation of the most desperate and despicable form of historical revisionism. If anyone thinks that they can intimidate us into keeping quite when their leaders say such things, then they will have the biggest shocker of their lives. We shall not be silenced and they shall not pass. Lagos and the Yoruba generally have much stronger historical, cultural and trading ties with the Bini, Itsekiri, Urhobo, Isoko, Hausa-Fulani, Tapa, Nupe and Ijaw than they do with the Igbo.

The input of those other major ethnic groups to the development of Lagos and their stake in her are far greater than those of the Igbo. Whether anyone wishes to accept it or not, that is the bitter truth. We will not let anyone distort history and we will not keep silent when we hear the effusions of those that seek to substitute truth with falsehood.

When it comes to Lagos, it is time that everyone respected themselves and knew their place. The Igbo particularly should display a much higher degree of respect and gratitude to those who were gracious enough to accept them in their land as equals when things were very difficult for them and who treated them with love, respect and kindness after the civil war when hardly anyone else was prepared to do so.

We, the Yoruba, have accommodated others in Lagos and throughout the South-West and we have let them live in peace for the last 100 years. As a matter of fact, we have been glad to do so because as far as we are concerned, that is one of the hallmarks of civilisation- the ability to accommodate other faiths, cultures, races and nationalities and to create an equitable and just racial melting pot where equal opportunities are available to all.

It is a great and noble virtue to be open and tolerant but that does not mean that we are fools and it does not mean that we do not know who we are, where we are coming from, what is ours and what our heritage is.

The fact that we have allowed others to thrive and settle in our land and share it with us does not mean that we have stopped owning that land. The suggestion that Lagos is a ”no-man’s land’ and that the Igbo or any other nationality outside the Yoruba generate up to 55 per cent of its revenue or business is absurd. Frankly, it has no basis in reality or rationality. It is not only a dirty lie, it is also very insulting.

Guests, no matter how welcome, esteemed, cherished and valued they are, cannot become the owners of the house no matter how comfortable they are made to feel within it. Those guests will always be guests. Lagos belongs to the Yoruba and to the Yoruba alone. ALL others that reside there are guests, though some guests are far closer to us than others.

The Igbo are the least close, the most distant and the least familiar with our customs and our ways. They ought to be the last to be claiming our heritage and coveting our land and neither can they claim to have made any real input to our glaring success. For them to think otherwise is nothing but a delusion.


•Fani-Kayode is a former Minister of Aviation


  1. If that man knows the history of lagos state he will know that there is no dry land before ad everywhere is covered with water, as a yoruba man as he claimed how many investment deos he have, he said he will not keep silent as if he is the one to fight when it comes to fighting, pls my dear what is good is worth doing well, whatever your plan may be it will never work in Jesus name because this world is not our own, one day we shall die ad go ad let the children continue their lives than engsge them in a fight. Please mr there are many yoruba boys that need help, those standing at the bus stop in the hot sun collecting money go and stand them if u so care for your people not sending them to fight and die because I know sincerly speaking u wouldn’t want that for children so don’t send other men’s children to die pls no one is draging your lagos for you ok Let peace reign

    • Interesting! Whr did u learn that history? And if today,the ocean near ph dries up, who would inherit the land? Hausa,ibo or the indigenous pple near it?

    • Wa lai t‘alai this man(femi fani kayode)I‘ dey craze.
      I couldn‘t believe this man is so stupid as this.This write up is purely a message of hatred.He probably might be jealous of Ibos Achievement and Success Across the Globe.Go to every City,you will see that this Ibos are rich and living in the best houses,driving best cars and attending best schools.
      They want to Control,Own and Takeover everything bcos they are rich.If you are rich that urge to control,own and takeover everything will be there.
      I am an Hausaman but if you can‘t beat them you better join them.
      Lets be one Nigeria.
      The Yoruba vs. Igbo debacle is unfortunate because in our 21st Century, the world has advanced way beyond ethnic proneness and tribal delineations.Diversity in saner societies is not a curse but a springboard to socio-economic and political advancement.
      It is unfortunate that in our dear Nigeria, patriotism and loyalty of majority are first and foremost to religious and ethnic interests.Little wonder therefore that senseless and mindless pogrom and ethnic clashes are fast becoming the realities of our existence.
      Lets love one and another.

  2. You are wrong Femi, b efore i write, i want you to remember that as far as this country is concerned, you stole from our aviation purse, that’s by the way.
    The major businesses that generates tax for lagos state is owned by the igbos, go to Ekiti,ibadan and other part of the west the igbos are doing greatly well, i am a traveller. Majority ofbest of houses and landed properties are owned by the igbo’s if you want to be sincere, the major bussy markets where trades are done internationally are also owned by the igbos, compare the buses (transports) that ply the eastern region and the western region , you would also see difference, PH and Owerri is been crowded becuase the westerners are now begining to travel out of their own states to other eastern states to try adventures, that the fedral see port at tincan island is economically bussy today is because of the igbo’s who are into importation and exportation.

    Every of your write ups i have ever read is never sincere and correct. You worked under president Obj and started destroying his image when he sacked you due to underperformance, you also went as far as writing a public twit calling Obama an Antichrist of the end time. I see you are jobless and needs to be bussy. The Yorubas and other tribes you have mentioned are smarter than you think because i see you trying to crawl into their heart as 2015 is fast coming.

    Politician and their deadly motives.

    • @Emmanuel. Its better for you to keep quite. You claim there is no element of truth in Fani-Kayode write up. It shows you are you dont to learn. You also claim igbos own major businesses in south west. Are u referring to those petty businesses. See Mr dont tell us what you dont know. Can u pls mention companies in south west that is well known in Nigeria own by Igbos. Pls think well b4 u answer bcos …

    • Emmanuel you have said it all.if FEMI wants attention the movie and music industries are open or he could be DAVIDOS backup singer>he is a junky he needs some stuff

    • As a matter of fact,the argument is that he is saying that somebody should come out and disprove with documented history what he has said,he already said the igbo’s are traders while the yoruba’s are industrialist.what i want you to do is prove that the history lane he has taken us is fales or else we will believe him.

  3. you are simply a fool Mr Fani Kayode, get a life u dumb ass, go and study the history of the Nigerian civil war and know whats up…stop talking shit or else u might cause another full scale war…stupid…u aint shit…

    I had just finished a meeting in awka,anambra state,about our just concluded ward delegate congress,when my co-ordinator called me. He told me about the article chief fanikayode wrote. Chief fanikayode had written that he was not tribalistic.and then,he went ahead to list a number of prominent women,my name included,as women of igbo extraction,who he had been closely related with.
    I met chief fani-kayode at a pdp presidential rally at eagle’s square in 2003. And when chief fanikayode became the special assistant to the president on public affairs, i became one of his many aides.
    I will not deny the fact that it was in chief fanikayode’s office,that i had my first experience in politics. It was in chief fanikayode’s office that i learnt the gift of eloquence and public writing. I learnt from chief fanikayode the virtue of being loyal to your boss. And most of all,i learnt the ability to be determined and show love to my country,nigeria.
    Armed with some political experience, i immersed myself in the politics of my state,anambra and i contested in anambra state house of assembly in 2011 and thereafter,i also submitted my humble self for the position of the pdp national woman leader last year.
    A few of my supporters have told me to condemn,in the strongest terms, the said article. But,i will not do that.
    I would rather concentrate on my political activities.
    Chief fanikayode is one of the few de-tribalised nigerian that i know of. Chief fanikayode was a former brilliant and hardworking pdp chieftain. And i will always respect that fact.
    Thank you for your patience,in reading this.
    From chief(honourable) adaobi kate uchegbu.

    RE: “I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh, an igbo lady, who later married Colonel Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu the leader of Biafra and who is now our Ambassador in Spain. I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Chioma Anasoh, another igbo lady, who I almost married. I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Adaobi Uchegbu, another igbo lady, who was exceptionally close to me and who is now a leading figure at the National Headquarters of the ruling PDP.” -Femi Fani-Kayode.

  5. Mr. Fani I like your straightforwardness. Please don’t conclude your write-ups and don’t be intimidated with their tribalistic replies…..just keep it up pls and pls.

  6. Mr. Fani I like your straightforwardness. Please don’t conclude your write-ups and don’t be intimidated with their tribalistic replies….(Even from your Yoruba brethrens)….just keep it up pls and pls. You are too much. Thump up Sir.

  7. in this modern time, it is still amazing that people who call themselves ‘guru’ in academics are still founded wanting in the ocean of development. instead of advising for the apartheid committed by the Lagos government over the deportation of its fellow citizen from the state, he is there encouraging tribalistically troubled Nigeria. I don’t want go far in this matter because this reporter himself does not even know his own states condition and story before and after civil war. a coward like his type who cannot even defend himself when it comes to war. does he know what war means?. bet me, with every boldness and assurance, evacuate all the Igbos with their establishments from Lagos, I tell you that Lagos would be leveled to desert condition. have you asked how many lagosians are in the south east?. how many establishments have they?. I have to leave you with this adage that says ” if a birds gets filled of his stomach, it challenges his gods
    for a fight”

    • Lagosians shd go to the east to do what? When the land is not even conducive for the igbos? Its a cursed land whr nobody wants to live in. Or why do u think igbos move to the west in droves? It is because its a land of peace, filled with milk and honey, whr nomatter what u lay ur hands upon becomes gold. We r comfortable in our land. We move to better place like us,uk and europe. We admit that that place is better,but u guys dnt want to agree that here is better. U give flimsy excuse that u love to develop nigeria thats y u leave ur land to develop other pples land. Such irrational statement. FYI,thr are estimated 10m yorubas in us and canada and thy dnt claim that the place is no man’s land. About 1m in london and london is not no man’s land. Calabar and lokoja were once fct,yet thy r not no man’s land.

  8. Bala n FEMI or whatever why don’t keep your dirty mouths shut rather than supportin tribalism.Femi you write this for popularity right?u ar a big n f**kin liar

  9. What d fuck is wrong with dis old man Called Fani-Kayode must u exhibit ur stupidity to the public? Tell me u are bored Mr. Man bcos u are sounding like a highly frustrated politician, I guess the money u stole from the Federal Government as Minister of Aviation has been wasted… Dats why u choz to waste ur miserable time as well….Get a life owky?

  10. After reading Dr kayode write up and comments
    before mine,I would infer that yoruba gentility is
    being taken for stupidity by the ibos.Our
    problem is that we can never speak with one
    voice for the interest of the race and it’s high
    time we openly confront the ibos for rejecting
    the babaloja appointment in ladipo market,we
    need to restrict them from participating in lagos
    politics.The unchecked migrations of the akpu
    laden brained people from the east must be
    nipped in the bud lest we become foreigner in
    our own land.We do not share borders,so why
    claiming lagos?We had an encounter with the
    benins over eko land before the 20th century
    and they gave up due to yoruba population
    influence and till date,benin can’t deny lagos as
    Yorubaland.They have always been jealous of
    yoruba as a sophisticated race, after
    indepence.They founded yoruba federal union
    YFU to counter action group AG which was a
    product of egbe omo oduduwa led by baba
    Awolowo to the detriment of their coalition in
    those days.Dr kayode has described most of
    their itches and they won’t feel remorse because
    jealousy and ingratitude runs in their veins.They
    said yoruba are cowards but they don’t know
    that the sneaking of a tiger is not a show of
    cowardice but sophistication.Due to dominance
    issues,our fathers have faught many wars within
    and outside our territory before the existence of
    our dear nation and we know the effect of war in
    both sides.So,stop heating the polity by claiming
    lagos or declaring the place as no man land due
    to Fashola resettlement action,rather,you should
    bite your fingers over abia versus imo
    indigenous workers sackings that happened
    before 2011 electi

    • You hardly understand common things. Igbos are not claiming Lagos but that Lagos is no man’s land since British took over the area 18th century and eventually made it federal capital before independence so it belongs to all. let us understand this fact. lagos has no natural resources and the resources used for the development of Lagos came from the old Eastern region. Point blank

  11. Dear sir,i ve been following this development as it unfolds,and i v decided not to keep quiet anylonger,i ve knwn you for long and i knw that Demetia as an illnes is often related to age but in your own case am stll wondering how an iroko tree like you fell,and now women are fetching firewood from you,pls sir posterity will neva forgive you for these things you are saying,dnt forget that the wold is reading all your innermost and genocidal thoughts,be warned,dnt 4get you are a career politician,it mite hunt you 2moro

  12. Mr. Fani or what did u call yourself, what did you know about Lagos state, which state did you come from, when where you born, what did you know about Nigerian constitution, do you know how lagos was built, when you and your fashola want to make lagos state a mega city by taking hawker and begger to anambra, what about those hausa beggers, tauths that call them selves (arrear boys) who sleeps and wake up under bridges in Lagos. please Mr. Man don’t come and show your self. just admit that your doing is very illegal.

    • @Jully. It show that you people are just talking rubbish. Where are u when lagos state depoted people to various south west state. Where are you when beggers were sent back to the north. Because those state government rehabilitate there citizen and took it in good faith, but in your own case u claim to own lagos and the wholw nigeria and you expect people to keep quite. Tell Orji Uzor Kalu to keep quite first

  13. Olawale if dis co called “akpu laden brained ppl” are d industrialist in ur community, n hav helped developed lagos community at large, wot av ur brainy ppl(d yorubas) done so far!!! Femi kayode I stl dnt understand his pain up til now… Is dis a kind of envy towards the igbo race? Pls let’s channel our grieviances towards redeeming our nation, n nt to cry over irrelevant issues…hacv known Femi kayode at dis…well its good u av gotn the attention u needed!!!

  14. By dealing in pirated copies at idumota,selling fake spare parts at ladipo market,pursuing vehicles because of gala along lagos-ibadan expressway among others are criteria for their industry.An average and educated yoruba man would never delineate his prestige for money.If indeed they dominates lagos industries,the state would have been in disarray like onisha markets.I wonder where they obtained their statistics of relevance in lagos.

  15. Hmm…the ibo man is an enigma. He is both loved and feared. More feared than loved I would want to believe. Why? He is innovative and inventive in places where people little expects. In his bid for self preservation in foreign lands, he ignites a hatred in people who before the advent of the ibo man to his domain did not value want his domain has to offer him. The success of the ibo man infuriates the landlord that he wonders why he didn’t see the potentials inherent in his own land. Some landlords will actually be grateful to this ‘stranger’. For the avoidance of doubt and posterity sake, the igbos started from nothing after the civil war. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Where they are today is a testament of a people too determined not to fail. Whether in lagos or sokoto, maidugiri or calabar, abia or imo, awka or abuja, deported or welcomed; the ibo man remains an ibo man. God bless Nigeria!

  16. many E-wastes are imported to the country on regular basis,substandard goods are traded regularly,smuggling is the order of the day in this country,kidnappings here and there.I bet to let you know that from statistics,ibos will have the highest frequency of the middlemen.
    Enigma,innovative and inventive people my foot.

  17. when i first read, his first article on igbo deportation thought he wanted to do justice to history and set the record straight without malice, but low and behold he allowed his emotion to becloud the facts , well i dont think he is comfortable with the way igbos are taking over their land frm them, he should hang himself and die.
    he has mouth nw bcoz EFCC hav nt yet open his stinking corrupt record. by the way who is fooling who, who are u instingating for. i think this bunch of no progress should go and check what the lat. prof. chinua achebe said abt the yoruba and the ibos. we aint claiming superiorty over ur land bt use ur head well set the record okay.

  18. God! I use to respect Fany Kayode, little did I know that he is a shallow and Tribalistic Nothing eaten up by Hate. He shld wake up to d reality dat yoruba people are lazy and will be nowhere without the great Ndigbo, a people blessed by the almighty God. Despite all ur betrayal and persecutions, we. Are still on top. Fany Kayode and co stop hating before the almighty God strikes you for hating His appointed People. Igbo kwenu!

    • Please shut up, who told you Yoruba are lazy people? That’s what we are saying you people are ingrates, if ibos are destined to be great people then that shouldn’t be problem of Yoruba, pick your bags and go back to Ibo land to use your destiny in developing your land.

  19. Why are u all so tribalistic, saying the igbos own Lagos or about d jargon of contributing more to its development. The questions we should ask is, is it right for a citizen of Nigeria igbo, hausa or yoruba to be deported from where they have chosen to live whether by migration or being born there. If anyone is going to raise an eyebrow to d deportation of the said 67 igbos, they should also talk about Yorubas that has been deported to places like Osun and Ekiti in the not too distant past. We are all Nigerians, so we could all say we own Lagos. But with all this useless talks and for all the igbos who are tribalistic, u can go ahead, withdraw your investment from Lagos and go ahead to ur Biafra. But get this into ur racial nd backward mind, in as much as a Yoruba cannot be the Obi of Onitsha or hold a cultural position from the East, U do not own Lagos.
    I pray there be no war!!! So let’s get up and tackle this issue as Nigerians rather than Igbos, Hausas or Yorubas

    • Tope, ”ori e kpe” ur very right, nigeria is bigger than anyone or tribe, focus on d betterment of d country and forget this tribalism and drums of war that you’r beating, accordin to niccolo macaveli, u can start a war but you can never tell wen it will end. Femi, femi seal your mouth, if your mouth is less busy go get chewing gum, you’r instigating something u cant control, ur setting fire on a keg of gun powder

  20. They clam to develop everywhere,lagos,benin,kano,ph,warri,sokoto,maiduguri,kaduna etc. Why is it that kano,benin,ph,kaduna,abuka etc, r not no man’s land? Let them go and claim kano. Our gentility and liberalization has led to whr we r now. We r cowards for not shedding their blood like the abokis do. For not claimin their properties like thy did in other places. For allowing them to do their illegalities in our land etc. This is a wake up call to all yorubas,igbos r animals that y they eat their on flesh. Jews dont eat human flesh. We shd resist them and make them go to their cursed eastern scarpland. In the history of man kind,no one goes to a cursed land like theirs thats y yorubas dont go there and thy dont even want to stay there. Isnt it stupidity that makes an igbo man that av not developed his own land claim to develop every other parts of nigeria? A white man can claim to develop lagos becos its evident in his own land. None of their cities is as good as benin,ph,lagos,akure,ibadan,kano etc and they claim to develop these places. What a pathtic set of people!

    • Tun xi, am sure you,ve not crossed the Niger bridge befor, if you have been to the east you will know better, but dats not the subject, be a patriotic Nigerian and kill the tribalism in you dats the only way we can attain Nation hood and free the old tribal ravaged country

  21. Let the truth be told, Fashola got it wrong and any sane Nigerian should condemn evil. We have destitutes even in New York. Deporting citizens of Nigeria is a bad omen and a political error. But for the self acclaimed mouth piece of the Yorubas, Fany Kayode, we know his anticidents – Aviation lier who should cover his face in shame and shut his trap when serious issues are being discussed in this country, we know those to take serious. That Lagos is a no mans land is obvious, but does not mean an Igbo man is going to drag land with the Omo onile.

  22. For the attentionnof this bastard called FFK, for dragging in Bianca Ojukwu into your useless argument, I bet you, one day all the men who have slept with your wife either before or after you married her will come out to reveal her inner details. I neared you’ve been jobless since your sack as minister. That’s why u have time to write unsolicited rubbish. Go get a life and a job stupid man.

  23. @Gbenga, it is very easy to know when an illiterate and tribalistic person in talking. Going to school does not make one learned. If this tribalistic and sauce mouth Gbenga is here abusing all his Uncles without control. I like to ask him these questions;
    How will you feel if Femi Fani Kayode comes up in public to say that he had an intimacy with your Mother, sister or Wife? This simply tell me that Femi is shallow minded.

    That’s what i am talking about. I had all my studies in Lagos state in my days both in first and 2nd degree, we had Igbo’s dominating in class while 70% the Yoruba’s depended on the Igbo’s to teach them during exam. Go to Lagos Island, alaba international, Tradefare, Ladipo or any where Nigeria where business is booming and tell me who the touts, the alabarus, and those who do not want to work but extort money from those working are?

  24. Kani Fayode’s article lacks the substance of true federalism Nigeria and Nigerian are clamouring for. It is a portrayal of conflict of interest which does not correspond with a country that values democracy. I am disapointed in him.

  25. I believe you all know where this is heading to. I also believe that all those Yourbas writing know very well that a greater number of prominent Igbo men spent most of their lives in Lagos. Most of them were even born and brought up in Lagos, attended primary, secondary school(s) even higher institution in Lagos as well as with some Yourbas prominent women either in or outside Lagos. Now, may i ask a question. Is it possible for these Igbo men to have intimate relationship with these Yourba women. Pls keep the answer to yourself. It only takes but unliberated, uneducated mind to make such statement public as Mr Fani-kayode did. Now, Mr Fani-Kayode, did you marry your wife a virgin (or wives virgins). Pls reply and make your answer public and lets see what would be the reaction of the public. Then you (Mr Fani-Kayode) will know how many men that had slept with your wife(s) before and after you have married her/them. For those Yourbas who called those deported jobless and what have u, if care is not taken those jobless Igbos as you called them might have slept (i mean had s*x) with either your mum, aunty etc as Mr Fani claimed he did with Igbo women. Mr Fani, i don’t know if any young Nigerian(s) have ever seen you as a role model and i wonder what impression you have created with your write up. Pls forget not to answer and make public if you marry your wife a virgin.

  26. My question first is who is that fellow with such dirty name Femi Fani Kayode?
    Where was he born??
    Is he sure been a Yoruba man as he claims???
    Living under family name umbrella.

    This kind of people are the devil incarnate. Shame to you!!!
    You should look for something better to write than talking what your fathers
    cannot talk.

  27. Femi u are of all men d most miserable . Am an igbo but am not criticizing u because of d way u are condemning d igbos but d way u are revealing d love affairs u had wit a woman long time ago . May God reward u according to ur deeds . Amen

  28. It is a shame that young pple (Nigerians) in this our time and age have allowed the errors of our past leaders to becloud our judgement. i weep and my heart bleed as i read comments from Nigerian youths on this issue on ground. Igbos, Yorubas, hausas, itsekiris, ibibios, fulanis and i can keep naming them, our diversity that is what has been our strength…..that is why other nations envy us……dat is why we are a nation of a population of 160 million and county. That is you evry1 wants to come and invest hia……dat is y we are the biggest black nation….that is why we are the giant of Africa (whether south africa likes it or not)……that is y we are NIGERIA. I have painstakingly gone through all the comments of young, learned and educated nigerians on this page and i make bold to say that a good no of your comments are inciting and malicious (both the igbo guys and the yoruba guys). i want us to cast our mind back to the Rwandan genocide statements such as the one from Chief Fani Kayode and indeed a number of us youths here on this page are not far from those that lead to that dastardly act (Rwandan genocide). for the chief i can pardon him, but for my fellow young Nigerians it is a shame… makes me question the existence of this our dear Nation Nigeria. I want to passionately appeal to every one of us to desist from inciting comments such as those witnessed above in the interest of unity, peace and tranquility as well as the contunued existence of our dear nation Nigeria……………………let us always remember that many pple died to keep this nation one and many (especially our soldiers and other security agents) are still dieing daily to keep it intact. I humbly say EJO , BIKO, DANLA to all of u please lets keep this nation, lets forgive one another lets live in peace. God Bless NIGERIA

    • Wise one from Chimex, how I wish all the youths in this comment forum will have the same minds as this, don’t forget we are Nigeria future leaders our leaders like it or not, please let’s join hands and minds together to fight and stop every act of tribalism in our dear country no matter from which angle it’s coming from. God bless Nigeria, I love Nigeria and I love Nigerians. God bless you all.

  29. One thing i learn from this discussion is that we are not yet a Nation, is this the reason why federal government refused to build INT AIR PORT in the eastern region since?, except what yar adua and jonathan administration did of recent, is this the reason why federal government refused to buld skyline buildings in the east? is this the reason why ibeto cement suffered during the past administration? is this the reason for fighting against the appointment of the deputy senate president and the deputy speaker as the co- chairman of constitutional review committee by the government of kano state calling them those that have no interest of the nation at heart? is this the reason why ecological problem in the east are not attended to? is this the reason why there is no sea port in the east, so that easterners will not be attracted to do business in their own land? is this reason why former fct minister told them to see abuja as the sixth state of south east in other to deny them of additional state? is this the reason why winners chapel refuse to build university in the east even when their billions of naira comes from there? is this the reason why many igbos were told to pay another millions of naira for the land they purchased since 20 years ago at orile igaumu, now they are called settlers, strangers, in once a federal capital city, may GOD help us we are watching the whole drama.

  30. If NIGERIA is a firm, they must b the producers of FOOLPROOF items, but were it ever tested? If it were, then it must hve bn fools frm its official payroll, Oh Yes! such people are essentially the reason why the sane minded amidst them takes pills… They mk sick tidings 2comon sense
    4God sake, we dnt need 2relinguish on our indifferencies &past mistakes but 2collectively, the young &old, as a nation not as a body, exercise more of our innovative qualities, share unity in diversity &love with collaboration as we ultimately build ourselves to endure our marriage with this beautiful &promising bride NIGERIA, nomatter the concerts we enjoy 2gethr, the neighbours we annoy 2gethr or the children we distroy 2gethr, let the sactity of this marriage be intact,

  31. Re: Femi Fani Kayode, The Yorubas And The Igbos!
    If one goes to Aba he will know why Femi Fani-Kayode and Orji Uzor deserve to be good friends as Femi Fani-Kayode claimed. And one would also find out if Orji Uzor is speaking for the Igbos or on behalf of his business interest. Therefore, every Igbo man would have expected Femi Fani-Kayode to direct his attacks to Orji Uzor who made the unnecessary statement on those Igbos expelled from Lagos, because if Aba had not been destroyed many of those who travel to Lagos would simply have made their livelihoods in Aba. Since Femi Fani-Kayode didn’t do this but rather started to attack the Igbos, it is neat and proper that Igbos kindly respond to him.
    Fani-Kayode Jnr, is a true representative of his father who with Akintola betrayed the Yoruba race and people, which led to the Western Crisis and killings of thousands of Yorubas by the Nigerian army between 1962 and January 1966. That bloodshed in the West was ordered into Western Nigeria by Tafawa Balewa, Fani-Kayode Snr, and Akintola against the Action Group, with allegations against Obafemi Awolowo on treasonable felony which many Yorubas like Fani-Kayode Snr., Akintola, and Balewa organized against Awolowo whose chief supporter to the end was Mazi S.G. Ikoku an Igbo man at a time when other Yorubas had betrayed their leader Obafemi Awolowo.
    That Fani-Kayode Snr. was an ally of Akintola, unrepentant like his present son in their hatred of Obafemi Awolowo, the Igbo race and the democratic process. It was the Igbos, through the United Progressive Grand Alliance (UPGA) that came to the rescue of the Yoruba race as well as Awolowo through the proper election of Adegbenro, a result which Fani-Kayode Snr. and Akintola did not respect. The Yoruba masses fought bitterly against the betrayal of the Yoruba race by Fani-Kayode and Akintola. As the Yorubas were dying, thousands of the Tiv people were also dying, the same with the Kanuri people, the Talakawas and the Almajiris in the North in the hands of the same Akintola–Fani-Kayode alliance, and the situation neither bothered Akintola nor Fani-Kayode Snr. The brave Yoruba generals he mentioned, Adekunle and Obasanjo, were unable to fight the Nigerian army when they occupied Western Nigeria. They only became brave when under slavery, they were forced to come and kill the Igbos and Eastern minorities, the same way the Yorubas were being killed, as well as those in the Middle Belt and the far north. These killings of Eastern minorities by some Yoruba leaders continue till today.
    It could only be a Yoruba leader that would go and wipe out a big town like Odi with thousands of men, women and children dead on flimsy excuses. It could also only be a Yoruba leader that would under suspicious circumstances, typical of some Yorubas, hand over a big chunk of the Nigerian territory, the Bakassi to a foreign power on flimsy grounds. And this Bakassi also belongs to the Eastern minority who the Yorubas purport to love. It was also only a Yoruba leader that could go and wipe out the entire officer corps of the Nigerian army from the Middle Belt and other parts of the North such as Bisalla and Gomwalk in all sorts of secret trials in 1976. Again, it was only a Yoruba leader that can use hunger as an instrument of war against the Igbo race despite the fact that the Yorubas were the greatest beneficiary of the so-called Igbo coup d’état that ended the bloody civil war in Western Nigeria. It was also a Yoruba leader that could mastermind the abandon property, indigenization decree, currency exchange and others against the Igbos.
    Igbos have suffered in the North since the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, 1960s, and continue to suffer today. Hundreds of thousands and millions of Igbos have died and this kind of thing does not bother people like Femi Fani-Kayode. The 15 January 1966 coup d’état was the only time a number of Igbos have responded whether as Nigerians or as a group pursuing whatever grievances, and what Fani-Kayode Jnr. is saying is that the millions of Igbos dying since 1930s, 1940s, 1950s and so on till today deserved their fate because there was a coup d’état in January 1966.
    It is regrettable that only those Igbo politicians whom people see as defenders of Igbo people but didn’t demonstrate their love for Igbo race when they were in power and fellow travelers in misrule and corruption like Femi Fani-Kayode are those some Yorubas see as Igbo leaders. Many Yorubas do not support the indiscriminate killing of Igbos nor saw any reason millions of Igbos continue to be killed because of the coup d’état in 1966, but it is very good that this is one factor that people like Fani-Kayode Jnr. continue to use to mobilize opinion in support of those killings and against the Igbo race.
    The type of character that will discuss in public his intimate and very intimate relationships with Igbo women indicates clearly the type of daze mortals that people like Femi Fani-Kayode represent.
    The Igbos have nothing against the Yorubas, others in Nigeria or against the Eastern minorities who some Yorubas always pretend to love but turn round to destroy their wealth and people and hand over their territories to other countries, when a Northern leader like Sani Abacha would station troops in defense of such a territory. The only comfort in the trash frequently issued by people like Femi Fani-Kayode against the Igbos is that they would not be able to deceive everybody. The Yorubas have benefitted greatly from the very sins that people like Femi Fani-Kayode have been committing against the Nigerian state and people. It is a pity that it is people like Fani-Kayode Jnr. and his father, and others who had been trying to betray Western Nigeria, and destroy the Yoruba race against such great patriotic Yorubas as Chief Obafemi Awolowo regardless of whatever he did to the Igbos, that the Yoruba nation is able to produce as their leaders. And it is no surprise that the people they listen and respond to from among the Igbos are those like themselves.
    The Igbos are happy to be Nigerians and only ask for one thing – that everybody should be given equal opportunities and a level playing field not the quota system, federal character and other fraudulent designs which people like Fani-Kayode Jnr. masterminded and imposed on the country. Continuing to mobilize hatred against the Igbos by referring to the January 1966 coup d’état and isolating all the other events that happened before and after that coup d’état will not help people like Femi Fani-Kayode.
    It is good that Kayode left the main argument and started talking about coup d’état, and it is also good that he gave the Igbos credit for once more being a pioneer over and above the Yorubas in that evil act. But he also forgot that there was a Yoruba coup d’état masterminded against Abacha and the Federal Government for which the Yoruba leaders were about to be executed except that they were saved by the death of Sani Abacha. In that coup d’état, several Northern army officers and significant political leaders were destined to be eliminated the same way that Yoruba people eliminated Northern army officers in 1976.
    Whereas the Igbos could even attempt a coup d’état in 1966 and a bitter civil war in three years, the two cowardly Yoruba coups d’état, the one by Chief Awolowo against Balewa that led to his imprisonment and the one against Sani Abacha and the Federal Government, were all nipped in the bud. Femi Fani-kayode and his ilk can go on insulting the Igbos; in their hour of need in the Western civil war they could not even help Adegbenro but rejoiced in betraying each other; they could not also help the Tiv people in the many years in which they were being killed, even though the UMBC was an ally of the action group. The Yoruba leader that the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy helped put in power after Abacha’s death characteristically only tried to repay the Hausa-Fulani oligarchy by seeking an unholy third term in office against the Nigerian constitution, against the will of the Nigerian people, but with the support and connivance of people like Femi Fani-Kayode.
    That betrayal almost every Nigerian knows is typical of some Yorubas. Discuss any issue in private with them and arrive at an agreement, the next day they will cross the carpet and betray you. The Igbos have learnt this, and maybe other Nigerians as well, maybe also including the Eastern minorities, the Middle Belters as well as the Hausa-Fulanis.

  32. it is still a surprise to me that Nigerians can react dis way ( tribalistic ) I believe all these people commenting dis way including Mr. fani kayode does not mean good 4 dis country Nigeria. united states for example is a heterogenous society but still lives in unity and they are prosperious because they love themselves despite dia differences.. pls my ppl mr kayode and all dis present political class in Nigeria has no future in d development of dis country. b4 Femi kayode comes to make public proclamations, he should make sure dt he himself is corruption free… because from what we are seeing in aviation industry today, I am made to belv dt Mr kayode failed Nigeria and Nigerians. pls let’s make Nigeria great place to live.

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